This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°377


Here are the brand new music videos by female artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

54 . Doria – Allo [Live]

Date Added : févr 17, 2024

Doria is a French singer and rapper
Music video directed by : Jim Wilmot

C’Est Fini (2023)

53 . Sasha Alex Sloan – Highlights

Date Added : févr 17, 2024

Sasha Alex Sloan, blending pop with indie influences, debuted with “Only Child” (2020) and followed with “I Blame The World” (2022). Her introspective songwriting covers personal experiences and relationships, with notable singles like “Ready Yet” and collaborations like “Is It Just Me?” with Charlie Puth.
Music video directed by : Slater Goodson

I Blame The World (2022)

52 . Juliet Ivy – We’re All Eating Each Other

Date Added : févr 17, 2024

Juliet Ivy, a New York City-based singer-songwriter, combines pop, indie, and hyperpop. Her music, noted for playful lyrics and introspective themes, includes the recent release “playpen” (November 2023), showcasing her ability to blend youthful energy with mature themes.
Music video directed by : Broms

Zoom (W/ Jeffrey Eli) (2022)

51 . Rae Khalil – Is It Worth It (Live)

Date Added : févr 17, 2024

Rae Khalil, a Torrance, California native, emerged as a standout rapper on Netflix’s “Rhythm + Flow.” Her music, a mix of musical theater and rap, draws from influences like Chance the Rapper. With a family legacy in music and activism, she released the album “Girlfriend” and singles like “Firefly,” blending styles from Childish Gambino and Lauryn Hill.
Music video directed by : Anderson .Paak

Rollercoaster [Live] (2021)

50 . Nebulossa – Zorra

Date Added : févr 17, 2024

Nebulossa, a Spanish singer, is a contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

49 . Leen Hayek – Nassini

Date Added : févr 17, 2024

Leen Hayek, from Beirut, Lebanon, gained fame as the winner of La Voz Kids Arab’s first season in 2016. Born on December 5, 2003, she’s known for her indie pop, folk, and electronic music blend. Hayek has showcased her talent on singles like “Nada” and “Hold Your Breath.”
Music video directed by : Richa Sarkis

Inta Houwi (2022)

48 . Maya Hawke – Missing Out

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, has transitioned from modeling to acting and music. Known for “Stranger Things,” she’s also appeared in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Her music career includes the folk-inspired album “Blush,” showcasing her artistic versatility and lyrical depth.
Music video directed by : Alex Ross Perry

Sweet Tooth (2022)

47 . Nicole Witt – If It Ain’t With You

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Nicole Witt, Nashville-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has penned hits across country, bluegrass, and Christian genres. Winning the IBMA Song of the Year for “Trains I Missed,” her work features collaborations with industry giants. Her EP “Clear” explores themes of growth and motherhood.
Music video directed by : Filmed By Cash

Bourbon (2023)

46 . Natalie Jane – Tattoos

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Featured in “American Idol” Season 18, Natalie Jane, a young artist from New Jersey, combines pop and alt-pop in singles like “Mentally Cheating.” Gaining fame on TikTok, she’s known for addressing themes of love and empowerment.

Intrusive Thoughts (2023)

45 . Becca Hatch – Bass Keeps Calling

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Becca Hatch, an Australian musician from Sydney, emerged through Triple J’s Unearthed High Indigenous Initiative in 2017. Known for singles like “2560” and “Girl Like Me,” her music blends R&B and soul influences. Hatch’s notable collaboration includes “All of Me” with Kian in 2023.
Music video directed by : Aison

Without You (2022)

44 . Lucy Thomas – A Thousand Years

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

Known for her powerful voice, UK singer Lucy Thomas rose to fame as a semi-finalist on “The Voice Kids” UK in 2018. Signed by Cavendish Records, she’s released four albums, including “Destiny,” and her cover of “Hallelujah” has over 10 million YouTube views.
Music video directed by : Chris Forshaw – Song featured on the album : Beyond

Moon River / Breakfast At Tiffany’S (2022)

43 . Waxahatchee – Bored

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee project, since 2010, spans indie rock and folk. Albums like “Saint Cloud” (2020) explore themes of personal growth and sobriety. Collaborations include the project Plains with Jess Williamson, earning a Best Country Record Libera Award in 2021.
Music video directed by : Corbett Jones & Nick Simonite – Song featured on the album : Tigers Blood

Fire (2019)

42 . Polina – Criminal (w/ Organ)

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

Polina Gagarina, Russian singer and Eurovision 2015 runner-up, began with “Star Factory” victory in 2003. Known for “A Million Voices,” her albums “Poprosi u oblakov” and “O sebe” blend Russian pop with international appeal.
Music video directed by : Dilia Alshina

Little Babylon (2016)

41 . Stela Cole – Midnight Killer

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

American singer-songwriter Stela Cole rose from a soccer injury to music fame. Her EP “Woman of the Hour” (2020) showcases pop sensibilities. “DIY” set records at the American Song Contest, representing Georgia.
Music video directed by : Maya Sassoon & Eliot Lee

Love Like Mine (2020)

40 . Winona Oak – If I Were To Die

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Winona Oak, a Swedish singer-songwriter, gained recognition for her electropop music. Her debut album “Island of the Sun” features hits like “He Don”t Love Me,” showcasing her soulful voice.

