This week In Male Balladeers 17/52

Michael McDonald, John David Souther, Lou Reed, Beck, Damon Albarn, Jim Morrison, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Eric Burdon, Willie Nelson, Luther Vandross, David Sylvian

They are the Male Balladeers selected among the 320 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Michael McDonald – Sweet Maxine (w/ Doobie Brothers)

Lifted from : The Doobie Brothers release ‘Stampede,’ their fifth album on Warner (1975)

2 . John David Souther – How Long

Lifted from : On English TV, John David Souther at ‘OGWT’ (1973)

3 . Lou Reed – Sally Can’t Dance

Lifted from : Lou Reed finishes the recording of ‘Sally Can’t Dance,’ his fourth solo album (1974)

4 . Beck – Dear Life

Lifted from : Beck ‘Colorizes’ Charlotte (2018)

5 . Damon Albarn – End Of A Century (w/ Blur)

Lifted from : Blur release their third album : ‘Parklife’ featuring ‘Girls & Boys’ (1994)

6 . Jim Morrison – Wishful Sinful (w/ The Doors)

Lifted from : The Doors perform live at PBS Studios (1969)

7 . Rod Stewart – Sexual Religion

Lifted from : Rod Stewart presents ‘Time’ in LA (2013)

8 . Paul McCartney – Wanderlust

Lifted from : Paul McCartney releases his album produced by George Martin : ‘Tug of War’ featuring ‘Ebony & Ivory’ (1982)

9 . Eric Burdon – House Of The Rising Sun (w/ The Animals)

Lifted from : Eric Burdon revisits his classics in California (2015)

10 . Willie Nelson – You Were Always On My Mind

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Willie Nelson. ‘Simple Nelson’

11 . Luther Vandross – I Want The Night To Stay

Lifted from : Luther Vandross releases ‘Power of Love,’ his seventh album co-produced with Marcus Miller (1991)

12 . David Sylvian – The Good Son

Lifted from : David Sylvian serenades Tokyo (2004)


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