This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°385

Here are the brand new music videos by female artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

53 . Faouzia – Fur Elise [Live]

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

Moroccan-Canadian singer Faouzia‘s powerful vocals and emotional lyrics blend pop, R&B, and soul influences. Winner of the International Songwriting Competition, her collaborations with David Guetta and John Legend showcase her multilingual talent and cultural blend. Faouzia‘s discography includes EPs “Stripped” and “Citizens.”
Music video directed by : Omar G & Joseph Desantis

Minefields (W/ John Legend) (2020)

52 . Besa – Titan

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

Albanian singer Besa Kokëdhima’s diverse music career spans pop, electronic, R&B, and ballad genres. Winner of Kënga Magjike and participant in Eurovision selection events, her contributions extend beyond music, advocating for animal rights and social causes.
Music video directed by : Hasan Kuyucu

Ederlezi (2011)

51 . Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

Georgian singer Nutsa Buzaladze‘s rise to fame began with appearances in talent shows like Georgia’s Got Talent and festivals like New Wave Music Festival. Her debut album “Nutsa22” features Georgian covers and original English songs.
Music video directed by : Zaza Orashvili

50 . Chung Ha, 청하 – Eenie Meenie (w/ 홍중(Ateez))

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

South Korean solo artist Chungha gained fame through “Produce 101” and debut with I.O.I. Her subsequent solo career features hits like “Gotta Go” and “Snapping,” earning her awards and a dedicated fanbase. Chungha’s multicultural background influences her pop and R&B music style.

Gotta Go (2018)

49 . Lainey Wilson – Wildflowers And Wild Horses

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Lainey Wilson has rapidly ascended in country music with her “bell-bottom country” style. Her hit “Things a Man Oughta Know” topped charts, and her win as Entertainer of the Year at the 57th CMA Awards marks a significant achievement in her career.

Heart Like A Truck (2022)

48 . Emily Linge – Two Hearts Beating

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Emily Linge, a British-Norwegian artist raised in Dubai, showcases her musical versatility on YouTube.

Hard To Say I’M Sorry (2022)

47 . Minelli – Bug A Boo

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Romanian pop singer Minelli, originating from the city of Slobozia, has carved a path from her days with girl group Wassabi to her successful solo career, ruling the Romanian Airplay 100 chart in 2019 with her single “Mariola”.
Music video directed by : Quba

Rampampam (2021)

46 . Bini – Salamin Salamin

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

BINI, a Filipino girl group, debuted with “Born To Win,” showcasing a blend of P-Pop and electronic music. Their active engagement in philanthropy and performances at major events mark them as rising stars in the Filipino music scene.
Music video directed by : Kerbs Balagtas

Pantropiko (2023)

45 . Laufey – Goddess

Date Added : Mar 8,2024

Laufey Lín Jónsdóttir, born April 23, 1999, in Reykjavík, Iceland, blends jazz and traditional pop. With her debut “Street by Street” in 2020 and albums “Everything I Know About Love” (2022) and “Bewitched” (2023), she has earned acclaim, including a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

From The Start (2023)

44 . Enisa – Mockingbird

Date Added : Mar 8,2024

Enisa Nikaj, simply known as Enisa is an American singer signed to Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label and a model.

Count My Blessings (2011)

43 . Bailey Spinn – Happy Ending

Date Added : Mar 8,2024

Bailey Spinn, a queer pop-rock artist from Fairfax, Virginia, gained fame through social media. Known for her cover of “traitor” and originals like “romance is dead,” she draws comparisons to Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams.
Music video directed by : Jake The Shooter & Michael Joseph

Romance Is Dead (2022)

42 . Carly Pearce – Hummingbird

Date Added : Mar 8,2024

Carly Pearce, born April 24, 1990, in Kentucky, broke through with “Every Little Thing” (2017), reaching number one on Billboard Country Airplay. Her albums include notable singles and collaborations, earning her a Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

What He Didn’T Do (2022)