Island Of The Sun (2022)

39 . Clara – Diamanti Grezzi

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Clara, born Clara Soccini, is an emerging Italian singer and actress known by her mononym. An emerging Italian singer, she won the prestigious Sanremo Giovani contest in December 2023.
Music video directed by : Attilio Cusani

Ammirerò (W/ Kermit) (2021)

38 . Mimicat – Peito

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Mimicat, a Portuguese pop and soul singer, represented Portugal at Eurovision. Her debut album “For You” and singles like “Tell Me Why” showcase her musical prowess.
Music video directed by : Mimicat E Sixtudios

Ai Coração (2023)

37 . Erin Kinsey – Matchmaker

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Erin Kinsey, a talented country singer from Texas, gained attention with viral hits like “Drunk Too” and “Just Drive.” As a multi-instrumentalist and skilled songwriter with contributions to anthems like “Pink.”
Music video directed by : Dani Okon

I Got You (2022)

36 . Angélica Garcia – Juanita

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Angélica Garcia, an American artist with Mexican and Salvadoran roots, gained recognition from Obama’s 2019 playlist with “Jícama.” Known for blending indie rock, pop, and bilingual lyrics, Garcia’s music bridges cultures and showcases her diverse heritage.
Music video directed by : Sonia Malfa

Guadalupe (2019)

35 . Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Maggie Rogers, born April 25, 1994, in Maryland, blends folk and dance music. Her viral hit “Alaska” caught Pharrell Williams’ attention. Albums “Heard It in a Past Life” and “Surrender,” along with a Grammy nomination, highlight her distinctive sound.Song featured on the album : Don’T Forget Me

Alaska (2016)

34 . Lyna Mahyem – Jamais Yensak (w/ Numidia Lezoul)

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Lyna Mahyem, born June 29, 1995, in France, is known for her R&B and pop blend. Hits like her “92i Veyron” remix have solidified her status and showcased her Franco-Algerian heritage.
Music video directed by : Noam Ait Aïssa

Demain (2018)

33 . Fiorella Mannoia – Mariposa

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Fiorella Mannoia, born April 4, 1954, in Italy, has been a significant figure in Italian music since her debut at the Castrocaro Festival in 1968. Known for her pop and soul music, Mannoia’s career highlights include winning the Targa Tenco and collaborations with renowned artists.
Music video directed by : Davide De Meo

Padroni Di Niente (2020)

32 . säje – In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

Formed in 2019, säje is an all-woman vocal quartet blending jazz, folk, and classical music. Members Sara Gazarek, Amanda Taylor, Johnaye Kendrick, and Erin Bentlage have garnered acclaim, including a Grammy nomination for their composition “Desert Song” Song featured on the album : Säje

Desert Song (2020)

31 . Emma – Apnea

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

Italian pop singer Emma Marrone, born May 25, 1984, rose to fame after winning “Amici di Maria De Filippi” in 2010. Her career highlights include winning Sanremo Music Festival in 2012 with “Non è l”Inferno” and releasing several successful albums.
Music video directed by : Bogdan “Chilldays” Plakov

Ogni Volta È Così (2021)

30 . Gabby Barrett – Growin’ Up Raising You

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

Gabby Barrett, a country music sensation since her “American Idol” debut in 2018, made waves with “I Hope,” a 7× Platinum hit. Her album “Goldmine” broke streaming records for a debut country album by a woman, with “Chapter & Verse” Song featured on the album : Chapter & Verse

I Hope (2019)

29 . Kiss Of Life – Says It [Live]

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

Kiss Of Life, a South Korean girl group debuting under S2 Entertainment in 2023, consists of Julie Han, Natty, Belle, and Haneul. Their mini-album “KISS OF LIFE” and Natty’s background in reality survival shows mark their entry into K-pop.

