This Week New Music Videos (Latin) – N°381

Here are the brand new Latin music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

32 . Residente, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Penélope Cruz – 313

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

René Pérez Joglar, stage name Residente, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter. He co-founded Calle 13 and later embarked on a solo career. His socially conscious lyrics have earned him numerous awards, including four Grammy Awards and 27 Latin Grammy Awards, making him the Latin artist with the most Latin Grammys.Song featured on the album : Las Letras Ya No Importan

René (2020)

31 . Mon Laferte – Obra De Dios

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Mon Laferte is a Chilean-Mexican singer-songwriter, nominated in 2023 for Best Alternative Song at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Tu Falta De Querer (2016)

30 . Sacky – Los Diablos (w/ Artie 5Ive & 167 Gang)

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Sacky, an Italian music artist, blends rap, hip-hop, trap, and rock. His popular singles include “Lose Yourself,” “No More,” and “Let Me Be.” Despite his rising fame, Sacky prefers to keep his real name private.
Music video directed by : Peter Marvu & Davide De Meo

Antipatico (2021)

29 . Lkimii – Colón

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

LKimii, also known as Osniel Andrés Covarrubia Alfonso, gained fame in Cuba with hits like “Soy un Campeón.” He released albums “Sin miedo al éxito” and “Tres a cero,” and is expanding his career in the United States.
Music video directed by : Mechu

D’ Cara (2022)

28 . Prince Royce – Morfina (w/ Paloma Mami)

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Prince Royce, an American artist, blends bachata, R&B, and pop. His 2010 self-titled debut featured “Corazón Sin Cara” and led to three Billboard Latin Music Awards. Albums like “Phase II” (2012) and “Soy el Mismo” (2013) solidified his status. He’s collaborated with Shakira and Daddy Yankee.

Corazon Sin Cara (2014)

27 . Kiry Curu & La Bless – Frename

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Kiry Curu is a Dominican Republic-based Hip Hop artist.

Fue Del Mismo Coro (2023)

26 . Luis Fonsi – La Romana

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, born in 1978, gained global fame with “Despacito” in 2017. His career started in 1997 with the album “Comenzaré.” Fonsi’s music, including albums like “Eterno” and “Amor Secreto,” combines soulful and dance elements, earning multiple Latin Grammy and Billboard awards​​​​​​​​.

Despacito (W/ Daddy Yankee) (2016)

25 . Maria Becerra & Gims – Sin Ti

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Argentine singer Maria Becerra rose from social media to chart-topping success, blending pop and Latin genres. Known for “Miénteme” and “Wow Wow,” her work has led to nominations at the Latin Grammy Awards, with notable collaborations including J Balvin and Becky G.
Music video directed by : Jon Primo

La Nena De Argentina (2022)

24 . Eladio Carrión – RKO

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Eladio Carrión, Kansas-born with Puerto Rican roots, has revolutionized Latin music with his urbano rap and reggaeton, collaborating with stars like Bad Bunny, and soaring in charts with albums like “Sauce Boyz” and “Monarca”, earning Latin Grammy nods.

Sauce Boy Freestyle 5 (2021)

23 . Grupo Frontera – Quédate Bebé

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Formed in 2022 in McAllen, Texas, Grupo Frontera brings a modern twist to Norteño music, quickly gaining fame with hits like “Bebe Dame” with Fuerza Regida. Their collaboration with Bad Bunny on “Un x100to” showcases their genre-blending capability.

No Se Va (2022)

22 . Farruko – Rasta Reggae [Jamming]

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Farruko, a Puerto Rican artist, blends reggaeton and Latin pop. He debuted with “El Talento del Bloque” (2010) and is known for hits like “Pepas.” He co-founded Carbon Fiber Music and has collaborated with artists like Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

Pepas (2021)

21 . Ela Taubert – ¿Cómo Pasó?

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Ela Taubert, a young artist from Bogotá, Colombia, merges melodic pop with rock influences, distinct from urban trends. She’s shared stages with Diego Torres and Alejandro Sanz, performing hits like “Salto de Fe” and “Mi Persona Favorita.”

Crecer (2022)

20 . Karol G, Tiësto – Contigo

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, alias Karol G from Colombia, reshaped reggaeton with her 2017 hit ‘Ahora Me Llama’. Her 2021 album ‘KG0516’ shattered Spotify records, and her collaborations, from ‘Tusa’ with Nicki Minaj to ‘TQG’ with Shakira in 2023, have crowned her a reggaeton trailblazer.

Provenza (2022)

19 . Wisin, Pedro Capó – Himalaya

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Young Miko, born María Victoria Ramírez de Arellano Cardona in Puerto Rico, is a rising star in the Latin music scene, making her musical debut in 2021. Known for her brash and swaggering lyrics, she often explores themes of sex, drugs, and city life, set to a compelling mix of trap and reggaeton beats.

