Verve publish The Mothers of Invention’s debut album : ‘Freak Out!’ (1966)

The Mothers of Invention’s ‘Freak Out!’ is their debut album (one of the first concept rock albums) released on June 27, 1966 by Verve.

Track Listing : 1.Hungry Freaks, Daddy (Frank Zappa) – 03:32 . 2.I Ain’T Got No Heart (Frank Zappa) – 02:34 . 3.Who Are The Brain Police? (Frank Zappa) – 03:25 . 4.Go Cry On Somebody Else’S Shoulder (Frank Zappa, Ray Collins) – 03:43 . 5.Motherly Love (Frank Zappa) – 02:50 . 6.How Could I Be Such A Fool? (Frank Zappa) – 02:16 . 7.Wowie Zowie (Frank Zappa) – 02:55 . 8.You Didn’T Try To Call Me (Frank Zappa) – 03:21 . 9.Any Way The Wind Blows (Frank Zappa) – 02:55 . 10.I’M Not Satisfied (Frank Zappa) – 02:41 . 11.You’Re Probably Wondering Why I’M Here (Frank Zappa) – 03:41 . 12.Trouble Every Day (Frank Zappa) – 05:53 . 13.Help, I’M A Rock (Suite In Three Movements) (Frank Zappa) – 08:37 . I. Okay To Tap Dance . Ii. In Memoriam, Edgar Varèse . Iii. It Can’T Happen Here”. 14.The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet (Unfinished Ballet In Two Tableaux) (Frank Zappa) – 12:22 . I. Ritual Dance Of The Child-Killers . Ii. Nullis Pretii (No Commercial Potential)

Musicians : Frank Zappa – Guitar, Vocals . Jimmy Carl Black – Percussion, Drums, Vocals . Ray Collins – Harmonica, Cymbals, Sound Effects, Tambourine, Vocals, Finger Cymbals . Elliot Ingber – Alternate Lead & Rhythm Guitar . Roy Estrada – Bass, Vocals . Gene Estes – Percussion . Eugene Di Novi – Piano . Neil Le Vang – Guitar . John Rotella – Clarinet, Sax . Carol Kaye – 12-String Guitar . Arthur Maebe – French Horn, Tuba . Mac Rebennack – Piano . Paul Butterfield – Vocals . Les Mccann – Piano . Jeannie Vassoir – (The Voice Of Cheese) . Motorhead Sherwood – Noises . Kim Fowley – Megaphone . Kurt Reher – Cello . Raymond Kelley – Cello . Paul Bergstrom – Cello . Emmet Sargeant – Cello . Joseph Saxon – Cello . Edwin V. Beach – Cello

Production : Produced By Tom Wilson . Val Valentin – Engineer . Eugene Dinovi – Assistant Engineer . Neil Levang – Assistant Engineer . Vito – Assistant Engineer . Ken Watson – Assistant Engineer

Package : Jack Anesh – Cover Design . Ray Collins – Hair Stylist

Recorded March 8–12, 1966 At Sunset-Highland Studios Of Ttg.

Released On June 27, 1966 By Verve.


Mothers of InventionFREAK OUT, 45 YEARS ONby Charlie FinchIf you wonder why I am jaded and don’t even care what is happening at the Venice Biennale, it is because 45 years ago I purchased the first album by the Mothers of Invention, “Freak Out![…]

The Rumpus
At 17, I assumed Zappa was on all kinds of drugsand I didn’t believe it when I learned that he not only didn’t do them, he forbade his band members from doing them as well. But after I sobered up for the first time, when I was an undergrad, I began to understand the purity of weirdness. […]

Cdlassic Rock Review
While Freak Out! was far from a commercial or critical success upon its release, the album did develop a cult following among fans and fellow musicians. It was a major influence on The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and would eventually make many “all time ” lists. […]


The Mothers of Invention ‘s ‘Freak Out!’ M



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