This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°372

Here are the brand new music videos by female artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

52 . Aina The End, [アイナ・ジ・エンド] – Sail [帆]

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

Aina The End, born Aina Iitani in 1994, Japan, is a singer and former member of BiSH. She has released two solo albums “The End” and “The Zombie” (2021). Known for her husky voice, she voiced Porsha Crystal in ‘sing 2″ and starred in “A Night with Janis Joplin” (2022).
Music video directed by : Hideto Hotta

Orchestra (2021)

51 . Dana Gavanski – How To Feel Uncomfortable

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

Dana Gavanski, a Canadian singer-songwriter, began her career in 2017. Her debut album “Yesterday Is Gone” (2020) received critical acclaim. Known for indie pop and folk, she released “When It Comes” (2022) and collaborated with Mike Lindsay of Tunng.
Music video directed by : Ella Margolin – Song featured on the album : Late Slap

Yesterday Is Gone (2020)

50 . Julia Holter – Spinning

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

Julia Shammas Holter, an American artist born in 1984, works in genres like art pop and chamber pop. Albums include “Tragedy” (2011), “Ekstasis” (2012), and “Aviary” (2018). She has collaborated with artists like Nite Jewel and Ariel Pink.
Music video directed by : Juliana And Nicola Giraffe – Song featured on the album : Something In The Room She Moves

Finale (2013)

49 . Jada Kingdom – What’s Up [Big Buddy]

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

Jada Kingdom, a Jamaican singer born in 1998, rose to fame with “Love Situations” (2017). Her hit “Banana” gained wide popularity. She’s also an entrepreneur with her swimwear brand, Jadur Kastel.

Banana (2019)

48 . Reneé Rapp, Megan Thee Stallion – Not My Fault

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

American singer Reneé Rapp gained fame in the Broadway musical “Mean Girls” and later in “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” before releasing her debut EP “Everything to Everyone” in 2022 and her debut album “Snow Angel” in 2023.
Music video directed by : Mia Barnes

Too Well (2022)

47 . Paloma Faith – Bad Woman [The National Lottery’s NYE Big Bash]

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

British singer Paloma Faith‘s debut album in 2009, “Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?” included the hit “Stone Cold Sober”. Known for her retro style, she’s had successes like “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” and collaborated with Sigala on “Lullaby”. Song featured on the album : The Glorification Of Sadness

Only Love Can Hurt Like This (2014)

46 . Eden Espinosa – Woman Is [Lempicka]

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Broadway star Eden Espinosa, known for her role as Elphaba in “Wicked”, debuted in “Brooklyn the Musical” (2004). She’s appeared in “Ugly Betty” and released albums “Look Around” (2012) and “Revelation” (2019), blending Broadway and original songs.

45 . Raye – Escapism [Jools’ Annual Hootenanny]

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Rachel Agatha Keen, better known as Raye, is an English artist who initially garnered attention for her songwriting and producing work for artists like Beyoncé, Little Mix, Rihanna, David Guetta, John Legend, Ellie Goulding, and Jax Jones. Her rise as a solo artist was marked by her involvement in hits like “By Your Side,” “You Don’t Know Me,” “Secrets,” and “Bed.” In 2023, she released her debut studio album.

By Your Side (W/ Jonas Blue ) (2017)

44 . Sarah Jarosz – Days Can Turn Around

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Sarah Jarosz, an acclaimed American singer-songwriter born on May 23, 1991, in Austin, Texas, debuted with “Song Up in Her Head” (2009), earning a Grammy nomination for “Mansinneedof”. Her fourth album, “Undercurrent” (2016), won a Grammy for Best Folk Album. Jarosz, also a member of “I’m With Her,” released “World on the Ground” (2020) and “Blue Heron Suite” (2021).
Music video directed by : Bella Mazzola – Song featured on the album : Polaroid Lovers

House Of Mercy (2016)

43 . Lila Iké – Good & Great

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Jamaican reggae artist Lila Iké debuted with “The ExPerience” in 2020. Singles like “Biggest Fan” (2017) and “I Spy” (2020) highlight her old-school and modern fusion. Nominated for Best Reggae Act at the 2020 MOBO Awards.

True Love (2022)

42 . Emeli Sandé – My Boy Likes To Party

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé rose to fame with “Heaven” (2011) and the UK’s best-selling album “Our Version of Events” (2012). Winner of multiple Brit Awards, she performed at the 2012 London Olympics ceremonies.Song featured on the album : How Were We To Know

Next To Me (2012)

41 . Colbie Caillat – I’ll Be Here [Living Room Sessions]

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

American singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat gained fame through Myspace, then released “Coco” (2007), featuring “Bubbly”. Grammy-winner for “Lucky” with Jason Mraz. Her second album “Breakthrough” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in 2009.

