The Bad Plus’ ‘Prog’

The Bad Plus’ ‘Prog’ is their fifth studio album released on May 8, 2002 by Heads Up.

Track Listing : 1.Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Chris Hughes, Roland Orzabal, Ian Stanley) – 05:34 . 2.Physical Cities (Reid Anderson) – 09:08 . 3.Life On Mars? (David Bowie) – 06:02 . 4.Mint (Ethan Iverson) – 05:20 . 5.Giant (Reid Anderson) – 08:44 . 6.Thriftstore Jewelry (David King) – 05:36 . 7.Tom Sawyer (Pye Dubois, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart) – 05:10 . 8.This Guy’S In Love With You (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) – 04:43 . 9.The World Is The Same (Reid Anderson) – 09:08 . 10.1980 World Champion (David King) – 05:03

Musicians : The Bad Plus – Band . Ethan Iverson – Piano . Reid Anderson – Bass . Dave King – Art Direction, Drums

Production : Produced By Tony Platt, The Bad Plus . Mark Angelo – Mixing . Ray Staff – Mastering

Package : Dave King – Art Direction

Recorded In September 2006 At Pachyderm Studio, Cannon Falls, Minnesota, Usa.

Released On May 8, 2002 By Heads Up.

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The Bad Plus


Anderson’s “Physical Cities” is a nine-minute, stop-and-start opus echoing King Crimsonand King’s “Thrift Store Jewelry” a Latin-influenced romp featuring a middle solo on his bizarrely tuned drums, which approximate plastic tubs. […]

By no means glamorous or gimmicky, but certainly invested with the cinematic scope and epic proportions of 70’s rock (take a bow Tony Platt), Prog is The Bad Plus more live and intuitive than ever. […]

Although there is no confusing its music for what has typically passed for progressive jazz or progressive rock in decades past, Prog embodies the true meaning of the word: it takes music forward — not just theirs, but music itself. […]


The Bad Plus’ ‘Prog’ M



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