As we wish Mick Jones, a Happy Birthday, the day has come to post a ‘The Clash At their Best’ page

As we wish, today, English singer & songwriter Michael Geoffrey Jones a.k.a. Mick Jones a Happy 65th Birthday, the time has come to playlist the ‘BESTS’ of his band : The Clash


As we wish Mick Jones, a Happy Birthday, the day has come to post a ‘The Clash At their Best’ page

Photo : Man Alive!

Audio : London Calling . Should I Stay or Should I Go . Rock the Casbah . The Guns of Brixton . I Fought the Law . Lost in the Supermarket . Rudie Can’t Fail . Brand New Cadillac . Spanish Bombs . Train in Vain .

Video : Should I Stay or Should I Go . Rock the Casbah . London Calling . I Fought the Law . Guns Of Brixton . Police and Thieves . Tommy Gun . Bankrobber . Train in Vain . Spanish Bombs . Complete Control . Magnificent Seven . London’s Burning . White Riot . Police On My Back . The Call Up . Career Opportunities .


The ClashLondonCallingalbumcover-RVM.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

The Clash ‘s ‘London Calling’ is their third studio (double) album co-produced by Guy Stevens and band member Mick Jones released on December 14, 1979 by CBS Records. >>

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The Clash‘ is their eponymous debut studio album released on 8 April 1977 by CBS Records. >>

The Clash_-_Sandinista-RVM.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

The Clash‘ s ‘Sandinista!’ is their fourth studio album co-produced with Mikey Dread and released on December 12, 1980 by CBS Records. >>

The Clash_-_Combat_Rock-RVM-1.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

The Clash‘ s ‘Combat Rock’ feat. ‘Rock the Casbah’ & ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ is their best-selling album co-produced with Glyn Johns and released on May 14, 1982 by CBS / Epic >>

The Clash_-_Give_Em_Enough_Rope-RVM.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

The Clash‘ s ‘Give ‘Em Enough Rope’ is their second studio album produced by Sandy Pearlman and released on November 10, 1978 by CBS Records. >>


The Clash-16-Tons-tour-stops-in-New-Jersey-1980.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[1979] British punk band The Clash – that is Joe Strummer (voc, g), Mick Jones (g), Paul Simonon (b) and Nicky Topper Headon (d) – plus Mickey Gallagher on organ are at Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ >> 83 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Clash-perform-for-Cambodian-victims-1979.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[1979] Ian Dury will open and The Clash will close the Concert For The People Of Kampuchea. at the Hammersmith Odeon in London >> 24 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Clash-rocks-Against-Racism-1978.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[1977] The Clash will be at the Rock Against Racism concert held in Victoria Park, London >> 6 MINUTES on RVM >>


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Photo : Man Alive!




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