The Tracks of My Tears

Starting and ending with ‘Tracks Of My Tears’ made famous by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, we made a playlist powered by Hittin’Around. It has Ray Charles, Glover, Henry, Rod Stewart, Lonnie Mack, The Beach Boys and many more.

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Rolling Stone: Among those whose emotions it stirred was Pete Townshend, who became obsessed with the way Robinson put across the word substitute in the song (“Although she may be cute/She’s just a substitute”). So obsessed, he explained, “that I decided to celebrate the word itself with a song all its own” — which is how he came to write the Who’s 1966 hit “Substitute.”

EMI Publishing : Written some five years before anotherof his standout sad ballads (TEARS OF A CLOWN), THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS was born out of a riff which Miracles’ guitarist Marv Tarplin had concocted; the now-famous lyric was duly created, perfectly suitingSmokey’s sweet and tender falsetto, ably supported by the rest of The Miracles including bass-singer and co-writer Warren ‘Pete’ Moore plus the beautiful Claudette Rogers, who was also Mrs. Smokey Robinson. : .Ok, ‘The Tracks of My Tears’ became synonmous with the cinematic ode to repressed homosexuality that was ‘Top Gun’ & the subsequent horrifying beer ads of the 1980’s. But THAT VOICE!…

allmusic : “Tears in the Morning” is one of Bruce Johnston’s finer Beach Boys creations. Lyrically, the song touches on very mature themes for the band, discussing separation and divorce. Inspired by both film musicals and Pet Sounds, this song may seem overly lush at first, but upon repeated listening, it stands up, especially due to the band’s harmonies and Michel Colombier’s tasteful orchestration.

Question Mark and The Mysterians – Official MySpace Page : The enigmatic Question Mark, whose first teen dream was to be a dancer on American Bandstand, quickly parlayed his high stepping ways into an atomic stage show, incorporating his amazing, arrogant vocal stylings into one snarling ball of what he refers to as, “Attitude, bay-bee, ATTITUDE!

Crying Game : A crucial role is played by session guitarists Big Jim Sullivan and Jimmy Page, each of them shining with an inventive display of technical wizardry. ‘One Dozen Berrys’ was released in 1966 after he had become a well established figure in the pop currency of international record sales, live shows and TV appearances and the LP duly rein­forced his evident popularity. ‘I’ve Got My Tears To Remind Me’ a song written by Jackie DeShannon and Jimmy Page showcases Dave at his melodramatic best.

Lonnie Mack : He even worked in Elektra’s A&R department. When the label merged with giant Warner Brothers, however, Lonnie grew disgusted with the new bureaucracy and walked out of his prestigious job.

BMI : As helicopters plucked victims off roofs, there were media reports Fats was missing. That fear ended with the publication of a New Orleans Times-Picayune photo of Domino being helped off a boat after being rescued from his house.

PLAYLIST : Rod Stewart – Tracks Of My Tears . The Beach Boys – Tears In The Morning . Question Mark & The Mysterians – 96 Tears . Dave Berry & Jimmy Page – I’ve Got My Tears To Remind Me . Lonnie Mack – Sweat & Tears . Fats Domino – Valley of Tears . Ray Charles, Glover, Henry – Drown in My Own Tears . Aretha Franklin – Drown In My Own Tears . Aretha Franklin – Tracks Of My Tears . Sao Vicente Feat Ituana – As Tears Go By (Luxury Strings Mix) . Noon – Tears In Heaven . Frank Sinatra – Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry . Little Anthony – Imperials . Bitty McClean – It Keeps Rainin (Tears From My Eyes) . Alton Ellis – Tumbling Tears . Jazz Jamaica – Tears of a clown . Smokey Robinson And The Miracles – The Tears Of A Clown . Smokey Robinson And The Miracles – Tracks Of My Tears .

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