Bad News (2023)

28 . Giolì & Assia – The Point Of Living

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Italian duo Giolì & Assia, known for techno, house, and pop, gained attention performing on a volcano. Their 2021 EP “Moon Faces” reflects their innovative approach and strong connection. Openly queer, they face challenges but remain committed to expressing themselves through music.
Music video directed by : Graziano Piazza

 Starry Nights (2017)

27 . Julia Westlin – Shine

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Julia Westlin has released albums such as “Awake” and singles like “Dandelion,” featuring her signature serene soundscapes. Her YouTube channel with over 93 million views highlights her music, including Acapella renditions and original compositions.
Music video directed by : Sean Higgins

On Your Own (2021)

26 . Hannah Grae – Better Now You’re Gone

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Hannah Grae from Port Talbot emerges in the rock scene with her pop-punk vibrance. Her mini-album “Hell Is a Teenage Girl” addresses themes from adolescence to social media, drawing comparisons to Paramore and Taylor Swift. Her cover of “Drivers License” went viral, showcasing her unique perspective and musical talent.
Music video directed by : Lola Webster – Song featured on the album : Nothing Lasts Forever’

Propaganda (2022)

25 . Twice – I Got You

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Twice, a nine-member South Korean girl group from JYP Entertainment, debuted in 2015. Known for hits like “Cheer Up” and “TT,” they’ve topped charts in Korea and Japan, breaking records. Their album “Twicetagram” and its singles have achieved international success, making them iconic figures in K-pop.Song featured on the album : With You-Th

More & More (2020)

24 . Denise Julia – Sugar n’ Spice

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Denise Julia is a Filipino R&B singer who emerged to fame with the global hit “NVMD.”
Music video directed by : Samantha Lee

Nvmd (2022)

23 . Juliet Hawkins – My Father’s Men

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Juliet Hawkins, a modern troubadour from Rockport, Massachusetts, blends soul and rock in her music, highlighted in her EP “Lead with Love.” Hawkins’ musical journey started with self-taught guitar playing and backup singing for tribute bands. Moving to Nashville allowed her to form a band and release EPs and singles.
Music video directed by : Mitch Parks

I’Ll Play Daddy (2020)

22 . Babymonster – Stuck In The Middle

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Hailing from Seoul, Babymonster, also known as Baemon, is a seven-member South Korean girl group bursting onto the scene under YG Entertainment’s banner.

21 . Shenseea – Hit & Run (w/ Masicka, Di Genius)

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Shenseea, born Chinsea Lee, is a Jamaican dancehall and rap artist known for hits like “Loodi” and “Blessed” featuring Tyga. Her heritage is a mix of Afro-Jamaican and Korean. Shenseea‘s journey started with church choirs and led to collaborations with Romeich Major. Her debut album “Alpha” (2022) includes tracks like “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Bad Alone (2020)

20 . Bella Dose – Windows

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Formed in 2017, Bella Dose is the world’s first bilingual Latin girl group, performing in Spanish and English. Composed of Melany Rivera, Brianna Leah, Jenni Hernandez, and Thais Rodriguez, they gained popularity on TikTok, showcasing a blend of Latin pop music that appeals to a broad audience.
Music video directed by : Victoria Curiel – Song featured on the album : L-Pop

Bite (2022)

19 . Cyrille Aimée – again again

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Cyrille Aimée, born August 10, 1984, in France, is a French jazz singer known for blending Gypsy swing, bossa nova, and Latin traditions. She won the Montreux Jazz Festival Competition in 2007 and received a Grammy nomination for her album “Move On: A Sondheim Adventure” in 2019.
Music video directed by : Noé Cugny – Song featured on the album : Fleur De Peau

Down (2018)

18 . Tyler Lewis – Downtime

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Tyler Lewis, a London-based artist, fuses influences from Michael Jackson to SZA into her soulful pop sound. Born to a diverse heritage, she debuted with the single “downtime” and has collaborated with Grammy-winning producer MNEK. Song featured on the album : Nobody’S Born With A Broken Heart

17 . MacKenzie Porter – Easy To Miss

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Canadian country singer-songwriter MacKenzie Porter, born January 29, 1990, in Alberta, topped charts with “About You” and collaborated on “Thinking “Bout You” with Dustin Lynch. Her album “Drinkin” Songs: The Collection” was nominated for a 2021 Juno Award.

These Days (2019)

16 . Tyla – Truth Or Dare

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Tyla, a South African songstress from Johannesburg, rose to fame with the hits “Getting Late” and “Water” in 2023.

Getting Late (2021)

15 . Fabiana Palladino – Stay With Me Through The Night

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

London’s Fabiana Palladino debuts with an album featuring Jai Paul as well as father Pino and brother Rocco, exploring introspection and aloneness. Her work, marked by deep personal and familial influences, showcases her emerging voice in the music scene.
Music video directed by : Fabiana Palladino – Song featured on the album : Fabiana Palladino

14 . Fløre – Monster

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

FLØRE, a “moonlover,” expresses themes of darkness and love through her music. Recognized by Spotify’s RADAR, her single “Bad Medicine” has charted in Germany.
Music video directed by : Jared Asher Harris

Zombie (2022)

13 . Phoebe Go – 7 Up

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Phoebe Go, transitioning from Snakadaktal to a solo career, releases “Player,” an EP that blends happiness with sadness through acoustic tunes.
Music video directed by : Joe Agius

We Don’T Talk (2022)

16 . Lauren Jauregui – The Day The World Blows Up

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Lauren Jauregui, former Fifth Harmony member, has embarked on a solo career with singles like “Expectations” and collaborations with Marian Hill and Halsey. Her music, including the EPs “Prelude” and “In Between,” showcases her growth as an artist, exploring different sounds and themes.