41 . Julia Holter – Evening Mood

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Julia Shammas Holter, an American artist born in 1984, works in genres like art pop and chamber pop. Albums include “Tragedy” (2011), “Ekstasis” (2012), and “Aviary” (2018). She has collaborated with artists like Nite Jewel and Ariel Pink.
Music video directed by : Dicky Bahto – Song featured on the album : Something In The Room She Moves

Finale (2013)

40 . Merveille – Citadelle

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Merveille, a young French singer from Paris, rose to fame with her single “Ghetto,” amassing millions of listens. At just 16, her debut project “Peace&Love” and songs like “In Love” reflect her life experiences and neighborhood’s influence.
Music video directed by : Illusion

Ghetto (2023)

39 . Sappy – Har Gayi

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Sappy is a Punjabi singer, composer & lyricist.
Music video directed by : Shivom

Tu Mileya (2023)

38 . Le Sserafim, 르세라핌 – smart

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Le Sserafim, a South Korean girl group formed by Source Music, debuted in 2022 with “FEARLESS.” Members like Sakura and Kazuha bring diverse backgrounds to the group. Despite early controversies, their albums, including “Unforgiven,” and international releases, highlight their versatility and global appeal.
Music video directed by : Nu Kim

Antifragile (2022)

37 . Khaliun – Shaltgaangui

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

Khaliun Bataa, a singer and dancer from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, has gained recognition for her talents in various dance sports competitions.
Music video directed by : Bilgang,Tuugii,Erkheem

Dance With Me (2023)

36 . Judith Hill – Dame De La Lumière

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

American singer-songwriter Judith Hill, born May 6, 1984, in Los Angeles, collaborated with Prince and Michael Jackson. Featured in the Academy Award-winning “20 Feet From Stardom” (2013), her album “Back in Time” showcases her soulful range. She gained fame on “The Voice” Season 4 and opened for Josh Groban and John Legend.
Music video directed by : Alexander Gedeon – Song featured on the album : Letters From A Black Widow

Baby, I’M Hollywood! (2020)

35 . Töme – Ri$H Ri$H

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

Nigerian-French Canadian artist Töme, born September 17, 1997, in Montreal, blends Alternative R&B, Afrobeats, and Pop. Her album “Bigger Than Four Walls” (2020) features collaborations with notable artists. Winning a Juno Award in 2021 for “I Pray,” Töme‘s musical versatility and acting ventures highlight her career.

Free (2020)

34 . Trinity Lake – Asking

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

With over 850,000 followers since starting in June 2020,Trinity Lake, an American TikTok sensation born on July 30, 2001, in Oklahoma, is known for her singing covers and original music.
Music video directed by : Gus Black

33 . Samira Said – Kan

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

Moroccan pop singer Samira Said, born January 10, 1958, in Rabat, Morocco, has been a pivotal figure in Arabic music. With hits like “Youm Wara Youm” and albums selling over 60 million copies, she won a World Music Award in 2003. Her work promotes solidarity and has earned her significant accolades, including the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music.
Music video directed by : Nidal Hani

Bitakat Hob (1980)

32 . Teya Dora – Ramonda

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Serbian artist Teya Dora emerged in 2019 with “Da na Meni je,” and wrote for Nikolija’s “Yin & Yang.” Known for blending pop, R&B, and folk, her hit “Džanum” showcases her impact on Serbian music. Signed with Epic Records Germany, Dora’s work includes contributions to the South Winds series.
Music video directed by : Rebi

Džanum (2023)

31 . Låpsley – 4Am Ascension Day

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Låpsley, English electronic-pop artist, gained recognition with “Long Way Home” (2016) and “Through Water” (2020). Her music, blending ambient electro-pop with soulful vocals, has charted globally. Signed with XL Recordings, she’s acclaimed for merging adult pop and indie electronica, receiving nominations from BBC Sound of 2015 and NME.
Music video directed by : Jeanne Buchi

Station (2013)

30 . Ryan Destiny – How Your Hands Feel

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Ryan Destiny, American actress and musician, began in junior high with New Limit and later joined Love Dollhouse. Known for singles like “The Same,” she transitioned to acting with roles in “Star” and “Grown-ish.”

