This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°410

Here are the brand new music videos by female artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

49 . beabadoobee – Ever Seen

Date Added : Jul 2,2024

beabadoobee, born Beatrice Kristi Laus on June 3, 2000, in the Philippines, rose to fame with her single “Coffee.” Her 2020 debut album “Fake It Flowers” received critical acclaim, followed by “Beatopia” in 2022. She collaborates with The 1975 members on several projects.
Music video directed by : Bea & Jake X – Song featured on the album : This Is How Tomorrow Moves

If You Want To (2019)

48 . Sanja Vucic & Tea Tairovic – Marrakesh ~ Dubai

Date Added : Jul 2,2024

Sanja Vučić, born August 8, 1993, in Kruševac, Serbia, is a prominent Serbian singer. She gained recognition with the band ZAA and represented Serbia at Eurovision 2016 with “Goodbye (Shelter).” A member of Hurricane from 2017 to 2022, she began her solo career in 2022 with singles like “Omađijan” and “Đerdan.”
Music video directed by : Đordje Jovčić

Đene Đene (2023)

47 . Julieta Venegas – Andar Conmigo

Date Added : Jul 2,2024

Julieta Venegas, born November 24, 1970, in Long Beach, California, is a celebrated Mexican-American singer. Known for her 2006 album “Limón y Sal” and the hit single “Me Voy,” she blends rock, pop, and traditional Mexican sounds. Venegas has won Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards and collaborated with many artists.

Me Voy (2010)

46 . Perrie – Tears

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Perrie Edwards, born on July 10, 1993, in South Shields, England, gained prominence as part of Little Mix, formed on “The X Factor” (2011). As a solo artist, she launched the fashion brand Disora in 2021, and has collaborated with brands like Superga.

45 . Louane – La Pluie

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Louane Emera is a French singer and actress who gained fame from “The Voice” in 2013. Her debut album “Chambre 12” (2015) topped charts, with hits like “Avenir.” She also starred in “La Famille Bélier” (2014), winning a César Award for Most Promising Actress.
Music video directed by : Mila Runser

Secret (2023)

44 . Pressley – Cool

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Pressley Hosbach is an American dancer and actress who gained fame on “Dance Moms” in 2019. She has performed as a backup dancer for Justin Bieber and starred in the Brat TV series “Stage Fright” (2020).

43 . Upsahl – Summer So Hot

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Upsahl, born Taylor Cameron Upsahl, is an American singer known for her debut EP “Hindsight 20/20” (2019) and the hit single “Drugs.” Her debut album “Lady Jesus” (2021) features tracks like “Douchebag,” showcasing her unique blend of alternative pop.
Music video directed by : Jamie Valdueza

People I Don’T Like (2021)

42 . Tinashe – Getting No Sleep

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Tinashe, born in 1993 in Kentucky, debuted with “2 On” (2014), achieving platinum status. Her album “Aquarius” (2014) was critically acclaimed. A skilled dancer and actress, she initially gained attention with the girl group The Stunners.
Music video directed by : Jonah Haber – Song featured on the album : Quantum Baby

Bouncin (2022)

41 . Tatiana Manaois – Rhythms

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Tatiana Manaois, born October 22, 1996, is an American singer-songwriter known for her heartfelt acoustic songs. Her viral hit “Helplessly” (2015) and albums like “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain” (2013) and “Love Diaries of an Introvert” (2020) highlight her independent music career.
Music video directed by : Jix & Gastly

Helplessly (2015)

40 . Yasmine – Ramantxada

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Yasmine is a well-known Portuguese singer who has spent with various tracks 128 weeks in the Portuguese charts.

Batom (2022)

39 . Daya – Don’t Call

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Daya, born Grace Martine Tandon on October 24, 1998, in Pittsburgh, gained fame with her debut single “Hide Away” (2015). Her EP “Daya” (2015) and the Grammy-winning collaboration “Don’t Let Me Down” with The Chainsmokers propelled her into the spotlight.

Hide Away (2016)

38 . Numidia Lezoul – Solo

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Numidia Lezoul, born on February 10, 1993, in Algiers, Algeria, is an Algerian singer and actress. She gained fame with her debut single “Taht El Saytara” (2016). Known for tracks like “Bghito N3ich” and “Metsayfou.”
Music video directed by : Haythem Ameur & Adel Fouzi Chekroun & Allia Louiza Belamri

Bébé D’Amour (2022)

37 . Shashl – Nemoyo

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Shashl, born Ashleigh Angel Moyo on November 10, 1999, in Harare, Zimbabwe, is a Zimbabwean singer known for her blend of Afro-pop, R&B, and dancehall. Her 2018 single “Blow It in the Wind” was a hit, and her debut album “Highway” (2019) features successful tracks and collaborations with African artists.
Music video directed by : Director Kenny

