This Week New Music Videos (African) – N°405

Here are the brand new African music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

44 . Id Cabasa, Fireboy DML, Odumodublvck – Olufunmi Reimagined (w/ Boj & Joeboy)

Date Added : May 28,2024

ID Cabasa, born Olumide Ogunade on July 29, 1975, in Lagos, Nigeria, is a prominent music producer and founder of Coded Tunes. Known for launching careers of artists like Olamide and 9ice, his notable works include “Gongo Aso” and “Certificate.”
Music video directed by : Clarence Peters

Totori (W/ Olamide, Wizkid) (2020)

43 . Focalistic & Sims Noreng – 13 Pos [Ke Bo Mang]

Date Added : May 28,2024

Focalistic, born Lethabo Sebetso in 1996, is a South African rapper known for blending rap and Amapiano. His 2020 hit “Ke Star,” especially its remix featuring Davido, gained international recognition. His albums include “Sgubu Ses Excellent” and “Ghetto Gospel.”
Music video directed by : Kmane

Ke Star [Remix] (W/ Davido & Vigro Deep) (2021)

42 . Cheque – Glory Days (w/ Phyno)

Date Added : May 28,2024

Cheque, born March 23, 1995, in Ondo State, Nigeria, is a rapper and singer known for his single “Zoom” from the 2020 EP “Razor.” He signed with Penthauze Records and released his debut album “Bravo” in 2021, featuring collaborations with Olamide and Fireboy DML.Song featured on the album : What Would You Do Without Me

Zoom (2021)

41 . Halima Bah – Ko Min Woni Djadja Mabhe

Date Added : May 27,2024

Halima Bah is a Guinean singer known for blending traditional African music with contemporary styles. Her debut album “Wowta Woulla” (2018) includes tracks like “Hibe Yendodira Saida.” Popular singles include “Forsa Djomba” (2021). She has collaborated with Micah Shemaiah on “Jamaica Guinea.”

Athiou Tami Wowlou (2021)

40 . Koffi Olomide, Fabregas & JR 33 – Mama Ci

Date Added : May 27,2024

Koffi Olomidé, born Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba in 1956, is a renowned Congolese singer, hailed as the “King of Ndombolo”. His third studio album, “Diva,” released in 1985, catapulted him to fame while introducing his signature Tcha Tcho style, a slower, sensual variant of Soukous.
Music video directed by : Etienne Pro

Loi (2014)

39 . Buzzshit – Vas Saluer Les Voisins

Date Added : May 27,2024

Buzzshit is a Senegalese artist from Dakar, known for blending traditional Senegalese sounds with contemporary beats. His debut album features hits like “2000 Fenkat” and “Wow Wow Wow.” He gained widespread recognition in the early 2020s.
Music video directed by : Sy Papa

Thiagal (W/ Biggy D) (2023)

38 . Tamy Moyo – Zvakadaro

Date Added : May 27,2024

Tamy Moyo, born January 5, 1998, in Harare, Zimbabwe, is known for Afro-soul music. Her breakthrough came with the single “Ndibereke” (2016). Albums include “The 18th Rollercoaster” (2016) and “Bvudzijena” (2021). She starred in the film “Gonarezhou” (2020).
Music video directed by : Kmane

Do My Own Thing (2023)

37 . Ndakhté Lo – Glow Up

Date Added : May 26,2024

Ndakhté Lo is a Senegalese singer known for her performances on “Sen Petit Gallé.” Her music blends local sounds with international rhythms, between influences from Dieyla and Mia.

36 . Mozbi – Coppon

Date Added : May 26,2024

Mozbi, a Senegalese artist, blends traditional and contemporary elements in his music. Known for vibrant tracks like “Diadieuf,” he merges local Senegalese sounds with modern beats.
Music video directed by : Schadiiq

Diadieuf (2024)

35 . D’Banj – Since ’04

Date Added : May 26,2024

D’Banj, born Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo on June 9, 1980, in Nigeria, is best known for his 2012 hit “Oliver Twist.” He co-founded Mo’ Hits Records and released albums like “No Long Thing” (2005) and “The Entertainer” (2008). He has won awards including Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards (2007).