How Many (2022)

29 . Daymé Arocena – Por Ti

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Afro-Cuban jazz singer Daymé Arocena, celebrated for albums like “Nueva Era,” blends Cuban, jazz, and neo-soul. Recognized globally, including a Juno Award win with Maqueque, her work stands alongside legends like Celia Cruz, showcasing her vibrant fusion of sounds and Santeria influences.
Music video directed by : Joshpapi

Suave Y Pegao (W/ Rafa Pabön) (2023)

28 . Lucy Rose – Whatever You Want

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Lucy Rose, born June 28, 1989, is an English folk-rock singer-songwriter. Her debut album “Like I Used To” (2012) was followed by “Work It Out” (2015), “Something’s Changing” (2017), and “No Words Left” (2019). Rose’s 2024 single “Could You Help Me” precedes her upcoming album. Influenced by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, she’s known for her indie rock style.
Music video directed by : Zach Scheiwiller – Song featured on the album : This Aint The Way You Go Out

Conversation (2018)

27 . Raye – Feeling Good [@ Like A Version]

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Rachel Agatha Keen, better known as Raye, is an English artist who initially garnered attention for her songwriting and producing work for artists like Beyoncé, Little Mix, Rihanna, David Guetta, John Legend, Ellie Goulding, and Jax Jones. Her rise as a solo artist was marked by her involvement in hits like “By Your Side,” “You Don’t Know Me,” “Secrets,” and “Bed.” In 2023, she released her debut studio album.

By Your Side (W/ Jonas Blue ) (2017)

26 . Griff – Miss Me Too

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

With a Jamaican father and a mother of Chinese descent from Vietnam, Griff, born Sarah Faith Griffiths is an English singer. She debuted in 2019 with the single “Mirror Talk” and gained significant recognition in 2021 when she won the Brit Award for Rising Star.
Music video directed by : Colin Solal Cardo

Black Hole (2021)

25 . Charli XCX – Von Dutch

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

Charli XCX, known for “I Love It” with Icona Pop and “Fancy” with Iggy Azalea, has evolved from warehouse raves to global stages. Her albums “Charli” and “How I”m Feeling Now” showcase an experimental sound, with “CRASH” featuring hits like “Good Ones.” A prolific songwriter, she’s contributed to the success of many artists.
Music video directed by : Torso

Break The Rules (2014)

24 . Silia Kapsis – Liar

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

Silia Kapsis, an Australian talent of Cypriot and Greek descent, gained early recognition with “Who Am I?” and “Night Out.” Selected for ImmaBeast Dance Company and starring in “Pearly Gates,” she represents Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with “Liar.”

No Boys Allowed (2023)

23 . Marcela Gandara – Vuelvo

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

Marcela Gándara, a Mexican Christian music artist, began with “Más Que Un Anhelo” in 2006. Her albums, like “El Mismo Cielo” and “Cerca Estás,” have received significant recognition, including an Arpa award. Collaborating with Jesús Adrián Romero, she’s made substantial contributions to contemporary Christian music with her gospel-influenced style.
Music video directed by : Abraham Castillo

Supe Que Me Amabas (2013)

22 . Jane Penny – Wear You Out

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Known for introspective lyrics, her work resonates with fans of dreamy, 80s-inspired pop, Jane Penny, lead singer of TOPS, established her presence in indie pop with albums like “I Feel Alive” (2020). Her solo EP “Surfacing” marks a new chapter in her career, showcasing her musical versatility.
Music video directed by : Otium – Song featured on the album : Surfacing (Ep)

Messages (2023)

