The Police release ‘Synchronicity,’ their fifth and final album featuring ‘Every Breath You Take’ (1983)

The Police‘s ‘Synchronicity’ is their fifth, final and most popular studio album co-produced with Hugh Padgham and released on June 1, 1983 by A&M.

Track Listing : 1.Synchronicity I (Sting) – 03:23 . 2.Walking In Your Footsteps (Sting) – 03:36 . 3.O My God (Sting) – 04:02 . 4.Mother (Andy Summers) – 0:05 . 5.Miss Gradenko (Stewart Copeland) . 6.Synchronicity Ii (Sting) – 05:00 . 7.Every Breath You Take (Sting) – 04:13 . 8.King Of Pain (Sting) – 04:59 . 9.Wrapped Around Your Finger (Sting) – 05:13 . 10.Tea In The Sahara (Sting) – 04:11 . 11.Murder By Numbers (Andy Summers, Sting) – 04:36

Duane Michals

Musicians : Sting – Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Lead And Backing Vocals, Oboe, Drum Machine On (1), Saxophone On (3) . Andy Summers – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Lead Vocals On (4) . Stewart Copeland – Drums, Xylophone, Miscellaneous Percussion, Co Lead Vocals On (5)

Production : Produced By The Police, Hugh Padgham Hugh Padgham – Engineer . Dave Collins – Mastering . Bob Ludwig – Mastering

Package : Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff – Design . Norman Moore – Design . Duane Michals asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded December 1982 – February 1983 At Air Studios, Montserrat; Le Studio, Quebec, Canada.

Released On June 1, 1983 By A&M.

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Dusting ‘Em Off: The Police – SynchronicityAnd while I agree that Summers is an incredible guitarist, I personally believe that the true heart of the Police’s sound is Copeland’s drumming. His staggered rhythms and hitting on the upbeat are a big contribution to that ‘ska’ sound and the group’s original sound as a whole. […]
A Criminal Record? Synchronicity By The Police 30 Years On In retrospect this was also a time of teenage exuberance, that period of time where the world revolves around the idealism and anxieties of youth but what was true was that the best music of the day was intent on moving things forward. […]

Rolling Stone
The Police and coproducer Hugh Padgham have transformed the ethereal sounds of Jamaican dub into shivering, self-contained atmospheres. Even more than on the hauntingly ambient Ghost in the Machine, each cut on Synchronicity is not simply a song but a miniature, discrete soundtrack. […]



The Police‘s ‘Synchronicity’ M


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