Happy Birthday to Andrea Corr. Let’s have a ‘The Corrs At Their Bests’ post

As we wish, today, Irish singer & musician Andrea Corr a ‘Happy @|#} th Birthday,’ the time has come to playlist the ‘BESTS’ of her band : The Corrs


Happy Birthday to Andrea Corr. Let’s have a ‘The Corrs At Their Bests’ post

Photo : Dena Flows

Audio : Breathless . Runaway . Only When I Sleep . Summer Sunshine . Dreams . I Never Loved You Anyway . Forgiven Not Forgotten . What Can I Do . Give Me a Reason . Irresistible .

Video : Breathless . Dreams . Una Noche (w/ Alejandro Sanz) . Runaway . What Can I Do . So Young . Toss The Feathers . Summer Sunshine . Summer wine (w/ Bono. Irresistible . Everybody Hurts . Angel . When the stars go blue (w/ Bono. Only When I Sleep . All the love in the world . Ruby Tuesday (w/ Ron Wood) . (w/ The Chieftains) . Love to Love You . Would You Be Happier . At Your Side . Forgiven Not Forgotten . Little Wing . Radio . Bring On The Night . Haste To The Wedding . Give Me A Reason . The Right Time .


The Corrs‘ ‘In Blue’ feat. ‘Breathless’ is their third studio album released on July 17, 2000 by Atlantic. >>

The Corrs‘ ‘Forgiven, Not Forgotten’ is their debut album produced mostly by David Foster and released on September 26 1995 by Atlantic Records >>


[2015] The Corrs White Light Tour stops at Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK >> 38 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1999] Eurythmics, The Corrs, George Michael, David Bowie,Robbie Williams and several more will perform for NetAid, an anti-poverty initiative at Wembley Stadium in London >> 110 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2001] VH1 is going to tape national band The Corrs in Dublin with the Irish Film Orchestra plus Bono and Ronnie Wood, each one on two songs. >> 43 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2004] if in Holland, you do not want to miss The Corrs performing ‘Angel’ live at ‘Top of the Pops’ on BNN >> 3 MINUTES on RVM >>




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