This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°410

Here are the brand new music videos by female artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Evangeline & Vulfmon – Got To Be Mine

Date Added : Jun 15,2024

American singer-songwriter Evangeline, also known as Eva B. Ross, gained attention with her 2021 single “Will.” Her debut album “Playlist for the Apocalypse” (2019) blends alt-pop with jazz and folk. Notable collaborations include Phoebe Bridgers.
Music video directed by : Daniel Rashid – Song featured on the album : Dot

Will (2023)

49 . Sp!da – Better Person

Date Added : Jun 15,2024

Sp!da is an emerging Jamaican artist.
Music video directed by : Aka Ruppie

Exclusive (2023)

48 . Tinashe – Nasty [Jimmy Kimmel Live]

Date Added : Jun 15,2024

Tinashe, born in 1993 in Kentucky, debuted with “2 On” (2014), achieving platinum status. Her album “Aquarius” (2014) was critically acclaimed. A skilled dancer and actress, she initially gained attention with the girl group The Stunners.

Bouncin (2022)

47 . Lølø – Wish I Was A Robot

Date Added : Jun 15,2024

Lølø also known as Lauren Mandel, is a singer from Toronto who first captured public attention through her creative reimaginings of music hits on TikTok before signing with Hopeless Records and releasing, until now, almost 20 singles or eps.
Music video directed by : Justin Alexis, Thatgoodgraphic

Lonely & Pathetic (2021)

46 . Goldie Boutilier – The Actress

Date Added : Jun 15,2024

Canadian singer-songwriter Goldie Boutilier, formerly My Name Is Kay, gained attention with her 2019 single “Lovers & Liars.” Her music blends pop and alternative influences. Goldie rebranded from her previous career to explore new musical directions.
Music video directed by : Kevin Calero & Wynn Holmes

Cowboy Gangster Politician (2023)

45 . Zhamira Zambrano – Bienvenida

Date Added : Jun 14,2024

Zhamira Zambrano is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice. She gained recognition with the single “Me Alejo de Ti”. In 2023, she released the hit “Extrañándote” with her husband Jay Wheeler. She participated in La Banda and is signed to Dynamic Records LLC.
Music video directed by : Przemysław Gomuła

Me Alejo De Ti (2020)

44 . Blanka – If U Want Me

Date Added : Jun 14,2024

Blanka (Blanka Stajkow) is a Polish singer and model. Known for her single “Solo”, which won Poland’s Eurovision 2023 selection, she finished 19th at Eurovision 2023. Other singles include “Boys Like Toys” and “Cara Mia”.

Solo (2023)

43 . Tiffany Haddish – Woman Up

Date Added : Jun 14,2024

Tiffany Haddish is an American comedian and actress. Her breakout role was in “Girls Trip” (2017). She won a Primetime Emmy for hosting “Saturday Night Live” in 2017 and a Grammy for “Black Mitzvah” in 2019. Her memoir “The Last Black Unicorn” is a bestseller.
Music video directed by : Santiago Diaz-Vence

42 . Victoria Monét – Alright

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

Victoria Monét, an American R&B singer-songwriter, known for her work with Ariana Grande on hits like “thank u, next.” Her album “Jaguar II” (2023) features the hit single “On My Mama.” She won Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best R&B Album in 2024.
Music video directed by : Scott Cunningham – Song featured on the album : Jaguar Ii

Coastin’ (2022)

41 . Ayra Starr – 21

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr emerged with her eponymous EP in 2021, leading to her hit album “19 & Dangerous” featuring “Bloody Samaritan.” Born on June 14, 2002, in Benin, and raised in Lagos, she transitioned from modeling to music, signing with Mavin Records. Her work melds Afropop, R&B, and neo-soul.

Rush (2022)

40 . Hishigdalai – Sugar Baby (w/ Bilgang)

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

Hishigdalai, a Mongolian artist, is known for singles like “Chamtai Baiy” and “Gantshan Zun.” Her album “Gantshan Zun” (2021) showcases her versatility. Other popular tracks include “Before 6” and “Miniih.”
Music video directed by : Uudam

Chamtai Baiy (W/ O.Z & Thunderz) (2022)

39 . Rika – Out Of Our Hands

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

British-Indian Rika, blending pop with her multicultural heritage, gained fame with “No Need.” A Berklee College alumna, she won Best Female UK Act at the BritAsia TV Music Awards 2019, making strides in bringing Indian culture to global pop with her distinctive sound and lyricism.
Music video directed by : Tom Knibbs And Rika

Left To Love (W/ Mickey Singh) (2020)

38 . Lucy Thomas – Unchained Melody

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Known for her powerful voice, UK singer Lucy Thomas rose to fame as a semi-finalist on “The Voice Kids” UK in 2018. Signed by Cavendish Records, she’s released four albums, including “Destiny,” and her cover of “Hallelujah” has over 10 million YouTube views.