21 . Lara Fabian – Ta Peine

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Belgian-Canadian singer Lara Fabian‘s illustrious career spans decades, with hits like “Croire” (1988) and albums like “Pure” (1996). Recognized as one of Belgium’s best-selling artists, she’s won numerous awards and toured globally. Fabian’s multilingual talent and emotive performances have earned her a dedicated international following.
Music video directed by : Julien Gauthier

Je T’Aime (1997)

20 . Whitney Bjerken – I’ll Drown

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Whitney Bjerken, the former gymnast turned alternative pop singer-songwriter, captivates audiences with her EP “Mental Gymnastics” (2023). Transitioning from gymnastics to music, she shares her experiences through vulnerable lyrics and compelling melodies.
Music video directed by : Whitney Bjerken

Older (2022)

19 . Pip Millett – Fight You

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

English R&B singer Pip Millett gained acclaim with singles like “Make Me Cry” (2018), showcasing her soulful style. Her EP “Motion Sick” (2021) features collaborations with artists like Ghetts.
Music video directed by : Kc Locke & Pip Millett – Song featured on the album : Tell Jimmy (Ep)

My Way (2022)

18 . Ambré – Lost Without U

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Ambré, the American R&B singer-songwriter, made waves with her EP “Pulp” (2019) under Roc Nation. Her collaboration with Kehlani and songwriting on H.E.R.’s Grammy-winning album highlight her versatility. With releases like “3000°” (2022), she continues to push boundaries in the R&B genre.

The Catch Up (2021)

17 . Betül Demir – Demir Kapı

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Turkish World Music singer Betül Demir gained popularity with albums like “Süper” and “Mıknatıs”, showcasing her talent. Her music video “Aslan Payı” surpassed 10 million views on YouTube, reflecting her influence.
Music video directed by : Murad Küçük

Karabatak (2017)

16 . Sofia Carson – Joke’s On Me [Live]

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Sofia Carson, born April 10, 1993, debuted with “Love Is the Name” in 2016 under Hollywood and Republic Records. Her album “Sofia Carson” (2022) showcases her vocal range. Notable for her role in “Descendants,” Carson won Best Musical Moment at the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards for “Purple Hearts.”
Music video directed by : Kyle Goldberg

Come Back Home (2022)

15 . Brooke Candy – Safeword

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Brooke Candy, born July 20, 1989, emerged with “Das Me” in 2012. Known for her mix of hip-hop and pop, she released “Opulence” EP in 2014, co-written with Sia and produced by Diplo. After leaving RCA, Candy independently explores themes of sexuality and empowerment in her music.
Music video directed by : Kyle England

Flip Phone (2022)

14 . Kiesza – Dancing And Crying

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Canadian artist Kiesza, known for “Hideaway,” mixes soulful, house-influenced dance music. Her career, transitioning from folk to uptempo, took off in 2014. Besides writing for artists like Rihanna, she’s collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo. Her 2020 album “Crave” marked her return to music after a hiatus due to a car accident.
Music video directed by : D.G Hagey

What Is Love (2014)

13 . Bengü – Aleyhime

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Bengü, born April 23, 1979, is a Turkish pop icon with albums like “Bağlasan Durmam” (2005) and “Taktik” (2007). Her hit “Korkma Kalbim” and album sales exceeding 52,000 highlight her success. Bengü‘s music, blending pop with personal lyrics, has earned her several awards in Turkey.

Unut Beni (2014)

12 . Inayah – For The Streets

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Inayah, born November 8, 1989, rose to fame with a viral cover of “Boo’d Up” in 2018. Her debut album, S.O.L.A.R. (2019), features hits like “Best Thing.” Signed with Empire Records, her music blends hip-hop, R&B, and personal narratives.

Best Thing (2019)

11 . Twice – One Spark

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Twice, a nine-member South Korean girl group from JYP Entertainment, debuted in 2015. Known for hits like “Cheer Up” and “TT,” they’ve topped charts in Korea and Japan, breaking records. Their album “Twicetagram” and its singles have achieved international success, making them iconic figures in K-pop.

