The Cure release their fifth album : ‘The Top’ featuring ‘The Caterpillar’ (1984)

The Cure‘s ‘The Top’ is their fifth studio album released on April 30, 1984 by Fiction.


The Cure release their fifth album : ‘The Top’ featuring ‘The Caterpillar’ (1984)

Track Listing : 1.Shake Dog Shake (Robert Smith) – 04:55 . 2.Bird Mad Girl (Robert Smit, Lol Tolhurst) – 04:05 . 3.Wailing Wall (Robert Smith) – 05:17 . 4.Give Me It (Robert Smith) – 03:42 . 5.Dressing Up (Robert Smith) – 02:51 . 6.The Caterpillar (Robert Smit, Lol Tolhurst) – 03:40 . 7.Piggy In The Mirror (Robert Smit, Lol Tolhurst) – 03:40 . 8.The Empty World (Robert Smith) – 02:36 . 9.Bananafishbones (Robert Smith) – 03:12 . 10.The Top (Robert Smith) – 06:50

Richard Bellia

Musicians : The Cure – Band . Robert Smith – Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Organ, Violin, Harmonica . Lol Tolhurst – Keyboards . Andy Anderson – Drums, Percussion . Porl Thompson – Saxophone, Keyboards

Tim Pope

Production : Produced By David M. Allen, Chris Parry, Robert Smith . Dave Allen – Engineer . Howard Gray – Engineer

Package : Richard Bellia asterisques RVM – Photography . Johnny Black – Sleeve Notes . Paul Cox – Photography . Steve Pyke – Photography . Motoko Sashi – Photography . P. Terrrasson – Photography

Video Director(s) : Tim Pope asterisques RVM for “The Caterpillar”

Recorded 1983–1984 At Genetic, Garden Studios And Trident.

Released On April 30, 1984 By Fiction.

(Source The Cure – The Top | Official Site)


Yes, “The Caterpillar” is on here, and “Dressing Up” has a sexy pop-song elegance that’s certainly new. But this full-length is the sound of a rock band stretching out in a much less controlled and occasionally bitter way: There are shades of gnarled psychedelia scattered throughout. […]

The key to getting the most out of ‘The Top’ is to simply understand that it’s experimental and transitional, so it’s uniqueness can take a little longer than usual to set in, and even then, not every track will be a big hit, given the album’s eclecticism. […]

Essentially Smith and Lol Tolhurst working with studio musicians (this being the period when the Cure’s lineup was never assured), it’s an album obviously recorded under stress, drink, and drugs. […]


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