Expectations (2018)

15 . Guchi – Leave Me Now

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Guchi, a Nigerian Afropop singer, has made waves with hits like “Jennifer” and “Benzema.” Her debut single “No Be Jazzy” led to viral success and TikTok challenges. Her music, blending Afropop with dancehall, has earned her accolades and a role as an ambassador for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.
Music video directed by : Chriskel Filmworks

I Swear (2022)

14 . Lucy Ellis – 202020

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Lucy Ellis, a 22-year-old vocalist and YouTube star from the United States, shares cover songs, ballads, and religious music. Beginning her YouTube career in 2017, Ellis has collaborated on renditions of songs by The Chainsmokers, showcasing her musical range and piano skills.
Music video directed by : Paige Foskett

Cover (2020)

13 . Vera Sola – Bad Idea

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Vera Sola, born Danielle Aykroyd, is an American-Canadian singer-songwriter known for her debut album “Shades.” A multi-instrumentalist, Sola’s music blends gothic Americana with spirituality and feminist perspectives. Raised in a creative family, her work explores deep poetic themes, earning her a unique place in indie folk music.
Music video directed by : Maximilla Lukacs – Song featured on the album : Peacemaker

The Colony (2018)

12 . Mitski – I’m Your Man

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Mitski, an American indie rock artist, gained acclaim with “Bury Me at Makeout Creek” (2014), “Puberty 2” (2016), and “Be the Cowboy” (2018). Known for her piano-based arrangements and candid lyrics, she’s contributed to various projects and incorporates Butoh-inspired choreography in her performances.
Music video directed by : Aelred Nils – Song featured on the album : The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We

Nobody (2018)

11 . Mimi Chakraborty – Bhallagchena

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Mimi Chakraborty, an actress and politician from West Bengal, India, debuted in “Gaaner Oparey” (2010) and starred in films like “Bojhena Shey Bojhena.” She transitioned to politics in 2019, winning a Lok Sabha seat.

Amar Hiyar Majhe (2023)

10 . Jamila Woods – Still

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Chicago-based Jamila Woods, known for her work in hip-hop and Neo-Soul, released “HEAVN” (2016) and “Legacy! Legacy!” (2019). An acclaimed poet and activist, she’s involved with Young Chicago Authors, fostering young talent.
Music video directed by : Hollis Wong-Wear – Song featured on the album : Water Made Us

Giovanni (2018)

9 . Amaurie – Nuage

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

French artist Amaurie, involved in film production, founded “La Sulfureuse” in 2019. Her music, inspired by film narratives, blends pop and electro. She released “Personne ne perd” (2021) and collaborated with Félix Petit for “Nuance” (2023), showcasing a pop-focused direction.
Music video directed by : Arthur Morard

Je Saurai (2021)

7 . Naomi Sharon – Nothing Sweeter

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Naomi Sharon is a multifaceted Dutch artist who blends Soul, Smooth Jazz, and Alternative R&B. Notably, she is the first woman to be signed to Drake’s OVO imprint.

Another Life (2023)

6 . Elyanna – Al Sham

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Elyanna, Palestinian-Chilean singer-songwriter, born in 2002, rose to fame with singles “Ta Ta” and “Oululee Leh.” Her first EP “Elyanna” featured a collaboration with Massari. Signed to Universal Arabic Music, her unique blend of alternative pop has gained popularity, with chart-topping singles and a substantial social media following.
Music video directed by : Fairdose

Ana Lahale (W/ Massari) (2020)

5 . Zaho De Sagazan – Aspiration

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Zaho de Sagazan, born in France in 1999, is an emerging artist influenced by 1980s electronic music and French chanson. Her debut album “La Symphonie des éclairs” achieved gold status in 2023. Known for her powerful music and introspective lyrics, Zaho embarked on a successful tour in 2024.
Music video directed by : Zaho De Sagazan & Leïla Ka  – Song featured on the album : La Symphonie Des Éclairs

Les Dormantes (2022)

51 . Kany García, Carla Morrison – Que Vuelva

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany García emerged from “Objetivo Fama” in 2004. With her debut “Cualquier Día” (2007) and six Latin Grammy wins, she’s a prominent Latin pop artist. Known for her vocal style and songwriting, García plays multiple instruments, including guitar and cello.