Moon River / Breakfast At Tiffany’S (2022)

37 . Michelle – Bundan Ulaan

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Michelle is a Mongolian pop singer.
Music video directed by : Tuugii

Bad Blood (2023)

36 . Destiny Rogers – Bitter

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Destiny Rogers, an American singer-songwriter from Lodi, California, gained fame with her single “Tomboy.” Her album “Great Escape” features a mix of soulful and upbeat tracks.
Music video directed by : Jlean

Tomboy (2019)

35 . Say Now – Bitch Get Out My Car

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Say Now, a British girl group from London, consists of Ysabelle Salvanera, Amelia Onuorah, and Madeleine Haynes. Their 2023 singles include “Better Love” and “Not a Lot Left to Say,” managed by Modest! Management.
Music video directed by : Oliver Jennings

S.I.N.G.L.E (2023)

34 . Isabel Larosa – Favorite

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Isabel LaRosa, born on September 18, 2004, is a Cuban-American singer-songwriter. Her debut single “16 Candles” (2021) gained popularity, followed by “I’m Yours” (2022), which went viral on TikTok. Her debut EP “I’m Watching You” showcases her talent.

I’M Yours (2019)

33 . Luka & Aqua Riyaz – Habibi

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Luka Cruysberghs, born on December 5, 2000, in Leuven, Belgium, won “The Voice of Flanders” in 2017. She joined Hooverphonic as lead vocalist in 2018 and contributed to their Eurovision 2020 entry “Release Me.” After leaving the band in 2020, she released her solo single “Not Too Late” in 2021 and plans to release her album “Need You in The Light” in June 2024.

Not Too Late (2022)

32 . Aurora – Dreams

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Aurora Aksnes, known mononymously as Aurora, is a Norwegian singer who delivers a unique blend of dark electro-pop whose debut EP, “Running with the Wolves,” released in May 2015, marked her entry into the international music scene.Song featured on the album : What Happened To The Heart?

Cure For Me (2021)

31 . Sasha Alex Sloan – Only You Can [Acoustic]

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Sasha Alex Sloan, blending pop with indie influences, debuted with “Only Child” (2020) and followed with “I Blame The World” (2022). Her introspective songwriting covers personal experiences and relationships, with notable singles like “Ready Yet” and collaborations like “Is It Just Me?” with Charlie Puth.
Music video directed by : Slater Goodson – Song featured on the album : Me Again

I Blame The World (2022)

30 . Aram Arera – I Wasn’t Born To Die

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Aram Arera is an Iranian born singer and Instagram influencer.

29 . Kat Von D – Dead

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Kat Von D, born Katherine Von Drachenberg on March 8, 1982, is known for her work as a tattoo artist and musician. She released her debut album “Love Made Me Do It” in 2021, featuring the single “Exorcism.”
Music video directed by : Ryan Valdez

Fear You (2024)

28 . Hannah Bahng – Pomegranate

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Hannah Bahng is an Australian singer-songwriter from Sydney, known for her covers on social media. She debuted with the single “Perfectly Wrong” in 2020, which gained attention for its heartfelt lyrics. Her music often explores themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth.
Music video directed by : Hannah Bahng – Song featured on the album : The Abysmal Ep

Perfect Blues (2023)

27 . Angelzoom – 80s Forever

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Angelzoom is a project by German artist Claudia Uhle, known for its atmospheric, cinematic sound. The 2004 debut album “Angelzoom” features the single “Fairyland.” Blending electronic, classical, and pop influences, Angelzoom‘s music appeals to fans of gothic and darkwave genres.
Music video directed by : B.Wendlandt – Song featured on the album : Grateful Ep

Fairyland (2011)

26 . Neyna – Hey Odja

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Cape Verdean artist Neyna, based in Portugal, gained recognition for tracks like “Amor bem.” After completing her studies, she focused on her music career, collaborating with Nelson Freitas.
Music video directed by : Eva Mina

Tempo Para (2020)

25 . Behani – Do It

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Australian artist Behani, real name Rebekah Behbahani, emerged in 2020 with “Let Me Know.” Formerly a Business Analyst at KPMG, she recorded her debut in Miami with Scott Storch. Her music combines reggaeton, Pop, afro rhythms, and R&B.

