The Ultimate Xmas Wish List

From ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ to ‘Purple Shoes’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Jazz & Soul‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Christmas List‘. It has Lloyd Price, The Impressions, Jutta Hipp & Zoot Sims, Otis Redding and many more.

IMAGE : christmas tree 2004 Photo by Scott Feldstein

S p a c e A g e P o p M u s i c: Morales cut a distinctive figure on stage and off, with his large bald head and black mustache. One friend recalled that, “He was always well-dressed, shows shined, nails polished and reeked of expensive cologne….He loved women. He had to work steadily to pay the alimony his three wives collected.”

Jazz Professional : Bill Perkins says : “And I owe John Lewis a great debt, because he had listened to me, he could tell what I could do at the time, and he knew my limitations; so that it was just like duck soup playing that album—everything he brought to me was in line with what I could do.”

South American Way : Marisa Monte is the daughter of a director of the Portela school of samba, and was discovered by Nélson Motta. Her first instrument was the drums, but of course she is famous for her fabulous singing and songwriting. Marisa is also an accomplished guitar player and music producer.

Joe Liggins on : Pianist Joe Liggins and his band, the Honeydrippers, tore up the R&B charts during the late ’40s and early ’50s with their polished brand of polite R&B. Liggins scored massive hits with “The Honeydripper” in 1945 and “Pink Champagne” five years later, posting a great many more solid sellers in between.

Jutta Hipp on Wikipedia : Jutta Hipp never touched a piano again and many of her longtime post-jazz era friends were not aware of her history as a jazz pianist until they read the artist’s published obituaries. However, she always remained close to the music she loved. Equipped with a small camera, Hipp tirelessly chronicled concerts at small jazz clubs around Queens. : Formed at the end of the 50s in Bakersfield, California, USA, the Paradons were a vocal group which scored one US Top 20 hit in 1960 and was never heard from again.

Dana Gillespie : In 2002 Dana was invited to take her road band, The London Blues Band, on the first ever major tour by a western band of India. She filled stadiums from Mumbai to Calcutta and yet again demonstrated her infalible ability to take her music to a seemingly unlikely audience.

Funky16Corners : Jo Jo Benson (born Joseph Ewell) was a 27 year old veteran performer in 1968 when he first paired up with 17 year old Peggy Scott. They were discovered by Shelby Singleton (he, the SSS in the SSS Intl. Label), and first recorded by legendary/notorious producer Huey P. Meaux (aka the Crazy Cajun).

PLAYLIST : Earl Hooker & Junior Wells – I Need Me A Car (2.22) . The Paradons – Diamonds And Pearls (2.19) . Aretha Franklin – One Way Ticket (2.49) . Nina Simone – Plain Gold Ring (6.09) . Marisa Monte – Chocolate (3.08) . Dana Gillespie – Sweets (3.25) . Jutta Hipp & Zoot Sims – Violets for Your Furs (6.10) . Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Lover’s Holiday (2.46) . Nat King Cole – Top Hat Bop (3.15) . The Impressions – The Gift Of Love (2.42) . Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers – Pink Champagne (3.00) . Lloyd Price – Sack Dress (1.47) . Maria – Purple Shoes (4.20) . Bill Perkins – Little Bird Little Boat (5.36) . Otis Redding – Champagne And Wine (2.59) . Eliane Elias – Crystal and Lace (4.15) . Noro Morales – Perfume De Gardenas (2.32) . Barney Kessel – A String Of Pearls (2.43) . Monotones – Book of Love (2.18) . Julio Jaramillo – De Cigarro en Cigarro (3.08) .


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