Bubbly (2007)

40 . Summer Walker – No Love (w/ SZA & Dinah Jane)

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

Summer Walker, an American R&B artist from Atlanta, gained acclaim with her 2019 debut album “Over It,” featuring the platinum hit “Come Thru” with Usher. This album set streaming records for a female R&B artist. Walker, known for her emotional delivery and relatable lyrics, draws influence from Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu.

Come Thru (W/Usher) (2019)

39 . Freya Ridings – Face In The Crowd [Live From St Pancras Station]

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

Freya Ridings, a London-born singer-songwriter, rose to prominence with “Lost Without You,” a UK top ten hit. Her self-titled debut album, released in 2019, reached number three on the UK Albums Chart and was certified Gold. Ridings’ music blends pop, folk, soul, and indie, marked by emotional intensity and resilience.

Castles (2019)

38 . Davina Michelle – What About Us

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

Dutch singer Davina Michelle, born Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn, gained fame with her YouTube channel and the hit “Duurt te lang” in 2018. Her debut album ‘My Own World’ (2020) went gold. She performed at Eurovision 2021 and the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix, showcasing songs like ‘Skyward’ and ‘Better Now.’

 The Power Of Water  (2021)

37 . Lucy Thomas & Martha Thomas – Mary Did You Know

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

Known for her powerful voice, UK singer Lucy Thomas rose to fame as a semi-finalist on “The Voice Kids” UK in 2018. Signed by Cavendish Records, she’s released four albums, including “Destiny,” and her cover of “Hallelujah” has over 10 million YouTube views.
Music video directed by : Chris Forshaw

Moon River / Breakfast At Tiffany’S (2022)

36 . Awa Fall & Alpha Steppa – How Many Miles

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Awa Fall, known for her work in roots reggae, has albums like “Words of Wisdom” and singles such as “Be the Difference.” Her diverse background influences her music, which includes collaborations with artists like Mad Professor, and performances at major European festivals.Song featured on the album : What A Joy

Be The Difference (2018)

35 . Madilyn Bailey – Any Other Way

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Madilyn Bailey rose to fame with YouTube covers, leading to original EPs like “Wiser” and appearances on TV shows such as “Today.” Her participation in “America’s Got Talent” season 16 and original singles like “Tetris” highlight her evolving music career.

Radioactive (2015)

34 . Julia Westlin – Overrated

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Julia Westlin has released albums such as “Awake” and singles like “Dandelion,” featuring her signature serene soundscapes. Her YouTube channel with over 93 million views highlights her music, including Acapella renditions and original compositions.
Music video directed by : David Meshow

On Your Own (2021)

33 . Safary – Medaille Bi

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Maria, Defa et Khadija are the three members of Senegalese group Safary. With their songs “Lula Nex” and “Majj,” they showcase a blend of Senegal’s RnB, Afropop, and Hip Hop.
Music video directed by : Mao Prod

Day Nieuwat (2022)

32 . Diona Fona – Falma

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

British-Kosovan pop artist Diona Fona, known for hits like “Havera,” started on YouTube and is considered today one an upcoming stars in the Albanian music scene.

Havera (2017)

31 . Natalie Okri – Touch

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

British singer Natalie Okri, a Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist, has transitioned from early fame to releasing tracks like “Roll with Me,” maintaining a dedicated fan base.

No One (2009)

30 . Antonia – Iubirea Mea E Cu Tupeu

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Romanian singer Antonia Iacobescu, based in the U.S., gained acclaim with hits like “Morena,” balancing a successful music career with ventures like her clothing line MOJA.

Morena (W/ Tom Boxer) (2011)

29 . Lauren Spencer Smith – Too Hurt To Fall In Love [Accoustic]

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

British-Canadian singer Lauren Spencer-Smith, an American Idol alum, rose to fame with viral performances and her album “Mirror,” showcasing diverse vocal talent.

Flowers (2022)

28 . Griff – 19th Hour [Live]

Date Added : déc 29, 2023

With a Jamaican father and a mother of Chinese descent from Vietnam, Griff, born Sarah Faith Griffiths is an English singer. She debuted in 2019 with the single “Mirror Talk” and gained significant recognition in 2021 when she won the Brit Award for Rising Star.

Black Hole (2021)

27 . Nazli Mcfian – Frenchx

Date Added : déc 29, 2023

Nazli Mcfian is breaking new ground as a Persian female rapper/singer, melding traditional hip-hop with modern melodies in tracks like “Butterfly,” expanding her cultural impact.
Music video directed by : Mojtaba.Mantreh

Butterfly (2023)

26 . Farzonai Khurshed – Lola

Date Added : déc 29, 2023

Tajikistan’s Farzonai Khurshed, coming from a family of artists, experienced a career surge in 2014, balancing music with personal changes and motherhood.