Real Man (W/ Ne-Yo) (2023)

24 . Ladaniva – Saraiman

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Ladaniva, founded in 2019 by Jacqueline Baghdasaryan and Louis Thomas, blends world music with Armenian folk. Known for “Vay Aman,” the band combines maloya, reggae, and African influences, showcasing their multicultural origins and innovative sound.
Music video directed by : Louis Thomas

Pourquoi T’As Fait Ça? (2021)

23 . Anycia – Call (w/ Luh Tyler)

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Atlanta-based rapper Anycia, born August 20, 1997, blends mellow vocals with hip-hop. Her rise began in 2022 with “KIMORA LEE,” followed by the EP “EXTRA” in 2023. Known for “BRB” and “ANYCIA,” she’s performed at Slangfest and toured with Veeze, collaborating with artists like Jim Jones.

Big Body (2023)

22 . Dasha – Austin [Stripped]

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Dasha, a singer-songwriter from San Luis Obispo, California, transitioned from pop to country music, influenced by her hometown’s songwriting culture. She began performing locally at age ten and pursued musical theater. Song featured on the album : What Happens Now

Make A Scene (2023)

21 . Donna Dafi – Slomo

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Donna Dafi is a German pop singer known for tracks like “Wo bist du?” and “Genug.” Her discography includes notable singles “My Baby Go,” “Cka Po Don,” and “Weiße Tigerbabys.”

Bajat (2023)

20 . Diona Fona – Ska Mo Lot

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

British-Kosovan pop artist Diona Fona, known for hits like “Havera,” started on YouTube and is considered today one an upcoming stars in the Albanian music scene.

Havera (2017)

19 . Ayra Starr – Last Heartbreak Song (w/ Giveon)

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr emerged with her eponymous EP in 2021, leading to her hit album “19 & Dangerous” featuring “Bloody Samaritan.” Born on June 14, 2002, in Benin, and raised in Lagos, she transitioned from modeling to music, signing with Mavin Records. Her work melds Afropop, R&B, and neo-soul.Song featured on the album : The Year I Turned 21

Rush (2022)

18 . Sarah – Sexy Magica

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Sarah Toscano, an Italian singer-songwriter born on January 9, 2006, in Vigevano, Italy, gained recognition by winning “Amici di Maria De Filippi” in 2023/24. Known for her song “Sexy Magica,” her music blends contemporary pop with traditional Italian influences.
Music video directed by : Byron Rosero

17 . Angelina Jordan – If I Were A Boy

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Angelina Jordan, born January 10, 2006, in Oslo, Norway, gained international fame by winning “Norway’s Got Talent” in 2014. Her debut EP “My Christmas” (2015) and album “It’s Magic” (2018) showcase her soulful voice. She also performed on “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” in 2020.

I Put A Spell On You (2017)

16 . Dolly Parton – Imagine

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Born on January 19, 1946, in Tennessee, Dolly Parton is celebrated for selling over 100 million records worldwide and penning over 3,000 songs, including “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolene.” She has won 11 Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Country and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame. Parton is also noted for her philanthropy and entertainment ventures.

9 To 5 (1980)

15 . Daneliya – It’s Only Pain

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Born in 2006 in Nur-Sultan, Daneliya Tuleshova, a singer from Kazakhstan, first gained international attention as a contestant on shows like “The Voice Kids Ukraine” and “America’s Got Talent.” Her remarkable vocal range and maturity in her performances have earned her a growing fanbase and acclaim.

0 (0)

14 . Alesha Dixon – Ransom

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Alesha Dixon, born October 7, 1978, in England, gained fame with Mis-Teeq. As a solo artist, her albums “The Alesha Show” (2008) and “The Entertainer” (2010) produced hits like “The Boy Does Nothing.” She is also a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” and “Strictly Come Dancing.”
Music video directed by : Shane Creative

The Way We Are (2015)

13 . Lola Young – Messy

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Lola Young, born January 4, 2001, in England, is an emerging British singer known for her soulful voice. Signed to Island Records, she released EPs “Intro” (2019), “Renaissance” (2020), and “After Midnight” (2021). Young won the Ivor Novello Rising Star Award in 2020 and was nominated for BBC Sound of 2020 and BRITs Rising Star Award.