Deepisa (W/ King98) (2023)

36 . Peggy Gou – Lobster Telephone

Date Added : Jun 28,2024

Peggy Gou, born in South Korea in 1991, is a Berlin-based DJ and producer. She debuted in 2016 with “The Art of War Part 1” and has released music on Ninja Tune and Phonica. In 2019, she founded Gudu Records and released a DJ-Kicks compilation.
Music video directed by : Alice Kunisue – Song featured on the album : I Hear You

Starry Night (2019)

35 . Allison Kane – When She Loves Again

Date Added : Jun 28,2024

Allison Kane, an indie pop/rock artist from Los Angeles, gained fame as an influencer. Her single “Next Life” (2023) peaked at number 16 on the Spotify Top 20. Known for her modern punk-rock sound and autobiographical storytelling, her music resonates on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Next Life (2023)

34 . Suis – 若者のすべて

Date Added : Jun 28,2024

Suis is the vocalist of Japanese rock duo Yorushika, formed in 2017 with composer N-buna. Their debut EP “Gentou” gained rapid popularity. Known for the single “Just a Sunny Day for You,” Yorushika’s albums like “Plagiarism” (2020) explore themes of love and human emotion.
Music video directed by : Takahiro Miki

33 . Aicha Kone – Djongué

Date Added : Jun 28,2024

Aïcha Koné, born May 21, 1957, in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, is a celebrated Ivorian singer. Her debut album “Denikeleni” (1979) marked her breakthrough. Known for singing in Dioula and Senufo, her popular single “Adouma” (1988) showcases her powerful vocals. She has received numerous awards, including two Gold Discs and the Tamani d’Honneur.
Music video directed by : Pac Deejaay

Rangati (2022)

32 . Mckenna Grace – Loser!!

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Mckenna Grace, an American actress and singer, released her debut single “Haunted House” (2021) featured in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” Her EP “Ready or Not” (2023) includes tracks like “Game Over,” exploring teenage themes. Grace gained recognition for her roles in “Young Sheldon” and “Gifted.”
Music video directed by : Lottie Abrahams & Justin Mitchell

Ugly Crier (2023)

31 . Latifa – Ya Layali

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Latifa, born February 14, 1961, in Manouba, Tunisia, is a renowned Tunisian singer and actress. Her breakthrough album “Mesa Al Jamal” (1984) gained her fame, and the single “Inchallah” (1999) from the album “Wadeh” achieved international acclaim. She won the World Music Award in 2004.

I Hated You (2012)

30 . Nikolina – Maskara

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Nikolina Kovač, a Bosnian singer, gained fame with singles like “Ljubav Je Lavirint” and “Nisam Dobro.” She was a contestant on “Zvezde Granda” in 2011 and 2012.

Hollywood (2016)

29 . Spiritus – Kawaii

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Spiritus, sisters Ife and Mia from Fukuoka, blend Swiss and Japanese influences in their music. Their debut single “kawaii,” a club hit about strong women, gained over 1 million plays on SoundCloud.
Music video directed by : Cso Film / Lox

28 . Nemahsis – You Wore It Better

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Nemahsis, born Nemah Hasan, is a Palestinian-Canadian pop singer from Toronto. Known for her debut single “what if i took it off for you?” (2021), her EP “eleven achers” (2022) explores themes of identity and immigration. Notable songs include “Criminal.”
Music video directed by : Jack Peros

What If I Took It Off For You? (2021)

27 . Zaz – Esta Tarde Vi Llover

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Zaz, born Isabelle Geffroy on May 1, 1980, in Tours, France, is a renowned singer. Her debut album “Zaz” (2010) included the hit “Je veux,” topping charts globally. Known for blending jazz, soul, and chanson, she has released successful albums like “Recto Verso” (2013) and “Paris” (2014).

Je Veux (2019)

26 . Iliona – Le Lapin

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Iliona, born July 7, 2000, in Brussels, is a Belgian singer-songwriter. Known for her hit “Moins Joli” (2020), she signed with Artside Music and released her debut EP “Tristesse” (2021). Her second EP “Tête brûlée” (2022) continued to build her reputation in the music scene.
Music video directed by : Iliona

Si Tu M’Aimes Demain (2022)

25 . Amanda Jordan – Tonight I Am

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Canadian Country artist Amanda Jordan has gained recognition with singles “Pretty Girl” and “I Choose You.” Featured on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” her blend of modern and traditional country has seen success on US Country Billboard and iTunes charts.
Music video directed by : Jeff Isy, Amanda Jordan

