The Isley Brothers release ‘Givin’ It Back,’ their ninth album featuring only covers of ‘white rock acts’ (1971)

The Isley Brothers‘s ‘Givin’ It Back’ is their ninth album (covering famous songs by white rock acts), released on April 8, 1971 by T-Neck.

Track Listing : 1.Ohio / Machine Gun (Neil Young / Jimi Hendrix) – 09:13 . 2.Fire And Rain (James Taylor) – 05:29 . 3.Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan) – 010:22 . 4.Spill The Wine (Charles Miller, Howard E. Scott, B.B. Dickerson, Lonnie Jordan, Harold Ray Brown, Thomas Papa Dee Allen, Lee Oskar) – 06:32 . 5.Nothing To Do But Today (Stephen Stills) – 03:42 . 6.Cold Bologna (Bill Withers) – 03:03 . 7.Love The One You’Re With (Stephen Stills) – 03:40

Musicians : Ronald Isley – Lead And Background Vocals . O’Kelly Isley, Jr. – Background Vocals . Rudolph Isley – Background Vocals . Ernie Isley – Guitar, Drums . Marvin Isley – Bass . Chris Jasper – Piano, Keyboards . Chester Woodard – Guitar . John Mosley – Flute . Gary Jones – Congas . Buck Clarke – Congas . Bill Withers – Guitar

Production : Produced By Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley . George Patterson . Tom Curly Ruff – Mastering

Arrangements : George Patterson

Package : Michael Ochs – Photography . Clayton Riley – Liner Notes . Cozbi Sanchez-Cabrera – Art Direction

Recorded 1971, New York.

Released On April 8, 1971 By T-Neck.

(Source The Isley Brothers – Givin’ It Back | The Isley Brothers @ Facebook)

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The Guardian
10 of the best: the Isley BrothersBest of all was this molten medley of two contemporary protest songs, Neil Young‘s Ohio and Jimi Hendrix‘s Machine Gun, which married Ron’s wracked, mournful gospel moan to Ernie’s fiery guitar excursions […]

weekend_Cigar_Smoker @ RateYourMusic
This is the Isleys doing to white music what the white muscians did to black music. Not one song here is an original but it doesnt matter when the results are this good. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
They’re searching for the understated, powerful blend of rock and soul that carried them through the 70s, but here they just sound like empty imitators, being drowned by the late 60s undertow. […]


The Isley Brothers‘s ‘Givin’ It Back’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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