Silvertone Records publish ‘The Stone Roses,’ their debut album featuring ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ (1989)

‘The Stone Roses‘ is their eponymous debut album produced by John Leckie and released on May 2 1989 by Silvertone Records.


Silvertone Records publish ‘The Stone Roses,’  their debut album featuring ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ (1989)

1 . I Wanna Be Adored (Official Video)

2 . I Wanna Be Adored (Blackpool)

3 . Waterfall (Blackpool)

4 . Waterfall

5 . Dont Stop (Rehearsals)

6 . Made Of Stone (Blackpool)

7 . Made Of Stone (on “The Late Show”)

8 . Shoot You Down (Parr Hall)

9 . Shoot You Down (Blackpool)

10 . This Is The One (Coachella, 2013)

11 . I Am The Resurrection (Blackpool)

12 . I Am The Resurrection (Blackpool)

13 . I Am The Resurrection (Glasgow Green, 15th June, 2013)

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

Track Listing : 1.I Wanna Be Adored (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 04:52 . 2.She Bangs The Drums (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 03:42 . 3.Waterfall (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 04:37 . 4.Don’T Stop (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 05:17 . 5.Bye Bye Badman (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 04:04 . 6.Elizabeth My Dear (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 00:53 . 7.(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 03:25 . 8.Made Of Stone (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 04:10 . 9.Shoot You Down (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 04:10 . 10.This Is The One (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 04:58 . 11.I Am The Resurrection (Ian Brown, John Squire) – 08:12

John Squire

Musicians : The Stone Roses – Band . Ian Brown – Vocals . Mani – Bass Guitar . Reni – Drums, Backing Vocals, Harmony Vocals On (3), Piano On (2) . John Squire asterisques RVM– Guitars, Backing Vocals On (2)

Production : Produced By John Leckie . Paul Schroeder – Engineer

Package : John Squire asterisques RVM– Paintings

Recorded June 1988 – February 1989 At Battery Studios & Konk In London; Rockfield In Monmouthshire.

Released On May 2, 1989 By Silvertone.

(Source ‘The Stone Roses‘ | Official Site)

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The Story Behind The Stone Roses‘ Seminal Debut Album –But, really, the most timeless aspect of the album is the lyrics. Ian Brown gets a lot of shit for his vocal ability, but that’s like slagging off a great author for his handwriting. […]

Surly, sullen and fearsomely confident in shaggy hair and baggy jeans, frontman Ian Brown declared on the Stone Roses‘ eponymous album, “I am the resurrection and I am the light,” connecting with a nation of acid-house damaged kids eager to believe in something. […]

But as an accurate picture of how working class hedonism fused dance and rock in the dying days of the 80s, this album is unbeatable. […]

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