Dpm [De Pxta Madre] (2021)

50 . The Castellows – Hurricane

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

The Castellows is a neo-traditional country music trio, comprising sisters Ellie (lead guitar), Powell (banjo), and Lily (vocals), originally from Georgetown, Georgia. Their music harmonizes traditional country roots with a modern flair.

49 . Belén Aguilera – Lolita

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Spanish singer Belén Aguilera, known for her “The girl and the piano” moniker, gained fame with viral covers on Facebook. Participating in “La Voz” (2016), she released “Tus monstruos” with Raoul Vázquez in 2018.

Mía (2020)

48 . Ashley Kutcher – House On The Water

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Baltimore-based pop singer-songwriter Ashley Kutcher gained fame with the TikTok hit “Love You From A Distance” (2020). Signing with Darkroom / Interscope Records, her debut EP “One Eighty” showcases her confessional songwriting and electro-pop style.

Survive My Own Mind (2022)

47 . Fletcher – Lead Me On

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Fletcher, born Cari Elise Fletcher in Asbury Park, New Jersey, is a pop singer whose career took off with her single “Undrunk,” becoming her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2022, she released her debut album “Girl of My Dreams”
Music video directed by : Alexandre Moors – Song featured on the album : In Search Of The Antidote

Undrunk (2019)

46 . Savannah Dexter – Poison

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Savannah Dexter is an American singer.
Music video directed by : Spencer Wolfe

Reason (2023)

45 . Sylvaine – Dagsens Auga Sloknar Ut

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Sylvaine, led by Kathrine Shepard, merges ambient post-metal and Norwegian influences. Her album “Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone” (2018) was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. With a discography including “Wistful” (2016) and “Nova” (2022), Sylvaine‘s music deals with human emotions.
Music video directed by : William Lacalmontie – Song featured on the album : Eg Er Framand (Ep)

Nowhere, Still Somewhere (2021)

44 . Julia Westlin – Every You

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Julia Westlin has released albums such as “Awake” and singles like “Dandelion,” featuring her signature serene soundscapes. Her YouTube channel with over 93 million views highlights her music, including Acapella renditions and original compositions.
Music video directed by : David Meshow

On Your Own (2021)

43 . Lismar – Modo Avión

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

Lismar, a Dominican Republic artist, has been active for over a year with songs like “Modo Avión,” “Dinero,” and “No Me Diga Mah Parte 2.” Charting as high as #73, Lismar‘s music is released under Slowlismar label.

Se Llenan (2022)

42 . Lady XO – Complacent

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

Lady XO, a Chicago rapper, started with freestyle releases on social media in high school. Her unique style reflects a young woman’s perspective, earning over several million YouTube views with hits like “Double Up.” Her latest album “Love, XO” in 2023 marks a new peak in her career.
Music video directed by : Splox

Double Up (2020)

41 . Enisa – Karaoke

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

Enisa Nikaj, simply known as Enisa is an American singer signed to Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label and a model.

Count My Blessings (2011)

40 . Jäde – Tranquille

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

Jäde, a French artist from Lyon, is known for her R&B style mixed with acid pop, jungle break beat, and neo R’n’B. Her album “Jäde’s Misfortunes” (2023) showcases her songwriting skills which explore themes of romance and personal experiences.
Music video directed by : Roso

Diddy (2020)

39 . Brynn Cartelli – Boy From Home

Date Added : janv 22, 2024

American singer Brynn Cartelli, winner of “The Voice” Season 14 at 15, released “Based on a True Story” EP in 2021. Known for songs like “Long Way Home”, she has also toured with Kelly Clarkson.
Music video directed by : Brynn Cartelli – Song featured on the album : Out Of The Blue

Walk My Way (2018)

38 . Joanne Shaw Taylor – A Good Goodbye

Date Added : janv 22, 2024

Joanne Shaw Taylor is a celebrated blues rock guitarist and singer, honored in 2021 with the British Blues Awards as Best Female Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year.

Summertime (2022)

37 . Amy Shark – Beautiful Eyes

Date Added : janv 22, 2024

Australian indie pop artist Amy Shark, known for “Adore” (2016) and her debut album “Love Monster” (2018), has won multiple ARIA Music Awards. Her style blends pop with an authentic edge.
Music video directed by : Kid Mac

Adore (2016)

36 . Cat Burns – Know That You’re Not Alone

Date Added : janv 22, 2024

English singer-songwriter Cat Burns, from Streatham, London, rose to fame with her single “Go” (2021), which peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. Known for her soulful voice and emotive lyrics, Burns released “Emotionally Unavailable” EP in 2022.