Conceited (2023)

12 . Melike Şahin – Durma Yürüsene

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Melike Şahin, born on April 18, 1989, in Istanbul, Turkey, is a singer-songwriter known for her work with Baba Zula and her solo career. Her debut album “Merhem” (2021) features hits like “Uykumun Boynunu Bükme.” She blends pop with Turkish classical music and has collaborated with artists like Mabel Matiz.
Music video directed by : Sinan Tuncay

Diva Yorgun (2023)

11 . Phina – Yumba

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Born as Sarah Michael Kitinga, Phina is a Tanzanian singer known for her dynamic style and performances, with hits like “Upo Nyonyo” and “Super Woman” (featuring Otile Brown).

Smile (2023)

10 . Lena – Good Again

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

German singer Lena Meyer-Landrut, known as Lena, won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with “Satellite”. Her albums, including “My Cassette Player” (2010) and “Stardust” (2012), have topped German charts. Lena has won multiple awards, including the Echo Music Award, and appeared as a coach on “The Voice Kids” and “Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert”.
Music video directed by : Alena Shevchenko

Satellite (2017)

9 . aespa, 에스파 – Armageddon [Performance Ver.]

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Aespa, a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment, debuted with “Black Mamba” in 2020. They achieved success with singles like “Next Level” and EPs “Savage” and “Girls.” Known for integrating virtual avatars in their concept.

Black Mamba (2021)

8 . Hannah Bahng – Abysmal

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Hannah Bahng, a Korean-Australian singer-songwriter born on February 9, 2004, in Sydney, Australia, debuted as a solo artist with “Perfect Blues” on July 14, 2023. Known for her content on TikTok and YouTube, she blends indie pop elements in her music.
Music video directed by : Hannah Bahng

Perfect Blues (2023)

7 . Jessie Reyez – Shut Up (w/ Big Sean)

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Jessie Reyez, born June 12, 1991, in Toronto, Canada, is a singer-songwriter known for her EP “Kiddo” (2017) featuring “Figures.” Her debut album “Before Love Came to Kill Us” (2020) includes collaborations with Eminem. Her latest album, “Yessie” (2022), continues her trend of personal and introspective music.
Music video directed by : Priya Minhas

Figures (2017)

6 . Merveille – Paquetà

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Merveille, a young French singer from Paris, rose to fame with her single “Ghetto,” amassing millions of listens. At just 16, her debut project “Peace&Love” and songs like “In Love” reflect her life experiences and neighborhood’s influence.
Music video directed by : Matéo Da Silva

Ghetto (2023)

5 . ARTMS – Virtual Angel

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

ARTMS is a South Korean girl group under MODHAUS, formed by former LOONA members JinSoul, HaSeul, Kim Lip, HeeJin, and Choerry. They debuted with their album “DALL” on May 31, 2024. The group re-debuted LOONA’s sub-unit ODD EYE CIRCLE on July 12, 2023.

4 . Fana Hues – Rental

Date Added : May 30,2024

Fana Hues is an American R&B singer from Pasadena, California. Known for her debut album “Hues” (2020) and “flora + fana” (2021), she gained recognition after featuring on Tyler, the Creator’s “Call Me If You Get Lost.” Her music explores themes of healing and personal growth, with tracks like “Notice Me” and “wild horses.”
Music video directed by : Dana Trippe – Song featured on the album : ‘Moth

Icarus (2021)

3 . Eli & Fur – Golden Eyes And Tears

Date Added : May 30,2024

Eli & Fur is a London-based electronic music duo of Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman. Known for tracks like “You’re So High” (2013) and their debut album “Found in the Wild” (2021), they blend dark, emotive dance music with evocative vocals. They have performed at major festivals like Coachella and Tomorrowland.
Music video directed by : Jordan Miles Rosenheck – Song featured on the album : Dreamscapes

You’Re So High (2014)

2 . Luss – Sucker

Date Added : May 30,2024

Luss is a Thai co-ed duo under Wayfer Records, debuting in 2018 with “Trippin’.” Members Pun and Ben bring a fresh sound to Thai pop. Pun was previously in Jelly Rocket, and Ben is known for his production skills.

หยอก หยอก (2021)

1 . Kaliopi – Zašto

Date Added : May 30,2024

Kaliopi, born December 28, 1966, in Ohrid, North Macedonia, is a renowned singer-songwriter. She gained fame with the band Kaliopi in the 1980s Yugoslavia and launched a solo career in 1996. Known for Eurovision entries “Crno i belo” (2012) and “Dona” (2016), her music blends pop, rock, and classical elements.
Music video directed by : Ognen Šapkovski

Crno I Belo (2012)

This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°410



This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°410

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