Everything Is Ok (2020)

34 . Bel’Yv – Il M’a Choisie

Date Added : May 26,2024

Bel’Yv, real name Yvana Belinga, is a Cameroonian singer known for Afro-soul, Afropop, and Afrobeats. Associated with Creativ Soul, her notable songs include “ÇA VA ALLER,” “Maman ils ne savent pas” featuring Lady Ponce, and “Sophie” featuring Dina Bell.
Music video directed by : Jadel Tresor – Song featured on the album : Rectoverso

Maman Ils Ne Savent Pas (2023)

33 . Mia Guisse – Gauche & Droite

Date Added : May 24,2024

Mia Guisse, a Senegalese artist from Tambacounda, blends in Afro-fusion, Afrobeats, Afro-pop, and Folk-pop. Known for “La Vie Est Belle” and “Gën Leen Paré,” she began her music journey in childhood, influenced by the Pulaar community. She was named Woman of the Year by in January 2023.
Music video directed by : Reverse Studios

La Vie Est Belle (2022)

32 . Mitsutsu – Tumutore

Date Added : May 24,2024

Mitsutsu is a Rwandan comedian and content creator known for his humorous sketches highlighting everyday life and societal issues. His YouTube channel, Mitsutsu Comedy, features a variety of comedic videos that have garnered a significant following, focusing on Rwandan culture and relatable daily experiences.

31 . Yampano – Hawayu

Date Added : May 24,2024

Yampano is a Rwandan musician noted for his work in Afrobeats, Hip Hop, and Afro-soul. Known for singles like “Bucura,” “Umwana Na Nyina,” “Mayibobo,” and “Uwomuntu,” he blends traditional Rwandan sounds with contemporary music. He collaborated on the album “Belaaks,” featuring a duet with Ramy Ayach.
Music video directed by : B8 Films

Uworizagwira (2022)

30 . Pryme – Gbera (w/ Bella Shmurda)

Date Added : May 24,2024

Pryme is a Nigerian Afrobeat artist who gained traction with his 2021 EP “Crescendo,” featuring tracks like “Lifestyle,” “Falling,” and “E Be Tinz.” His singles “Lavida,” “Kilode,” and “Gbera” showcase his blend of Afrobeat rhythms and modern pop elements.

Todo De Ti (2021)

29 . Harmonize – Disconnect (w/ Marioo)

Date Added : May 22,2024

Harmonize, born Rajab Abdul Kahali in 1991, is a renowned Tanzanian singer primarily known for his work in the Bongo Flava genre and his own label, Konde Music Worldwide (also known as KondeGang).
Music video directed by : Herry Shot It

Single Again (2023)

28 . Emmie Deebo – Befu (w/ Kell Kay)

Date Added : May 22,2024

Emmie Deebo, also known as Emily Zintambila, is a Malawian Afro-pop artist from Blantyre. Her debut EP “Reflection” features tracks like “Theka” and “Musa.” Deebo’s single “Musa,” featuring Wikise, has been particularly successful.

Hapa (W/ Platform) (2023)

27 . Bloody Civilian – Head Start

Date Added : May 22,2024

Bloody Civilian, real name Emoseh Khamofu, is a Nigerian artist who gained attention with “Wake Up,” featured on the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” soundtrack. Her debut EP “Anger Management” was released in 2023.

How To Kill A Man (2023)

26 . Macvoice – Mapenzi Na Pesa (w/ Meja Kunta)

Date Added : May 20,2024

Macvoice, born Khamis Shaban Makalanga, rose from Bagamoyo, Tanzania, to Bongo Flava fame. Discovered by Chege, he joined Rayvanny’s Next Level Music in 2021, releasing hits like “Damu Ya Ujana.”

Nenda (2021)

25 . Morravey – Condo

Date Added : May 20,2024

Morravey, born Daniella Daniel in 2004 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, gained prominence through Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) 2.0. Her EP “RAVI” (2023) includes hits like “What Is Love” and features Davido on “Magician.” She first gained wider recognition with “In the Garden” from Davido‘s “Timeless.”

Feel & In The Garden (W/ Davido) (2023)

24 . Levizy 501 – MôGô Tai Allah De Do

Date Added : May 20,2024

Levizy 501 is a musical artist from Bamako, Mali, noted for his 2024 album “Founou Founou” and the popular single “Lupin.” His diverse discography, including “Homicide 1” (2022), blends various musical elements.