Go (2022)

35 . Jazmin Bean – You Know What You’Ve Done

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

British artist Jazmin Bean, a singer, songwriter, and makeup artist, gained attention with “Worldwide Torture” in 2019. Their debut album “Traumatic Livelihood” was released in 2024. Bean’s music combines pop and metal, reflecting her unique style. They also founded Cult Candy Cosmetics.
Music video directed by : Zak Watson & Jazmin Bean

Hello Kitty (2019)

34 . Emina Jahovic – Zidovi

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Serbian-Turkish singer-songwriter Emina Jahović debuted in 2002 with “Tačka.” Her 2005 album “Radije ranije” featured hits like “Da l” ona zna.” She won the songwriter of the year at Pjesma Mediterana and collaborated with Dino Merlin. Jahović acted in “Lale Devri” and judged “X Factor Adria.”
Music video directed by : Cem Talu

33 . Lune – Toxisch

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

German singer-rapper Lune, born Mailan Ghafouri, rose to fame with “Cr1minel” in 2020. Her single “Gebe auf.” reached German charts” top 20, gaining popularity on TikTok. Her 2023 studio album “Lune” charted in Germany and Switzerland.
Music video directed by : Can Karahan

Gebe Auf (2019)

32 . Sierra Ferrell – Dollar Bill Bar

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

American singer-songwriter Sierra Ferrell blends country, gypsy jazz, folk, and Latin styles. Growing up in West Virginia, she busked across the U.S., later releasing “Pretty Magic Spell” in 2018. Her 2021 album “Long Time Coming” featured collaborations with bluegrass musicians.
Music video directed by : Bobbi Rich – Song featured on the album : Trail Of Flowers

In Dreams (2018)

31 . Becky Hill, Sonny Fodera – Never Be Alone

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

Becky Hill, an English singer-songwriter, rose to fame on “The Voice UK” in 2012. Known for blending pop, dance, and R&B, Hill’s career includes hits like “Losing” and collaborations with MK and Matoma. Her 2019 mini-album “Get to Know” and 2021 debut album “Only Honest on the Weekend,” featuring David Guetta, highlight her dynamic style​​​​​​​​.

Losing (2014)

30 . Rachel Chinouriri – Never Need Me

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

Rachel Chinouriri, a UK indie-pop artist, combines indie and electronic pop. Debuting with “Mama’s Boy” in 2019, her EP “Four° In Winter” in 2021 showcased an electronic shift. Opening for Lewis Capaldi and touring Europe, her 2022 EP “Better Off Without” and album “What a Devastating Turn of Events” in 2024 reflect her personal and profound style​​​​​​​​.
Music video directed by : Jake Erland – Song featured on the album : What A Devastating Turn Of Events

All I Ever Asked (2022)

29 . Barbara Pravi – Bravo

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

French singer-songwriter Barbara Pravi, born in 1993, gained fame with her Eurovision 2021 second-place song “Voilà.” Starting in 2015, her music, including her debut EP and single “Pas grandir,” reflects poetic storytelling. An advocate for women’s rights, Pravi’s career extends to acting and songwriting for artists like Yannick Noah and Jaden Smith​​​​​​​​.
Music video directed by : Vadim Alsayed

Voilà (2021)

28 . Matilde G – 7Oceans

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

Matilde G, an 18-year-old Italian singer-songwriter based in Singapore, blends pop with relatable themes. Starting her career at 13, she aims to reach global audiences. Her single “Digging for Diamonds” showcases a mature sound, reflecting her international experiences​​​​​​​​.
Music video directed by : Pvrple

Digging For Diamonds (2022)

27 . Nia Archives – Crowded Roomz

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Nia Archives, born Dehaney Nia Lishahn Hunt in September 1999, is an English record producer, DJ, and singer-songwriter. Known for blending breakbeat and jungle, her career surged in 2019. Her debut EP “Headz Gone West” (2021) gained acclaim. Archives collaborated with Congo Natty and was mentored by DJ Flight. Her music reflects her Jamaican heritage and “90s jungle culture.
Music video directed by : Nicolee Tsin

Headz Gone West (2021)

26 . Lucy Rose – The Racket

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Lucy Rose, born June 28, 1989, is an English folk-rock singer-songwriter. Her debut album “Like I Used To” (2012) was followed by “Work It Out” (2015), “Something’s Changing” (2017), and “No Words Left” (2019). Rose’s 2024 single “Could You Help Me” precedes her upcoming album. Influenced by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, she’s known for her indie rock style.
Music video directed by : Dylan Friese-Greene

Conversation (2018)

25 . Monia Fleur – Ananipenda

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Monia Fleur is a Rwandan Afrobeats musician, with three song lyrics listed on Afrika Lyrics. She’s recognized for chart-topping songs like “ANANIPENDA,” “Faible,” and “Hayi,” showing influence in the Burundian music scene.