Jovidon (2022)

25 . Ellise – She Ruins Everything

Date Added : déc 29, 2023

Ellise, an American artist, emerged with the single “Dominoes” and EP “Can You Keep A Secret?” Her work, under her own label, weaves dark pop with indie influences.
Music video directed by : Marc Heller

Keep It To Myself (2019)

24 . Lucy Thomas – A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Date Added : déc 28, 2023

Known for her powerful voice, UK singer Lucy Thomas rose to fame as a semi-finalist on “The Voice Kids” UK in 2018. Signed by Cavendish Records, she’s released four albums, including “Destiny,” and her cover of “Hallelujah” has over 10 million YouTube views.
Music video directed by : Chris Forshaw – Song featured on the album : Beyond

Moon River / Breakfast At Tiffany’S (2022)

23 . Maeta – Clarity [Live]

Date Added : déc 28, 2023

Maeta, an R&B artist from Indianapolis, gained recognition for her heartfelt ballads. Her journey began on SoundCloud, leading to her first EP “Do Not Disturb.” Signing with Roc Nation, she released “Habits” featuring “Toxic.” Influenced by her artistic family, Maeta‘s music explores relationship complexities and personal struggles.

Babygirl (2019)

22 . Fiona Singh – Always Accusing Me

Date Added : déc 28, 2023

Fiona Singh, acclaimed as the Queen of Chutney, has made a significant impact in the genre. Her song “Reality of having money” emphasizes female independence and contributed to her victory in a major Chutney competition.
Music video directed by : Naresh Singh

21 . Onlyonedine – Badgyal

Date Added : déc 28, 2023

Onlyonedine is an upcoming Jamaican singer

20 . Haley Smalls – Affinity

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Canadian artist Haley Smalls brings a classically trained voice to R&B since the 2010s. Known for mixtapes like “This Is Me” and the EP “Heart of Gold,” she’s collaborated with producers like MegaMan and Boi-1da.

Keeper (2019)

19 . Marwa Loud – Baby Love

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

French singer of Moroccan descent, Marwa Loud emerged in 2017 with her album “Loud.” Known for hits like “Bimbo” and “Bad Boy,” her music blends Pop, French hip-hop, and R&B. With albums “My Life” and “Again,” Marwa showcases her evolving style, highlighted in her 2023 album “Cloud.”
Music video directed by : Le Mojo

Bimbo (W/ Moha K) (2021)

18 . Kiesza & Sugar Jesus – Christmas Without You

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Canadian artist Kiesza, known for “Hideaway,” mixes soulful, house-influenced dance music. Her career, transitioning from folk to uptempo, took off in 2014. Besides writing for artists like Rihanna, she’s collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo. Her 2020 album “Crave” marked her return to music after a hiatus due to a car accident.

What Is Love (2014)

18 . Kobra Paige – Thank You

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Frontwoman of Kobra and the Lotus, Kobra Paige, blends hard rock and metal since 2009. Her unique style and resilience, overcoming Lyme disease, have earned her a spot in metal’s elite, including a JUNO Award nomination. She’s collaborated with Kamelot and been part of Metal All-Stars
Music video directed by : Kobra Paige, Mark Hemstock

17 . Yasmine – Tempo

Date Added : déc 25, 2023

Yasmine is a well-known Portuguese singer who has spent with various tracks 128 weeks in the Portuguese charts.
Music video directed by : Flash Frame

Batom (2022)

16 . Gabriella – Oh My

Date Added : déc 25, 2023

Gabriella Martinez, a rising Tejano artist from Florida, Texas, draws inspiration from legends like Selena. Mentored by Mariano Herrera and collaborating with Baby Bash, she’s exploring a mix of musical styles, marking her growth in the Tejano industry.

Ay Amor (2023)

15 . Malía – Vou Atrás

Date Added : déc 25, 2023

Brazilian singer Malia, blending hip hop and pop, emerged with “Dirty Laundry” under Universal Music Brazil. Starting in 2014, she released EPs like “Letting Go” and albums like “Late Bloomer,” showcasing her diverse influences. Raised in Rio de Janeiro, she’s collaborated with artists like Anitta.
Music video directed by : Yasmin Tainá

Faz Uma Loucura Por Mim (2018)

14 . Akasa – Kise Hor Da

Date Added : déc 25, 2023

Indian singer Akasa Singh rose to fame with “Naagin” and Bollywood debut “Kheech Meri Photo.” Starting on reality shows and signed to Sony Music, her single “Thug Ranjha” exploded in popularity. Akasa‘s versatility spans movie songs and TV hosting, including a stint on “Bigg Boss 15.”
Music video directed by : Deep Panchal