Riri (2022)

18 . Khea, Emilia – Tu Y Yo

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Ivo Alfredo Thomas Serue, known as Khea, is an Argentine trap music artist born on April 13, 2000. His music style combines pop, hip-hop, and reggaeton, characterized by smooth singing. Khea gained fame with the music video “Loca” featuring Cazzu and Duki, becoming the first Argentine rapper to surpass 125 million YouTube views.

Loca (W/ Duki & Cazzu) (2017)

17 . Lola Indigo, Saiko – Una Bachata

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Spanish singer Lola Indigo, born Miriam Doblas Muñoz, launched her career with the hit “Ya No Quiero Ná” and “Mujer Bruja.” Her debut album “Akelarre” (2019) and follow-up “La Niña” (2021) blend EDM, reggaeton, and trap, achieving chart success.

Discoteka (W/ Maria Becerra) (2022)

16 . Nesty – Bonita Casualidad

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Known for tracks like “Como Si Nada,” Cuban singer, songwriter, and producer Nesty, born Ernesto Alejandro Galguera on September 5, 1995, began his solo career in 2018 with a focus on Latin Urban and reggaetón.

Habana (2018)

15 . Ovi, Pailita – Se Cansó

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Cuban rapper and singer Ovi, born Ovidio Crespo, is known for blending traditional Cuban sounds with modern Reggaetón and trap. His collaboration with Natanael Cano on “Pacas Verdes” in 2020 skyrocketed his fame.

Nunca Me Deje (2022)

14 . Aría – Tu Falta De Querer

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Aría is an upcoming Mexican singer.

13 . Camilo – No Se Vale

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

12 . Jay Wheeler – Historia

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Latin trap and reggaeton artist Jay Wheeler gained fame with albums like “Platónico” and “Platónicos,” featuring hits like “La Curiosidad.” His music blends romantic themes with Latin trap influences, earning him the nickname “La Voz Favorita” (The Favorite Voice).

Dicelo (W/ Zhamira Zambrano) (2022)

11 . K4Os – Caos

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Argentinian group K4OS comprising Mariana Taurozzi, Ines Civit, Mercedes Bitzer and Lynette Ladelfa innovates in the pop scene with K-pop-inspired sounds.

10 . Menor Queen – Tu No Corre

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

With a presence on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, ominican artist Menor Queen makes waves with vibrant reggaeton and dembow tracks like “Tu No Corre.”

Me Dio Pa’ Ti (W/ Onguito Wa, Zunna) (2022)

9 . Reik – Gracias Por Nada

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Mexican pop band Reik gained fame with hits like “Yo Quisiera” from their debut album. They transitioned to a more urban sound, collaborating with artists like Ozuna and Maluma. Their single “Me Niego” won the Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Pop Song of the Year.

Te Fuiste De Aquí (2012)

8 . Chris Jedi, Gaby Music, Dei V, Anuel, Ozuna – Bad Boy

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Chris Jedi, a prominent figure in the Latin music scene since 2010, has collaborated with Rosalía, Daddy Yankee, and Anuel AA. Winning the Billboard Latin Music Awards Producer of the Year in 2019, his work includes hits like “Ahora Dice” and albums “Odisea” and “Real Hasta la Muerte.”

Condado (W/ Young Miko, Lunay) (2022)

7 . Maluma, Octavio Cuadras, Grupo Marca Registrada – Bling Bling

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Maluma, the Colombian virtuoso from Medellín, transformed from a soccer-enthusiast kid to a reggaeton and Latin trap sensation. His journey in music began at 16, leading to his 2012 debut album ‘Magia’. Yet, it was his 2015 album ‘Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’ that marked his international breakthrough, featuring hits like “Felices los 4”, “Borró Cassette”, and “Corazón”.

Felices Los 4 (2018)

6 . Ñengo Flow – Ya Sanó El Dolor

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Puerto Rican rapper Ñengo Flow, born in 1981, began his career at 14. Known for his album “Real G4 Life 2” reaching Billboard’s Top Latin Albums, he’s one of the wealthiest reggaeton artists.

No Dice Na (2012)

5 . Camilo – Gordo

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

4 . Camilo, Evaluna Montaner – Plis

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

3 . Wendy Guevara & Nicola Porcella – Sacude

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Mexican trans icon Wendy Guevara, blending music and activism, won “La casa de los famosos México” 2023. Known for hits like “Hasta que salga el sol,” she’s an influential LGBTQ+ voice.
Music video directed by : José Rojas

2 . Anonimus – Enrola

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Anonimus, born Luis Beauchamp Llanos, is a Kentucky-born reggaeton singer known for hits like “Cositas Nuevas” and “Pa’ Despertar La Vecina.” He gained prominence in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and has collaborated with reggaeton stars such as Farruko and J Alvarez.

Hollow Point (W/ Dei V, Neutro Shorty, Big Soto & Jeeiph) (2022)

1 . Kanales – Los Pilares Del Viejo

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

With albums like “Del monte soy” and “Propio patrón,” Kanales, from Culiacán, Mexico, born January 6, 1985, specializes in corridos, traditional Mexican ballads.

El Color De La Suerte (2021)

This Week New Music Videos  (Latin) – N°381


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