The Dave Brubeck Quartet records ‘Time Out’ featuring ‘Blue Rondo À La Turk’ and ‘Take Five’ (1959)

‘Time Out’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet is an album recorded on June 25, July 1 and August 18, 1959 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Blue Rondo À La Turk (Dave Brubeck) – 06:44 . 2.Strange Meadow Lark (Dave Brubeck) – 07:22 . 3.Take Five (Paul Desmond) – 05:24 . 4.Three To Get Ready (Dave Brubeck) – 05:24 . 5.Kathy’S Waltz (Dave Brubeck) – 04:48 . 6.Everybody’S Jumpin’ (Dave Brubeck) – 04:23 . 7.Pick Up Sticks (Dave Brubeck) – 04:16

S. Neil Fujita

Musicians : The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Band . Dave Brubeck – Piano . Paul Desmond – Alto Saxophone . Eugene Wright – Bass . Joe Morello – Drums

Production : Produced By Teo Macero . Fred Plaut – Engineer

Package : S. Neil Fujita asterisques RVM – Cover Artwork

Recorded On June 25, July 1 And August 18, 1959 At Columbia’S 30Th Street Studio In New York City.

Released On December 14, 1959 By Columbia.

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As beautiful as some of Paul Desmond’s solos are on Time Out, the focus is ahead. And it still feels that way. Listen to it. Brubeck’s music is as abstractand as forward-looking today as it was in 1959. […]

All About Jazz
There is much, much more to love about Time Out, most particularly Desmond’s deceptively fragile alto and Brubeck’s unique blend of blues tonalities, two-fisted block chordingand advanced, European-derived harmonization. […]

It was a huge hit because it was so accessible. Paul Desmond said that “Take Five” was never meant to be a big hit on the charts, it was meant to be a drum solo for Joe Morello, primarily. […]


‘Time Out’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet M


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