Motown release ‘Commodores,’ their fifth album featuring ‘Easy’ written by Lionel Richie (1977)

Commodores‘ is their eponymous fifth studio album featuring Lionel Richie on lead vocals and released on March 30, 1977 by Motown Records.


Motown release ‘Commodores,’  their fifth album featuring ‘Easy’ written by Lionel Richie (1977)

1 . Brick House

2 . Brick House (1978, Live)

3 . Brick House (w/ Lionel Richie, 2006, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival)

4 . Live

5 . Easy

The Commodores – Commodores

Track Listing : 1.Squeeze The Fruit (Walter Orange) – 03:00 . 2.Funny Feelings (Lionel Richie, Thomas Mcclary) – 04:51 . 3.Heaven Knows (Lionel Richie, Thomas Mcclary) – 04:41 . 4.Zoom (Lionel Richie, Ronald Lapread) – 06:43 . 5.Won’T You Come Dance With Me (Lionel Richie, Thomas Mcclary) – 03:47 . 6.Brick House (Shirley Hanna-King, Lionel Richie, Milan Williams, Walter Orange, Ronald Lapread, Thomas Mcclary, William King) – 03:27 . 7.Funky Situation (William King) – 03:39 . 8.Patch It Up (Milan Williams) – 03:58 . 9.Easy (Lionel Richie) – 04:16

Musicians : Lionel Richie – Vocals, Saxophone, Keyboards . Thomas Mcclary – Vocals, Guitar . Milan Williams – Keyboards . Ronald Lapread – Bass Guitar . William King – Trumpet . Walter Orange – Drums, Vocals, Percussion

Production : Produced By James Anthony Carmichael, The Commodores

Recorded 1976-77.

Released On March 30, 1977 By Motown Records.

(Source The CommodoresCommodores | Official Website)

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Commodores‘ target=’_blank’>Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
The record’s also notable for the sudden prominence of Ronald LePread’s new round tone on bass, which drives not only “Brick House” but also King’s wonderful “Funky Situation.” Commodores‘ target=’_blank’>[…]

It is very much a transitional work, highlighting the greasy southern funk that the group so ably practiced before pianist and saxophonist Lionel Richie firmly took centre stage. […]

Rolling Stone
With all the attention paid to disco-funk throwbacks like Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories, it’s a wonder that the Commodores haven’t seen another wave of popularity. […]


Commodores‘ on RVM RadioVideo.Music


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