More & More (2020)

10 . Dennyiah – Forbidden Beauty

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

Slovak indie duo Dennyiah, comprising lead vocalist Denny and guitarist Lubos; debuted in 2020 with “Human Aspect”, blending pop, soul, country, and blues into ‘human pop’. Their music, marked by collaborations with musicians like Keith Carlock and produced by Nic Hard, focuses on themes of hope and healing.
Music video directed by : Laco Rychtarik

Kingdom (2019)

9 . Yify Zhang – This Is The Year

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

New York-based Yify Zhang crafts cinematic indie pop, blending her classical violin background with songwriting since 2015. Known for “This is the Year”, her music promotes authenticity and aspiration. Founder of the Berlin Music & Sound Healing Collective, Yify merges pop with sound healing, aiming to make the therapeutic benefits of music accessible to a wider audience.
Music video directed by : Mo Kanaan

Puppet (2022)

8 . Luna – The Tower

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

Polish singer-songwriter Luna, born Aleksandra Katarzyna “Ola” Wielgomas in 1999, is set to represent Poland at Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with “The Tower”.

7 . Le Sserafim – Easy

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

South Korean girl group Le Sserafim debuted in 2022 with “Fearless”. The quintet, featuring diverse members including Sakura and Kim Chae-won, blends K-pop with messages of self-empowerment. Their work includes the successful EPs “Fearless” and “Antifragile”, marking their presence on international charts and collaborations.
Music video directed by : Nu Kim

Antifragile (2022)

6 . Charlotte Plank – Rage

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Hailing from England, Charlotte Plank is a musician blending indie and drum ‘n’ bass influences. Her singles “Hate Me” and collaboration “Dancing Is Healing” with Rudimental have garnered attention. Actively involved in the Loud LDN collective, she’s pushing for more visibility for women in dance music.
Music video directed by : Ben Cole

Lights (W/ Hybrid Minds) (2023)

5 . Violet Orlandi – Slither

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Violet Orlandi is known for her YouTube covers and original songs. Her diverse musical influences, showcased in her debut album “High Priest Daughter” (2021), have earned her recognition. Notable for her cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries, she continues to expand her musical presence.
Music video directed by : Ricardo Gifford & Violet Orlandi – Song featured on the album : Only Holy Water!

Zombie [Acoustic] (2023)

4 . Say Lou Lou – Wong Kar-Wai

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Swedish/Australian dream pop duo Say Lou Lou emerged in 2012. Their albums “Lucid Dreaming” (2015) and “Immortelle” (2018) display their ethereal sound. Influenced by their parents’ musical backgrounds, they’ve carved a unique niche blending dream pop and synth-pop.
Music video directed by : Angelina Mamoun-Bergenwall

The Look Of Love (2019)

3 . Georgia Gets By – When All You Can Manage Is A Sigh

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Georgia Gets By, the solo project of Georgia Nott from Broods, explores folk-influenced electronic and dream pop. Her debut EP “Fish Bird Baby Boy” (2023) delves into personal themes, offering a departure from her electro-pop sound with Broods. Each track reflects her introspective and emotive songwriting style.
Music video directed by : Oscar Keys

2 . Zeyne – Ma Bansak [A Colors Show]

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Emerging from Amman, Jordan, Zeyne is an indie pop artist blending R&B and Arabic pop influences. Her singles “Minni Ana” and “Nostalgia” showcase her storytelling prowess and emotional depth. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, Zeyne is shaping a unique sound that resonates with audiences, both locally and internationally.

Balak (W/ Saint Levant) (2022)

1 . Talia Schlanger – The Endling

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Talia Schlanger, a Canadian radio broadcaster and musician, hosted NPR’s “World Cafe” from 2017 to 2019. Her debut album “Grace for the Going” (2024) marks a new chapter in her career, demonstrating her versatility as a singer-songwriter.Song featured on the album : Grace For The Going

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