They Cover The Waterfront

From ‘The Waterfront’ to ‘Didn’t Old John Cross The Water’, we have mixed 20 ‘Jazz & Blues‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Water‘. It has Billie Holiday, Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, John Lee Hooker and many more.

IMAGE : Baywatch Photo by Dan Foy

IMDB: Reporter Joe Miller is sure that fisherman Eli Kirk smuggles illegal Chinese immigrants into the country…. Chance plays into his hands in the lovely form of Kirk’s daughter, Julie, whom he catches swimming in the nude and pumps for information. : “I Cover the Waterfront†was the title of a best-selling novel by Max Miller , a hit recording written by Johnny Green and Edward Heyman and a Reliance Studios film starring Claudette Colbert . Both the song and the film were inspired by the Miller book, and while the film was still in production the song became a hit, prompting the producers to re-score the film to include the Green/Heyman composition.

ScienceDaily : In “Cry Me A River: The Psychology Of Crying” The psychologists analyzed the detailed accounts of more than 3000 recent crying experiences (which occurred outside of the laboratory) and found that the benefits of crying depend entirely on the what, where and when of a particular crying episode.

Björk from Ork : She (Bjôrk) gestures at a Julie London CD, passionately, and it is only when the clear, calm first lines of “Cry Me a River” sail through the choking air and out onto the pavement that she consents to leave.

The Red Hot Jazz Archive : Trumbauer was unusual in that he played C-Melody saxophone. In his own right he may have played a greater role in the history of Jazz than Bix, as the grandfather of Modern Jazz.

George Graham : On the album “William Clarke: Tthe Hard Way “, another jazz quote comes out on Fishing Blues, an original song, and not the traditional tune made famous by Taj Mahal. In this case it’s Charlie Parker’s Yardbird Suite that comes out in the opening section to this swingy song that has a bit more of an acoustic sound on Clarke’s harmonica.

Searching for a Gem : In fact, the lyrics (of “Watching The River Flow”) are taken from a poem called “The Border Affair” by Charles Badger Clark, first printed in the Jun 1907 issue of the US magazine “Pacific Monthly”, and later included in a 1915 anthology of his cowboy poetry called “Sun And Saddle Leather”. The melody was added later by Billy Simon. : During filming of “River of No Return”, Marilyn twisted her ankle during a scene in the river, bringing Joe DiMaggio to her side as she hobbled around on crutches. Some say the injury was Marilyn’s way of getting back at director Otto Preminger, with whom Marilyn didn’t get along.

PLAYLIST : John Lee Hooker – The Waterfront (5.21) . Frankie Trumbauer and his Orchestra – Riverboat Shuffle (3.09) . William Clarke – Fishing Blues (3.13) . Taj Mahal – Great Big Boat (2.44) . Billie Holiday – I cover the waterfront (3.19) . Nina Simone – Take Me To The Water (2.54) . Lead Belly – Didn’t Old John Cross The Water (2.01) . Eddie Boyd & Fleetwood Mac – The Big Boat (2.40) . Leon Russell – Watching The River Flow (3.40) . Bessie Smith – Back Water Blues (3.18) . Ray Charles – I’m Going Down to the River (3.03) . Marilyn Monroe – River Of No Return (2.16) . Louis Armstrong – Up A Lazy River (3.09) . Muddy Waters – Mississippi Delta Blues (3.10) . Aretha Franklin – River’s Invitation (2.43) . Robert Johnson – Traveling Riverside Blues (2.43) . Fred McDowell – Goin’ Down To The River (8.21) . Björk – Cry Me A River (4.40) . Blind Willie McTell – I Got to Cross De River O’Jordan (1.48) . Reverend Gary Davis – Goin’ to Sit Down on the Banks of the River (2.58) .


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