Somebody’S Maybe (2023)

24 . Yoa – Nulle

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

French-Swiss singer Yoa, born in 1992, has explored pop music and film, appearing in “Les Immortelles” (2019). Composer and singer, she is known for her track “Attente” from the album of the same name.
Music video directed by : Jade De Brito

Maddy (2023)

23 . Cascada – Call Me

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Cascada, formed in 2004 in Germany, hit it big with “Everytime We Touch” in 2006. Winning the World Music Award in 2007, they’ve sold around 30 million records. Their music, evolving from Eurodance to electropop, includes hits like “Evacuate the Dancefloor.”
Music video directed by : Marcel Brell

Everytime We Touch (2007)

22 . Gracie Abrams – Let It Happen [Live]

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Gracie Abrams, an indie-pop musician from Los Angeles, rose to fame with her single “Mean It” and EPs like “Minor.” Her 2023 album “Good Riddance” and tours with Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have established her as a prominent artist.

Minor (2019)

21 . Barbara Pravi – La Pieva [Chez Moi]

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

French singer-songwriter Barbara Pravi, born in 1993, gained fame with her Eurovision 2021 second-place song “Voilà.” Starting in 2015, her music, including her debut EP and single “Pas grandir,” reflects poetic storytelling. An advocate for women’s rights, Pravi’s career extends to acting and songwriting for artists like Yannick Noah and Jaden Smith​​​​​​​​.
Music video directed by : Zite Et Léo – Song featured on the album : La Pieva

Voilà (2021)

20 . Santa – Recommence-Moi

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Santa is the lead vocalist of French band Hyphen Hyphen whose albums include “Times,” “HH,” and “C’est La Vie.” Santa‘s solo EP “999,” featuring “Popcorn Salé,” showcases her unique voice.
Music video directed by : Carl Rizzo

Popcorn Salé (Clip Officiel) (2022)

19 . Maeta – Endless Night

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Maeta, an R&B artist from Indianapolis, gained recognition for her heartfelt ballads. Her journey began on SoundCloud, leading to her first EP “Do Not Disturb.” Signing with Roc Nation, she released “Habits” featuring “Toxic.” Influenced by her artistic family, Maeta‘s music explores relationship complexities and personal struggles.

Babygirl (2019)

18 . DivaGurl – S.O.B.

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

DivaGurl, formed by Keke Palmer, known for her acting career, under Big Boss Entertainment, is an American girl group with members Keyana (Keke Palmer), LaShaè, Sadè, and Monèt.

17 . Lola Young – Good Books

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Lola Young, born January 4, 2001, in England, is an emerging British singer known for her soulful voice. Signed to Island Records, she released EPs “Intro” (2019), “Renaissance” (2020), and “After Midnight” (2021). Young won the Ivor Novello Rising Star Award in 2020 and was nominated for BBC Sound of 2020 and BRITs Rising Star Award. Song featured on the album : This Wasn’T Meant For You Anyway

Conceited (2023)

16 . Shenseea – Keep A Place/Neva Neva [The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Shenseea, born Chinsea Lee, is a Jamaican dancehall and rap artist known for hits like “Loodi” and “Blessed” featuring Tyga. Her heritage is a mix of Afro-Jamaican and Korean. Shenseea‘s journey started with church choirs and led to collaborations with Romeich Major. Her debut album “Alpha” (2022) includes tracks like “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Bad Alone (2020)

15 . Niki – Blue Moon

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Niki, an Indonesian singer-songwriter, gained recognition with “Polaroid Boy” (2017). Her debut EP “Wanna Take This Downtown?” (2019) features “La La Lost You” and showcases her blend of R&B, pop, and electronic music.
Music video directed by : Ivana Bobic – Song featured on the album : Buzz

La La Lost You (2020)

14 . Simi – Borrow Me Your Baby (w/ Falz)

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Nigerian artist Simi, born Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, transitioned from gospel to Afro-pop. Her album “Simisola” hit the Billboard World Albums chart. Founder of Studio Brat, her work spans Afropop, Afro-fusion, and more. Her albums include “Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1” and “To Be Honest,” featuring collaborations with Adekunle Gold.
Music video directed by : Émilie Richard-Froozan – Song featured on the album : Memior Of A Sparklemuffin

Duduke (2021)

13 . Suki Waterhouse – Supersad

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Suki Waterhouse, an English artist, is celebrated for her work in modeling, acting, and music. Her modeling career began at 16, leading to collaborations with high-profile brands. She ventured into acting with roles in films like “Love, Rosie” and “Assassination Nation.” Her music includes the debut album “I Can”t Let Go” and the EP “Milk Teeth,” showcasing her diverse talents.

