This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°407

Here are the brand new music videos by female artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

15 . Ladaniva – Here’s To You Ararat

Date Added : May 17,2024

Ladaniva, founded in 2019 by Jacqueline Baghdasaryan and Louis Thomas, blends world music with Armenian folk. Known for “Vay Aman,” the band combines maloya, reggae, and African influences, showcasing their multicultural origins and innovative sound.
Music video directed by : Boubkar Benzabat

Pourquoi T’As Fait Ça? (2021)

14 . Lila Iké – He Loves Us Both (w/ H.E.R.)

Date Added : May 17,2024

Jamaican reggae artist Lila Iké debuted with “The ExPerience” in 2020. Singles like “Biggest Fan” (2017) and “I Spy” (2020) highlight her old-school and modern fusion. Nominated for Best Reggae Act at the 2020 MOBO Awards.
Music video directed by : Child

True Love (2022)

13 . Karin Ann – I Don´t Believe In God

Date Added : May 16,2024

Karin Ann, a Slovak alt-pop musician, is known for addressing themes like gender equality and mental health. Her debut album “through the telescope” showcases a mix of gothic disco and indie balladry, reflecting her broad musical influences and appeal to Generation Z in Central Europe.
Music video directed by : Tusk – Song featured on the album : Karin Ann

If I Fall For You (2023)

12 . Ive, 아이브 – Accendio

Date Added : May 16,2024

South Korean girl group IVE, formed in 2021, debuted with “Eleven.” Members An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo have achieved rapid success, with tracks like “LOVE DIVE” winning multiple awards. Song featured on the album : Starship

Eleven (2021)

11 . Sylvie Kreusch – Comic Trip

Date Added : May 16,2024

Sylvie Kreusch, a Belgian musician, first gained attention with Soldier’s Heart before joining Warhaus. Her solo career includes the acclaimed single “Seedy Tricks.” Kreusch’s music, known for blending pop with avant-garde influences, has also been featured in high fashion soundtracks
Music video directed by : Bastiaan Lochs – Song featured on the album : Sylviekreuschvevo

Walk Walk (2022)

10 . Tink – Huh

Date Added : May 15,2024

Tink, real name Trinity Laure’Ale Home, started with “Winter’s Diary” in 2012. Named in XXL’s 2015 Freshman Class, her music blends R&B and rap. She released “Voicemails” in 2019 under her label.

Cut It Out (2020)

9 . Shygirl – encore (w/ Danny L Harle)

Date Added : May 15,2024

The music of London-born Shygirl, a.k.a. Blane Muise, is a fusion of dance, industrial hip-hop, and experimental pop. She rose to fame with collaborations like Sega Bodega, capturing Rihanna’s attention, and made waves with her acclaimed 2022 album “Nymph,” reflecting her diverse influences from Mariah Carey to Björk.
Music video directed by : Ferina

Firefly (2022)

8 . Shenseea – Dolla

Date Added : May 15,2024

Shenseea, born Chinsea Lee, is a Jamaican dancehall and rap artist known for hits like “Loodi” and “Blessed” featuring Tyga. Her heritage is a mix of Afro-Jamaican and Korean. Shenseea‘s journey started with church choirs and led to collaborations with Romeich Major. Her debut album “Alpha” (2022) includes tracks like “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Bad Alone (2020)

7 . Lucy Spraggan – Sober (w/ Robbie Williams)

Date Added : May 15,2024

Known for singles like “Lighthouse,” Lucy Spraggan, an English singer-songwriter, first gained attention on “The X Factor UK” in 2012. She has released albums such as “Join the Club” in 2013, which reached number 7 on the UK Albums Chart, and “Choices” in 2021, debuting at number 5.

Everything Changes (2023)

6 . Cat Burns – End Game

Date Added : May 13,2024

English singer-songwriter Cat Burns, from Streatham, London, rose to fame with her single “Go” (2021), which peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. Known for her soulful voice and emotive lyrics, Burns released “Emotionally Unavailable” EP in 2022.
Music video directed by : Libby Burke Wilde

Go (2022)

5 . Låpsley – Kerosene Dreams

Date Added : May 13,2024

Låpsley, English electronic-pop artist, gained recognition with “Long Way Home” (2016) and “Through Water” (2020). Her music, blending ambient electro-pop with soulful vocals, has charted globally. Signed with XL Recordings, she’s acclaimed for merging adult pop and indie electronica, receiving nominations from BBC Sound of 2015 and NME.
Music video directed by : Jeanne Buchi – Song featured on the album : A Guilty Heart Can Never Rest [Ep]

Station (2013)

4 . Gracie Abrams – Risk [The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]

Date Added : May 13,2024

Gracie Abrams, an indie-pop musician from Los Angeles, rose to fame with her single “Mean It” and EPs like “Minor.” Her 2023 album “Good Riddance” and tours with Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have established her as a prominent artist.

Minor (2019)

3 . Nailah Blackman – Pressure

Date Added : May 13,2024

Nailah Blackman is a Trinidadian soca sensation who stepped into the spotlight with her 2017 hit “Workout,” which resonated through the Trinidad carnival.
Music video directed by : Cam Videos & Anson Pro

Come Home (2023)

2 . Olivia Addams & Vescan – Sătui De Probleme

Date Added : May 13,2024

Olivia Addams, born Adriana Livia Opriș in 1996 in Bucharest, Romania, became known with “Dumb” in 2020. A member of Jealous Friend, she has been active since 2018, contributing to the pop and electronic music scene with hits like “Sick Lullaby” and “Fish in the Sea.””
Music video directed by : Isabella Szanto

Sweet Juice (2023)

1 . Darumas – Daruma

Date Added : May 13,2024

Darumas, a Latin pop funk band, formed by Aldana Aguirre, Ceci Leon, and Vedala Vilmond, debuted with “Daruma.” Signed with Sony Music Latin, they blend diverse musical influences and thematic elements of hope and love.

This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°407


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