Thinking Is Just An Idea

From ‘I Think It Was A Dream’ to ‘I Think I’ll Call It Morning’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Thinking‘. It has Chick Corea, Dinah Washington, Elmer Bernstein, Donald Byrd and many more.

IMAGE : Whatever you think Photo by Capture Queen

The Blues Brothers on IMDB: During Aretha Franklin‘s “Think” number, the backup singer in the postal uniform continues to lip-sync the word “Freedom”, when that part of the backup vocal is over, and makes an obvious mid-word stop upon realizing her mistake.

soulwalking : Donald Byrd captured the tenor of his times as did like Clifford Brown and Freddie Hubbard. During the early Seventies, Byrd put together a group of his students, forming a band whose title became based around his surname. The Blackbyrds. : Besides producing and co-arranging, Wayne Gorbea wrote most of La Salsa del Conjunto Salsa con Wayne Gorbea ’78 on Disco International incl. the dark, brooding “Los Rumberos”; the lineup comprised two trombones, one trumpet and rhythm.

Chiara Civello : Sultry voice, poetic lyrics and surprising harmonies are just a part of the recipe that makes Chiara’s music so irresistible. Her second album shows us a much more intimate and immediate side of the singer songwriter, and leads us through a journey of thirteen beautiful moments where we feel we can get really close to her.

Bud Flanagan on Wikipedia : Flanagan and Allen’s songs featured the same, usually gentle humour for which the duo were known in their live performances, and during the Second World War reflected the experiences of ordinary people during wartime. Songs like “We’re Going To Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line” mocked the German defences (Siegfried Line), while others like “Miss You” sang of missing one’s sweetheart during enforced absences.

Austin Lindy Hop : Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson (he lost his hair early on after a botched bout with a lye-based hair-straightener) was sax player who doubled as a Blues Shouter of the Jimmy Witherspoon variety: a deep, rich voice; an ability to phrase the music so as to really dig deep into the emotion of each song; and yet a refined ability to skate the line between Blues and Jazz.

Lucy Dixon on Myspace : Lucy’s weapon of choice is the Gibson Echoplex. There are many acts in the acoustic sphere that use multi layered music through a series of delay pedals. The Echoplex is the best and most versatile of them and Lucy’s supreme singing ability means that she gets to play with recording studio quality samples every time!

Europe Jazz : “If I had to describe my sound, I’d call it loose and slow, the way Southerners are slow. And soulful, hopefully. What stirs me is some sort of soulful move – hearing a singer sing a phrase that’s just – pow! — and trying to get that kind of emotion out of the drums.” Joey Baron to Musician, May 1992

PLAYLIST : Jazz Crusaders – I Think It Was A Dream (5.53) . Donald Byrd – Think Twice (5.58) . Chiara Civello – If You Ever Think of Me (2.45) . Eddie Cleanhead Vinson – If You Don’t Think I’m Sinking (2.55) . Esquires – Think (2.34) . Lucy Dixon – Think it over (5.14) . Vibraphonic – I know What You’re Thinking (5.22) . Big Joe Williams – Thinking Of What They Did To Me (2.47) . Chick Corea – Think of One (4.28) . Elmer Bernstein – Thinking Of Baby (3.03) . Regals – Think It Over (2.52) . Bud Flanagan – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding… Mr. Hitler (1.06) . Wayne Gorbea – Pensando en ti (3.37) . Dinah Washington – He Loves Me, I Think (2.49) . Dizzy Gillespie – Thinking Of You (2.45) . Jimmy Scott – I’ve Been a Fool (Thinking You Cared) (2.57) . Barb Jungr – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (4.27) . Gil Scott-Heron – I Think I’ll Call It Morning (3.29) . Joey Baron – Closer Than You Think (7.49) . Peggy Lee – I May Be Wrong (But I Think You’re Wonderful) (2.23) .


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