Gordy publish The Temptations’ ‘Reunion’ featuring David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks reunited after ten years (1982)

The Temptations’ ‘Reunion’ is an album featuring David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks reunited after ten years and released on April 7, 1982 by Gordy.

Track Listing : 1.Standing On The Top (Rick James) – 09:48 . 2.You Better Beware (Barrett Strong) – 05:00 . 3.Lock It In The Pocket (Kerry Gordy, Benny Medina) – 04:30 . 4.I’Ve Never Been To Me (Ron Miller, Ken Hirsch) – 05:57 . 5.Backstage (Smokey Robinson) – 04:31 . 6.More On The Inside (Smokey Robinson) – 03:49 . 7.Money’S Hard To Get (Kerry Gordy, Benny Medina) – 04:44

Musicians : Dennis Edwards – Vocals, Lead On (1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7) . Melvin Franklin – Vocals . Eddie Kendricks – Vocals, Lead On (1) . Glenn Leonard – Vocals, Lead On (1) . David Ruffin – Vocals, Lead On (1 – 2) . Richard Street – Vocals, Lead On (1) . Otis Williams – Vocals . Rick James – Vocals On (1) . Mary Jane Girls – Background Vocals On (1) . Oscar Alston – Bass . Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion . Bill Elliott – Electric Piano, Synthesizer . Clarence Mcdonald – Keyboards . Bobby Nunn – Synthesizer . Benjamin Wright – Synthesizer

Production : Produced By Berry Gordy, Rick James, Smokey Robinson, Barrett Strong, Iris Gordy . Benjamin Wright

Arrangements : Benjamin Wright

Recorded In 1982.

Released On April 7, 1982 By Gordy.

The Temptations


Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Barrett Strong manages to sound quite current on his high-powered “You Better Beware,” with Ruffin on lead vocals. (Most of the leads go to Edwards.) Then there’s Ron Miller’s “I’ve Never Been To Me,” a different version of Charlene’s insufferably cheesy concurrent hit – here the lyrics are far more down to earthand the vocal arrangement effectively utilizes the Tempts’ talents. […]

KildareJohn @ RateYourMusic
There’s some really sumptuous pop-soul like ‘You Better Beware’ so wonderfully 1982 with its synth arrangements replicating R’n’B style what brass would have done 15 years previously – granted Ruffin’s tones aren’t quite as sweet as then, largely due to the barrel loads of poison he has put in his system since those halcyon days, but damn it, it still throbs. […]

Why wasn’t Eddie Kendricks given a lead? Or Richard Street and the Kendricks-sounding Leonard? Fans would have loved to hear the two falsettos featured on a song, or Kendricks and Ruffin co-leading as they did on “You’re My Everything” and the lesser-known but just as brilliant “Born to Love” from The Temptin’ Temptations. […]


The Temptations’ ‘Reunion’


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