As we wish The Roots drummer Questlove a Happy Birthday, the day has come to do a ‘The Roots At Their Bests’ post

As we wish, today, Ahmir Khalib Thompson a.k.a. Questlove, drummer & producer a ‘Happy Birthday,’ the time has come to list the ‘BESTS’ of his band : The Roots


As we wish The Roots drummer Questlove a Happy Birthday, the day has come to do a ‘The Roots At Their Bests’ post

Photo : Jason Melcher

Audio : The Seed (2.0) . You Got Me . Guns Are Drawn . The Next Movement . What They Do . Don’t Say Nuthin’ . Double Trouble . Becoming Unwritten . Break You Off . 100% Dundee .

Video : You Got Me (w/ Erykah Badu) . The Seed (2.0) (w/ Cody ChesnuTT) . What They Do . The Next Movement . How I Got Over . Don’t Say Nuthin’ . Silent Treatment . Star . Clones . Dear God 2.0 (w/ Monsters Of Folk) . Never (w/ Patty Crash) . Rising Up (w/ Wale, Chrisette Michele) . Birthday Girl (w/ Patrick Stump) . Break You Off (w/ Musiq) . Distortion To Static . Concerto Of The Desperado . I Don’t Care (w/ Dom) .


The Roots-Wake-Up.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

Released on September 21, 2010, Wake Up! is a collaborative studio album by John Legend and The Roots. >>

The Roots-Phrenology.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

Released on November 26, 2002, Phrenology is the fifth studio album by The Roots, featuring Cody ChesnuTT, Musiq Soulchild, Talib Kweli and Jill Scott. >>

The Roots-How-I-Got-Over-RVJ.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

The Roots‘ How I Got Over is their ninth studio album released on June 22, 2010. >>

The Roots-Things-Fall-Apart-RVJ.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

Released on February 23, 1999, Things Fall Apart is the fourth studio album by The Roots. >>

The Roots.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

Released in October 1971, The Roots is the second studio album by Curtis Mayfield; >>

The Roots-Wise-Up-Ghost-and-Other-Songs.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

‘Wise Up Ghost and Other Songs’ by Elvis Costello & The Roots. is the collaborative studio album by Elvis Costello and The Roots. >>

Lay It Down by Al Green is a studio album produced by Ahmir Questlove Thompson and James Poyser, both of The Roots and released on May 27, 2008. >>

The Roots-Do-You-Want-More.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

The Roots‘ ‘Do You Want More?!!!??!’ is their second studio album released on January 17, 1995 on DGC Records two years after their debut album, ‘Organix’ >>

The Roots-The-Tipping-Point.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

The Roots‘ ‘The Tipping Point’ is their sixth studio album released July 13, 2004 by Geffen / Interscope Records. >>


The Roots-Live-in-Philadelphia-July-4th-2015-Pa.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2014] The Roots and various guests including Cee Lo Green and Michael Nutter, Mayor of the city. celebrate the 4th of July in Philadelphia >> 51 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-in-Philly-2012.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2011] The Roots have invited Ms. Lauryn Hillfor their 4th of July concert in Philadelphia >> 28 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-in-Philadelphia-2015.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2014] Erykah Badu is among the twenty or so artists invited this year at The 8th Annual The Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, PA >> 20 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-visit-Florida-2013.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2012] The Roots – that is Black Thought (MC), Questlove (d), Frank Knuckles (perc), Captain Kirk Douglas (g, voc), Damon Tuba Gooding Jr. Bryson (sousaphone), Mark Kelley (b), Kamal (kb) & Ray Angry (kb) – will be on the Big IV Stage at Bear Creek Music Festival held at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL >> 78 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-Full-Concert-07.23.99-Woodstock-99.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[1998] The Roots are one of the many bands billed at Woodstock 99 West Stage in Rome, NY >> 74 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-visit-Moscow-2008.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2007] The Roots perform at Club B1 Maximum in Moscow, Russia >> 115 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-rocks-North-Sea-Jazz-2003.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2002] The Roots are at North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, The Netherlands >> 58 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-Tiny-Desk-Concert-2017.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2016] The Roots featuring rBilal will play at NPR offices for their Tiny Desk Concert seies >> 12 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-with-Conan-1995.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[1994] you do not want to miss hip hop band The Roots promoting their Do You Want More?!!!??! brand new album at Late Night with Conan O’Brien on NBC >> 5 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-in-Philly-2012.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2011] The Roots have invited DJ Jazzy Jeff, Common and more guests for their 4th of July concert in Philadelphia >> 50 MINUTES on RVM >>

The Roots-cover-Paul-McCartney-2012.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[2011] you do not want to miss Fiona Apple with The Roots covering Paul McCartney‘s Let Me Roll Itat The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC >> 5 MINUTES on RVM >>


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