23 . Waza No Limite – Qui T’a Menti

Date Added : May 20,2024

Waza No Limite is an emerging artist from Libreville, Gabon.
Music video directed by : Gasmar Movies

Paparazzi (2023)

22 . TitoM, Yuppe & Burna Boy – Tshwala Bam Remix (w/ S.N.E)

Date Added : May 19,2024

Thato Seth Tito, aka Titom, born July 21, 1998, is a South African Amapiano DJ and producer. He gained fame with “Tshwala Bam” in 2024, featuring artists like Yuppe and S.N.E. Titom made a significant impact on the Amapiano genre with his 2023 hit “Imnandi lento.”
Music video directed by : The Alien

Ensemble (2023)

21 . Mimie – Pas Ta Vie

Date Added : May 19,2024

Cameroonian singer Mimie, real name Melanie Ngoga, started in 2013 and gained fame with “Je m’en Fous” in 2018. Known for her Afro-soul and reggae blend, she has collaborated with artists like Locko and featured in Cameroonian films.
Music video directed by : Chuzih

Wolowoss (2023)

20 . Nasboi – Small Money

Date Added : May 19,2024

Nigerian entertainer Nasboi, real name Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji, blends comedy and music. Known for impersonating Davido, his comedy skits gained him fame. Nasboi has also acted in films like “Lockdown” (2021), earning accolades such as the Revelation of the Year at The Humour Awards 2021.

Small Money (2023)

19 . Kizz Daniel – Showa

Date Added : May 18,2024

Kizz Daniel, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, gained prominence with “Woju” (2014) and “New Era” (2016). His albums include “No Bad Songz” (2018) and “King of Love” (2020). “Buga” (2022) achieved viral success. Founder of Fly Boy Inc., he’s known for blending Afrobeats, pop, and R&B.

Cough (W/ Empire) (2022)

18 . Minz, Davido – Wap

Date Added : May 18,2024

Nigerian artist Minz, real name Olúwadámilọ́lá Adédọlápọ̀ Amínù, blends Afrobeat with highlife and reggae influences. Known for tracks like “Odoyewu” and “Aunty Patricia,” his 2019 album “Prohibido Quererte” showcases his musical range.Song featured on the album : By Any Minz

Wo Wo (2023)

17 . Molze – Wurus

Date Added : May 18,2024

Molze is a rising Hip Hop and Trap artist from The Gambia.

Hamo (W/ Benek Hooper) (2023)

16 . Tazeboy – Kichta Balaise (w/ Zagba Le Requin, Psk, Nova)

Date Added : May 18,2024

Tazeboy is a emerging artist from Côte d’Ivoire, recognized for his collaboration on the track “Coup Du Marteau” with artists like Tam Sir and Team Paiya.
Music video directed by : Adonai Director

Coup Du Marteau (W/ Team Paiya, Ste Milano, Renard Barakissa, Psk) (2023)

15 . Saint Realest – Nthiti [Half Way]

Date Added : May 17,2024

Malawian Afro-pop artist Saint Realest, born Yamikani Chikwawe, made his mark with the single “No Love” and albums like “Ah Yami.” His music blends reggae, dancehall, and Afrobeat, contributing significantly to Malawi’s music scene while also engaging as a DJ at MBC Radio 2 FM​​.

Una (2023)

14 . Holy Ten – Madhafela (w/ Jake Miles, MrCandy)

Date Added : May 17,2024

Holy Ten, born Mukudzei Chitsama in Harare, Zimbabwe, emerged as a force in Zimbabwean hip-hop with tracks like “Nolaremerwa.” His albums “Risky Life” and “Energy” reflect his Shona upbringing and tackle societal issues.

Ucharamba Uchipisa (W/ Michael Magz & Poptain) (2023)

13 . Ralycia – Amédé

Date Added : May 17,2024

Ralycia, a Togolese Afropop artist, draws inspiration from Garou, crafting melodies under Tamandja Akim Toutou’s Music label.

Xoèsé (2023)

12 . Niniola – Level

Date Added : May 17,2024

Niniola Apata, known as Niniola, is a Nigerian singer born on December 15, 1986. She gained fame from Project Fame West Africa in 2013. Her hit singles include “Ibadi” (2014) and “Maradona” (2017). She released albums “This Is Me” (2017) and “Colours and Sounds” (2020).
Music video directed by : Kemz

Maradona (2017)

11 . CKay – Wahala (w/ Olamide)

Date Added : May 15,2024

CKay, Chukwuka Ekweani, born July 16, 1995, in Nigeria, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Known for “Love Nwantiti,” which went viral on TikTok, he blends Afrobeats and pop. His EP “Who the Fuck Is CKay” was released in 2017, followed by “CKay the First” in 2019. CKay‘s hits include “Emiliana” and the collaborative “Beggie Beggie.”

