Terence Blanchard (feat. The E-Collective) – Breathless

Released on May 26, 2015, “Breathless” is the new album by Terence Blanchard joined here by his band the E-Collective, mixing R&B, hip-hop and fusion-influenced jazz.


(Source Breathless | The Official Terence Blanchard Jazz trumpeter Website)

Terence Blanchard  (feat. The E-Collective) – Breathless

The Times Picayune
New Orleans trumpeter Terence Blanchard takes on tragedy with ‘Breathless’ Not all of “Breathless” was inspired by tragedy. Blanchard wrote “Samadhi” about his fondness for meditation. And “Breathless” closes with an understated cover of rock band Coldplay‘s “Midnight.” Air empties from the arrangement like the last shades of sunlight from the sky. […]

The Buffalo News
That the musician who gave us the classic Katrina record wants now to give us this is fine for him, I suppose, but there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why those who have so highly valued so much of his work until now should follow him into music others do so much better. […]

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