Polydor publish ‘The Gift,’ The Jam’s final album (1982)

The Jam‘s ‘The Gift’ is their sixth and final studio album released on March 12, 1982 by Polydor.


Polydor publish ‘The Gift,’ The Jam’s final album (1982)

Track Listing : 1.Happy Together (Paul Weller) – 02:51 . 2.Ghosts (Paul Weller) – 02:11 . 3.Precious (Paul Weller) – 04:13 . 4.Just Who Is The 5 O’Clock Hero? (Paul Weller) – 02:15 . 5.Trans-Global Express (Paul Weller) – 03:59 . 6.Running On The Spot (Paul Weller) – 03:06 . 7.Circus (Bruce Foxton) – 02:11 . 8.The Planner’S Dream Goes Wrong (Paul Weller) – 02:19 . 9.Carnation (Paul Weller) – 03:28 . 10.Town Called Malice (Paul Weller) – 02:55 . 11.The Gift (Paul Weller) – 03:08

Kevin Cummins

Musicians : The Jam – Band . Paul Weller – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards On (10) . Bruce Foxton – Bass . Rick Buckler – Drums, Percussion . Pete Wilson – Keyboards On (5 – 11) . Keith Thomas – Saxophone . Steve Nichol – Trumpet . Russ Henderson – Steel Drums

Production : Produced By Peter Wilson, The Jam . Brian Robson – Engineer . David Woolley – Engineer . Renate Blauel – Engineer

Package : Kevin Cummins asterisques RVM – Photography . Twink – Photography . Paul Weller – Art Direction

Recorded October 1981 – February 1982 At Air Studios, London; Polygram Studios, London.

Released On March 12, 1982 By Polydor.

(Source The Jam – The Gift | Official Website of The Jamhttp://www.thejamofficial.com/#discography)


Not to mention Weller’s socially aware storytelling that have influenced everyone from Joe strummer, to the Damned, to The Pretenders. You can hear the Jam in just about any band from that era as well as most bands today. […]

A.V. Club
Really though, the best way to think about The Gift is to take its title at face value. We were only ever going to get a finite number of Jam songs. The Gift has 11 of them, to savor and to nitpick—all while wishing Weller had seen fit to allow us to argue about another 11, and then 11 more after that, in perpetuity. […]

The overall problems with this album are: first, The Jam stopped being good at being what they were good at to be something else. I understand, applaud and wholeheartedly support an artist’s/band’s need to grow and change and stretch their boundaries. But this band of white English guys trying to be a black American soul-based band was not a well-informed decision. […]


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