Love Nwantiti Remix (W/ Joeboy & Kuami Eugene) (2020)

10 . Dorty – Blessing

Date Added : May 15,2024

Dorty, an Ivorian rapper of Nigerien origin, is known for integrating traditional African sounds with contemporary beats in tracks like “Blessing (Afro Beats Ivoire 2)” and “Comment Comment.”
Music video directed by : Mr Tony / Jay Evaans

Faut Pas Poser Question (W/ Leufa) (2023)

9 . Iss 814 – Noko Beugué

Date Added : May 15,2024

Senegalese rapper Iss 814 from Guédiawaye, Dakar, blends traditional Senegalese music with modern hip-hop and Afrobeat in tracks like “Diokh Ko Love.” Recognized for his production skills, he has also worked on projects that combine Western house music with Afrobeat elements.
Music video directed by : Mao Sidibé

A L’Infini (2023)

8 . Shewit Mezgebo – Eshi Bel

Date Added : May 15,2024

Ethiopian singer Shewit Mezgebo from Tigray debuted with “Yismerelki” in 2012 and gained fame with “Neay Mehasheni” in 2019.

Neay Mehasheni (2020)

7 . Smarty – Ne Parle Pas (w/ Korka Dieng)

Date Added : May 12,2024

Smarty, born Salif Louis Kiekieta in 1978, is a Burkinabè rapper who has won the Prix Découvertes RFI in 2013 and multiple Kundé awards. His discography includes the album “Afrikan Kouleurs” and his music often addresses social and political themes.
Music video directed by : Emmanuel Seoute

Voyager (W/ Magic System) (2022)

6 . Santrinos Raphael – Do Re Mi (w/ Lil Jay Bingerack)

Date Added : May 12,2024

Santrinos Raphael, born March 4, 1996, in Lomé, Togo, released his debut album “Crois en Moi” in 2018. His subsequent albums, including “Ma vie doit changer” and “Coup de cœur,” have solidified his presence in the Togolese and broader African music scenes.
Music video directed by : Rex Sarkodie – Song featured on the album : Belle Vie

On Va Pas Divorcer (2023)

5 . Winky D – Akayenda (w/ Frya)

Date Added : May 12,2024

Zimbabwean artist Winky D, born Wallace Chirumiko on January 31, 1983, is a key figure in the Zimdancehall genre. His albums include “Gafa Futi” and “Njema,” with his recent “Eureka Eureka” released in 2023. His single “Disappear” topped charts in Zimbabwe.
Music video directed by : Shawn Ray – Song featured on the album : Love Quartet Ep

Disappear (2018)

4 . Mariam Ba Lagaré – Ne Wolo La Bamako

Date Added : May 12,2024

Mariam Ba Lagaré, a Malian artist, debuted with the album “Nakama” in 2021, featuring popular tracks like “Dougou_Wili_Mamou” and “MARIAM BAH – NAKAMA.” She blends traditional Mandinka music with contemporary styles, gaining traction on platforms like Boomplay.

Deli (2023)

3 . Gerilson Insrael – Etnias

Date Added : May 12,2024

Gerilson Insrael, an influential figure in Angola’s music scene, debuted with “Protótipo” in 2019, featuring popular songs like “Minha Bêbada.” His music, blending ghetto zouk with kuduro and kizomba, was further explored in his 2021 album “Veracidade.”
Music video directed by : Xb Effect

Minha Bêbeda (2019)

2 . Victony & Asake – Stubborn

Date Added : May 12,2024

Nigerian musician Victony, blending rap with R&B and Afro-pop, gained recognition with his debut album “Saturn” and singles like “Holy Father” and “Pray.” Despite a tragic car accident in 2021, Victony made a remarkable recovery, performing again in December 2021.
Music video directed by : Jyde Ajala

Soweto (W/ Tempoe) (2022)

1 . Kcee – Big Fish

Date Added : May 12,2024

Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, known as Kcee, is a Nigerian Afropop star who gained fame with his single “Limpopo” and album “Take Over.” Starting from a church choir to winning Star Quest, Kcee‘s music includes notable collaborations and awards​​.

Cultural Vibes (2021)

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