Hayi (2023)

24 . Nmixx – Dash

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

NMIXX, a six-member South Korean girl group under JYP Entertainment, debuted on February 22, 2022, with “AD MARE.” The group, featuring Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin, explores MIXX POP, blending diverse genres. They released “Expérgo” (2023) and “Fe3O4: Break” (2024).

Dice (2022)

23 . Yemi Alade – Amazing Grace

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Yemi Alade, Nigerian Afropop singer, known as Mama Africa, gained fame with “Johnny”. Her diverse Nigerian heritage influences her music, which combines Afropop, R&B, and world music. Alade, a University of Lagos graduate, has won multiple awards and is also known for her activism.
Music video directed by : Clarence Peters

Johnny (2014)

22 . Giolì & Assia – Young Forever

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Italian duo Giolì & Assia, known for techno, house, and pop, gained attention performing on a volcano. Their 2021 EP “Moon Faces” reflects their innovative approach and strong connection. Openly queer, they face challenges but remain committed to expressing themselves through music.
Music video directed by : Graziano Piazza

 Starry Nights (2017)

21 . XG – Hesonoo & X-Gene

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

XG, short for “Xtraordinary Girls,” is a dynamic Japanese girl group, formed under XGALX (a subsidiary of Avex), and based in South Korea, marking with a music categorized as X-POP, a unique blend of cultural influences.

Tippy Toes (2022)

20 . Mary Marguerite – Things That Break My Heart

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Country artist Mary Marguerite is known for storytelling through songs like “Northern Lights,” exploring themes of heartbreak. The music video for “Northern Lights,” directed by Mason Mecartea, features a unique reverse concept, adding depth to the song’s theme. Marguerite’s music, available on YouTube, connects with audiences through shared experiences of love and loss.

19 . Catie Offerman – Sound Of Missing You

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Texan country artist Catie Offerman, raised on a horse ranch, began her music career at age four. A multi-instrumentalist and Berklee College of Music graduate, she signed with Universal Music Group Nashville’s MCA Records in 2020. Her debut single, “Happyland Trailer Park,” was released in 2022. Offerman’s music blends traditional country with a contemporary twist.

Happyland Trailer Park (2022)

18 . Kélia Paulin – Sé Wou

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Artist Kélia Paulin from Martinique specializes in cover songs, showcasing her vocal talent on YouTube under “Kélia PAULIN.” Her channel features various musical renditions, indicating her engagement with a broad audience.
Music video directed by : Simba Pict (Guillaume Désir)

17 . Laura Bretan – Have You Ever Hurt Someone So Much

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Romanian-American soprano Laura Bretan, born in 2002 in Chicago, gained fame by winning “Romania’s Got Talent” and appearing on “America’s Got Talent” (2016). Her musical styles include operatic pop, Christian, and gospel. Active since 2016, Bretan performed “Adagio” with Lara Fabian in 2023
Music video directed by : Bondaș Daniel

After The Rain (2023)

16 . Lucy Blue – Say It And Mean It

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Lucy Blue, an Irish singer-songwriter, emerged with “One Bed Apartment” and “First Man On The Moon.” Starting with SoundCloud demos in 2020, she gained acclaim for her mix of music styles. Her EPs, “FISHBOWL” and “Suburban Hollywood”, showcase a blend of bedroom pop and alt-pop.

First Man On The Moon (2021)

15 . Armelle Yons – No Scrupule (w/ Cat Loris)

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Parisian artist Armelle Yons, known for “My Boudoir in Paris”, combines singing and acting. Trained in opera and flute, she portrays Miss Tegree in her show, blending French and English songs.
Music video directed by : Yndako Productions & Armelle Yons

14 . Joe Bel – The Secret

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

French artist Joe Bel started as a self-taught musician, gaining fame after opening for Asaf Avidan in 2013. Known for her EP “Hit the Roads”, her music features vibrant bass, intense rhythms, and piano melodies and a style combining melancholy and strength.
Music video directed by : Peter The Moon – Song featured on the album : Family Tree

Hit The Roads (2015)

13 . H3rizon – Naughty

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Australian girl group H3rizon, from Western Sydney, is known for their Pop, Soul, and R&B blend. They made history by signing with Epic Records and RZ3 Recordings, releasing “You Don’t Know Nothin’”.
Music video directed by : Timon Wehrli

You Don’T Know Nothin’ (2023)

12 . Maía – Habla Ahora

Date Added : janv 15, 2024

Colombian singer-songwriter Maía rose to fame with “El Baile de los Sueños” (2003). Known for “Niña Bonita,” she won Best Female Solo Singer at the Premios Shock awards (2005). Her album “Instinto” (2012) marked a musical evolution, featuring “No Quererte.”

