Bud Powell records ‘The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1’ with Fats Navarro, Sonny Rollins, Tommy Potter and Roy Haynes (1949)

‘The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1′ is an album recorded on August 9, 1949 in quintet and May 1, 1951 in trio and released the same year In 1951 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Un Poco Loco (Bud Powell) – 04:42 . 2.Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen, E.Y. Yip Harburg) – 02:55 . 3.Ornithology (Benny Harris, Charlie Parker) – 02:20 . 4.Wail (Bud Powell) – 03:02 . 5.A Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli) – 04:12 . 6.It Could Happen To You (Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen) – 03:12 . 7.You Go To My Head (J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie) – 03:11 . 8.Bouncing With Bud (Gil Fuller, Bud Powell) – 03:01

Francis Wolff

Musicians : Bud Powell – Piano . Fats Navarro – Trumpet Except (5 – 6) . Sonny Rollins – Tenor Sax Except (5 – 6) . Tommy Potter – Bass . Roy Haynes – Drums

Production : Produced By Alfred Lion Doug Hawkins – Engineer

Package : Leonard Feather – Liner Notes . John Hermansader – Cover Design . Francis Wolff asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded On August 9, 1949 And May 1, 1951 At Wor Studios, New York City.

Released In 1951 By Blue Note.

(Source ‘The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1′ | Bud Powell @ Wikipedia)

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The Elliott Music Review
Much like film took a darker turn in post-war US, this album has some of that darkness sprinkled here and there mixed with a general happiness associated with the end of the war. But with that comes a bit confusion. […]

hprill @ RateYourMusic
Powell is in good form throughout, but on the first session, Navarro steals the show with his firmly over-the-top playingand Powell’s rhythmic conceptions are sufficiently off-key to be slightly irritating, but not enough so to be unsquare à la Monk or Taylor; they almost feel like a compromise. […]

All About Jazz
There’s a tendency on early bebop recordings for drums and especially cymbals to sound like frying bacon. There’s some hiss here and there—particularly on the ’49 sessions remastered from lacquer—but the various parts of the drum kit on this remastering sound clear and distinct. […]


‘The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1′


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