Thug Ranjha (2018)

13 . Aiyana-Lee – My Idols Lied To Me

Date Added : déc 24, 2023

Aiyana-Lee, born in London, emerged in the music scene with her distinct R&B and soul style, influenced by her musical family. Her debut EP “Wednesday’s Child (Side A)” showcases her talent and versatility in blending pop, soul, and R&B.
Music video directed by : Nayip Ramos

Table For Three (2022)

12 . Maeta – Sexual Love [Live] (w/ James Fauntleroy)

Date Added : déc 24, 2023

Maeta, a German-descended American R&B artist, rose to prominence after signing with Roc Nation in 2021. Inspired by icons like Beyoncé, her music career flourished with her debut EP “Do Not Disturb” and hit single “Teen Scene,” demonstrating her unique seductive R&B style.

Babygirl (2019)

11 . Nemophila – Odyssey

Date Added : déc 24, 2023

Nemophila, a Japanese all-female heavy metal band, has made a significant mark with their unique blend of metalcore and a ‘fluffy’ style. With albums like “Oiran: Extended Edition” and “Revive,” they’ve gained international recognition for their dynamic music.

「Oiran」 (2020)

10 . Suliyana – Layang Sworo

Date Added : déc 24, 2023

Suliyana, an Indonesian singer, has carved a niche in the music industry with her versatile performances in the Osing language. Known for hits like “Bisane Mung Nyawang,” her unique approach has garnered fans beyond her native Banyuwangi, resonating across Indonesia.
Music video directed by : Ranggi Ribs Visual

Bisane Mung Nyawang (2018)

9 . Hana Who – Moon

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Hana Who, born Hana Huljićan, is an emerging Croatian artist.

Colours (2022)

8 . Xenia Manasseh – Precious

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Xenia Manasseh, a Kenyan-Ugandan singer-songwriter in L.A., made waves with her debut EP “Fallin’ Apart” in 2019. Her music, merging R&B with Swahili culture, reflects her journey from Berklee College to “LOVE/HATE Pt.1” in 2023.
Music video directed by : Natasha Ayoo

See Me (2019)

7 . Hadiqa Kiani – Hazaron Khuwahishain

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Hadiqa Kiani, a Pakistani singer and humanitarian, started with PTV’s “A+ Artist” title and gained fame with “Sargam” in 1995. Her album “Roshni” sold over a million copies, and she’s recognized for her philanthropy, winning the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2006.
Music video directed by : Raja Fahad Hussayn

Boohey Barian (2021)

6 . Libianca – Angeldemon [Live]

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Libianca, a Cameroonian-American artist, rose to fame on “The Voice” in 2021. Her single “People” charted on the US Billboard Afrobeats chart. Skilled in mixing and songwriting, she won the BET Award for Best New International Act in 2023.
Music video directed by : Jim Wilmot

People (2022)

5 . Lady XO – Cost Em

Date Added : déc 21, 2023

Lady XO, a Chicago rapper, started with freestyle releases on social media in high school. Her unique style reflects a young woman’s perspective, earning over several million YouTube views with hits like “Double Up.” Her latest album “Love, XO” in 2023 marks a new peak in her career.

Double Up (2020)

4 . Gracie Abrams – I Know It Won’t Work [Live In Nashville] (w/ Aaron Dessner)

Date Added : déc 21, 2023

Gracie Abrams, an indie-pop musician from Los Angeles, rose to fame with her single “Mean It” and EPs like “Minor.” Her 2023 album “Good Riddance” and tours with Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have established her as a prominent artist.

Minor (2019)

3 . Anamaria Ferentz – Christmas Is Near

Date Added : déc 21, 2023

Anamaria Ferentz, a Romanian artist, started her musical journey at the School of Arts. Leading the band DEMMO, she showcased her talent in pop, jazz, and EDM. Relocating to the US in 2010, she continued to perform and appeared in the movie “The Concert” in 2009.
Music video directed by : Edward Aninaru

2 . Faith Kelly – Christmas With You [Sha La La La]

Date Added : déc 21, 2023

Faith Kelly, an English TikTok star and actress, gained popularity with her comedy and lip-sync videos. She’s known for her filmmaking roles and leads the band Ruckzuck. Kelly is also a painter and yoga enthusiast.
Music video directed by : Charlie Roxburgh

1 . Taeyeon – Fabulous [Live]

Date Added : déc 21, 2023

Taeyeon, a South Korean K-pop icon, debuted with Girls’ Generation and launched a successful solo career with albums like “My Voice.” Known for singles like “Four Seasons,” she’s appeared in TV shows and contributed to soundtracks, becoming one of South Korea’s best-selling solo artists.

Invu (2022)

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