Maía – Niña Bonita (2013)

11 . Kenzie – Face To Face

Date Added : janv 15, 2024

American artist Kenzie Ziegler, known for “Dance Moms,” released albums “Mack Z” (2014) and “Phases” (2018). Collaborating with Johnny Orlando, she’s also known for her acting and significant online presence.
Music video directed by : Henry Dacosta

Anatomy (2023)

10 . Burçin – Manhã De Carnaval / Black Orpheus

Date Added : janv 15, 2024

Turkish musician Burçin Karahan is known for “Hasret Trenleri.” Gaining attention in Turkey’s music scene, she engages fans via social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
Music video directed by : Can Mutlu

Lagrimas Negras (2021)

9 . Gracie Abrams – I Should Hate You [The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]

Date Added : janv 15, 2024

Gracie Abrams, an indie-pop musician from Los Angeles, rose to fame with her single “Mean It” and EPs like “Minor.” Her 2023 album “Good Riddance” and tours with Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have established her as a prominent artist.

Minor (2019)

8 . Fantasia – Superpower

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Fantasia, born Fantasia Monique Barrino-Taylor, is an acclaimed American singer and actress. She rose to fame by winning the third season of “American Idol” in 2004 at 19 years old. Her debut single, “I Believe,” made history by debuting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Fantasia‘s debut album, “Free Yourself,” was certified Platinum in the U.S. She’s won three Billboard Music Awards and a Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.
Music video directed by : Taylor Fauntleroy – Song featured on the album : The Color Purple (Music From And Inspired By),

Free Yourself (2009)

7 . Susanne Sundfør – Alex Sketch Three

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Susanne Sundfør, a Norwegian singer-songwriter, gained recognition in Norway with her debut single “Walls” in 2006, reaching number three on the Norwegian singles chart. Her second studio album, “The Brothel” (2010), marked a shift in her music towards an electronic sound and became the best-selling album of the year in Norway. Sundfør’s diverse music blends chamber folk, electronica, jazz, and classical elements, contributing to her acclaim in Norway and internationally.
Music video directed by : Alex Lawther

The Brothel (2011)

6 . Katie Pruitt – White Lies White Jesus And You

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Katie Pruitt gained recognition with her soulful country-pop and Americana music. She received the first annual Nashville Songwriting Scholarship from the BMI Foundation in college. Her debut EP, “OurVinyl Live Session EP,” garnered praise from critics. Pruitt’s full-length debut album, “Expectations,” released in 2020, earned her a nomination for Emerging Act of the Year at the 2020 Americana Music Honors & Awards. Her music explores themes like LGBTQ issues and mental health.
Music video directed by : Alexa King Stone & Stephen Kinigopoulos – Song featured on the album : Mantras

Expectations (2019)

5 . Nailah Hunter – Bleed

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Nailah Hunter emerged onto the music scene with her self-released debut single “Apple, Maple, Willow” in 2019. Her debut EP, ‘spells” (2020), showcased her cosmic ambient-pop sound. Hunter, a harpist and vocalist, draws from diverse influences, including Billie Holiday and folktronica. Her debut album, “Lovegaze,” explores themes of nature, love, and human emotions, blending folktronica with ambient elements. Her work captures delicate feelings and engages with personal and universal themes.
Music video directed by : Dillon Howl – Song featured on the album : Lovegaze,

4 . Suki Waterhouse – OMG

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Suki Waterhouse, an English artist, is celebrated for her work in modeling, acting, and music. Her modeling career began at 16, leading to collaborations with high-profile brands. She ventured into acting with roles in films like “Love, Rosie” and “Assassination Nation.” Her music includes the debut album “I Can”t Let Go” and the EP “Milk Teeth,” showcasing her diverse talents.
Music video directed by : Émilie Richard-Froozan

Brutally (2017)

3 . Marika Hackman – The Yellow Mile

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Marika Hackman is an English vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter known for her alternative music style. Her career began with “That Iron Taste,” followed by albums like “We Slept at Last” and “Any Human Friend,” exploring themes of sexuality and self-reflection. Her honest and introspective songwriting has made her a prominent figure in the alternative music scene.
Music video directed by : Natàlia Pagès Geli & Marika Hackman – Song featured on the album : ‘Big Sigh

2 . Ella Eyre – Head In The Ground (w/ Tiggs Da Author)

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Ella Eyre, born Ella McMahon, is a British singer known for her powerful voice. She gained fame with the UK number one single “Waiting All Night” with Rudimental. Her music blends R&B, pop, and neo-soul. She released her debut album “Feline” and continued with independent releases like “Quarter Life Crisis” and “Head in the Ground.
Music video directed by : Dora Paphides

1 . Rosali – Rewind

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Rosali, a Philadelphia-based musician, crafts music characterized by minimalism and introspection. Her songs often carry double meanings, allowing listeners to interpret them personally. Her album “Whatever Love” is a prime example. Rosali‘s music blends various influences and creates a unique, intimate, and introspective experience for the audience.Song featured on the album : Bite Down

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