Brutally (2017)

12 . Anelia – Syjalyavam

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Anelia Georgieva Atanasova, born July 1, 1982, in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, is a prominent pop-folk singer. Her debut album “Pogledni Me V Ochete” (2002) featured the hit “Gleday Me V Ochete.” Known for blending Bulgarian folk with contemporary pop, she has released several successful albums and ventured into acting.
Music video directed by : Ivan Dimitrov

Loca, Loca (2023)

11 . The Marías – If Only

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

The Marías, an indie pop band from Los Angeles, captivate audiences with their bilingual songwriting and blend of genres. Their debut album “Cinema” topped the Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay chart with the single “Hush.” Collaborations with artists like Bad Bunny and Triathalon showcase their versatility.
Music video directed by : Bethany Vargas – Song featured on the album : Submarine

All I Really Want Is You (2021)

10 . Domelipa – La Foto

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Domelipa, born Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo on August 27, 2001, in Monterrey, Mexico, is a social media influencer and content creator. Known for her dance routines and lip-syncs on TikTok, she has millions of followers and has ventured into modeling and endorsements.

9 . Lainey Wilson – Out Of Oklahoma

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Lainey Wilson has rapidly ascended in country music with her “bell-bottom country” style. Her hit “Things a Man Oughta Know” topped charts, and her win as Entertainer of the Year at the 57th CMA Awards marks a significant achievement in her career.
Music video directed by : Alex Bittan

Heart Like A Truck (2022)

8 . Camille Lellouche – Ma Lumière

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Camille Lellouche, born June 10, 1986, in Vitry-sur-Seine, France, is a comedian, actress, and singer. Known for her role in “Grand Central” and her single “Mais je t’aime” with Grand Corps Malade. She gained fame from “The Voice” France in 2015.
Music video directed by : Iyad Bouzommita

Mais Je T’Aime (W/ Grand Corps Malade) (2020)

7 . Ivana Jordan – More

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Ivana Jordan, born July 7, 1977, in Belgrade, Serbia, is a singer-songwriter known for her album “Svetlost i senke” (2005) and the hit single “Lazarica.” She blends traditional Serbian sounds with contemporary pop.
Music video directed by : Dejan Marković

Ne Pitaj Me (2014)

6 . Balqees – Tawaak Galbek, بلقيس – طاوعك قلبك

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Balqees Fathi, born October 20, 1988, in Abu Dhabi, is a Yemeni-Emirati singer known for her debut album “Majnoun” (2013) and the hit single “Ya Hawa.” She performed at the closing ceremony of the 2019 Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi.
Music video directed by : Abderrafia El Abdioui

Entaha (W/ Alicia Keys) (2022)

5 . Vernis Rouge – Amère

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Vernis Rouge, Lebanese-French singer, gained fame on The Voice France with a cover of “Bande Organisée.” Known for her electropop style and meaningful lyrics, she blends nouvelle scène with chanson française.
Music video directed by : Thomas Desenne

Avant Que (2022)

4 . Kat DeLuna – Kruela

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Kat DeLuna, born Kathleen Emperatriz DeLuna on November 26, 1987, in The Bronx, New York, gained prominence with her debut single “Whine Up” (2007) featuring Elephant Man. Her album “9 Lives” includes hits like “Run the Show” and “In the End,” blending Latin rhythms with pop and dance music.
Music video directed by : T. Edmond

Run The Show (W/ Busta Rhymes) (2010)

3 . Kaliii – Gas You Up (w/ Hunxho)

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Kaliii, an American rapper of Panamanian descent, gained fame with viral hits like “Area Codes” and “Barbie Dreams.” Signed with Atlantic Records, her mixtapes and EPs, including “Fck Girl Szn,” showcase her blend of rap and R&B influences.
Music video directed by : Trinidad James & Sam Brave

Area Codes (2023)

2 . Nayra – Prête

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Nayra is a Moroccan-French musician known for blending traditional hip-hop with avant-garde sounds. Notable singles include “Tema la go” and “Originale.” Her debut EP “RIAH” features tracks like “Attitude” and “Ego-Tripes,” highlighting her complex rhymes.
Music video directed by : Bnitri – Song featured on the album : Talwit (Ep)

Originale (2022)

1 . Fave – Controlla

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Fave, born March 13, 2000, in Anambra State, Nigeria, blends R&B, Pop, Soul, and Dancehall. She gained fame with the freestyle over a Jinmi Abduls beat in 2020. Her 2021 single “Baby Riddim” topped Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50. Her EP “Riddim 5” includes “Mr Man” and features with Olamide and Davido.
Music video directed by : Yoza Mnyanda-Siboto

Baby Riddim (2022)

This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°410



This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°410

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