Thelonious Monk records ‘Monk’s Music’ with John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Art Blakey et al (1957)

Thelonious Monk’s ‘Monk’s Music’ is an album recorded on June 26, 1957 by a septet featuring Coleman Hawkins, Art Blakey and John Coltrane and released the same year by Riverside Records.

Track Listing : 1.Abide With Me (Henry Francis Lyte, William Henry Monk) – 0:54 . 2.Well, You Needn’T (Thelonious Monk) – 11:24 . 3.Ruby, My Dear (Thelonious Monk) – 05:26 . 4.Off Minor (Take 5) (Thelonious Monk) – 05:07 . 5.Off Minor (Take 4) (Thelonious Monk) – 05:12 . 6.Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk) – 10:46 . 7.Crepuscule With Nellie (Take 6) (Thelonious Monk) – 04:38 . 8.Crepuscule With Nellie (Take 4 And 5) (Thelonious Monk) – 04:4

Musicians : Thelonious Monk – Piano . Ray Copeland – Trumpet . Gigi Gryce – Alto Saxophone . Coleman Hawkins – Tenor Saxophone . John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone . Wilbur Ware – Double Bass . Art Blakey – Drums

Production : Produced By Orrin Keepnews . Jack Higgins – Recording Engineer

Package : Paul Weller – Cover Photo . Paul Bacon – Cover Design

Recorded On June 26, 1957.

Released In 1957 By Riverside Records.

(Source Thelonious Monk‘s ‘Monk’s Music’ | The Monk Zone)


Tthere just isn’t much that can be said about Monk’s Music anymore. We could discuss the range of talent within the band, but everyone knows how much of a bad ass Coltrane still was after he kicked heroin. Everyone already knows that Art Blakey could pound out one hell of a drum solo while maintaining a steady hi-hat on every other beat. Everyone knows that Coleman Hawkins could play pretty much anything you threw in front of him. And everyone knows that Monk’s Music could be as good as post-bop gets. […]

Without question, Thelonious Monk made some of the most influentialand greatest recordings of the golden age of jazz. Monk’s Music was his first unqualified masterpiece and is recommended unequivocally. […]

ll About Jazz.
Monk’s horns-rich arrangementsand the quality of the soloists to hand, has made Monk’s Music a well-loved and important part of Monk’s canon. Compositionally, however, it marked time. […]


Thelonious Monk‘s ‘Monk’s Music’



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