This Week New Music Videos (Latin) – N°394

Here are the brand new Latin music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

52 . Eladio Carrión, Milo J – La Canción Feliz Del Disco

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Eladio Carrión, Kansas-born with Puerto Rican roots, has revolutionized Latin music with his urbano rap and reggaeton, collaborating with stars like Bad Bunny, and soaring in charts with albums like “Sauce Boyz” and “Monarca”, earning Latin Grammy nods.

Sauce Boy Freestyle 5 (2021)

51 . Luan Santana, Kevin O Chris – Pega Escandaloso

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Brazilian singer-songwriter Luan Santana, born in 1991, released “Ao Vivo” in 2009, achieving platinum sales with hits like “Meteoro.” His album “1977” was nominated for the 2017 Latin Grammy for Best Sertaneja Music Album. Another nomination followed in 2019 for “Live Móvel.”
Music video directed by : Fred Siqueira

Tudo Que Você Quiser (2014)

50 . Jessi Uribe & Julian Daza – Vamos A Hacer El Amor

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Colombian singer Jessi Uribe, born in 1987, blends popular and ranchero genres, with hits like “Dulce Pecado.” He gained fame on reality shows like “La Voz Colombia.”

Dulce Pecado (2018)

49 . El Millonario – Plátano (w/ Daniflow)

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Mexican rapper El Millonario, known for the Malandro rap subgenre, released his debut in 2012. Singles like “Burbujas de Cristal” led to an Ariel Award nomination for Best Male Breakthrough Artist. His collaborations include Alemán and Cartel de Santa.

Los Mismos (W/ Santa Fe Klan) (2023)

48 . Tini – Buenos Aires

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Martina Stoessel, “Tini,” born March 21, 1997, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is known for her role in “Violetta” and music blending pop, rock, and Latin. Albums include “Tini” (2016) and “Quiero volver” (2018), with hits like “22.” She’s received Gardel and MTV Europe Music Awards.Song featured on the album : Un Mechón De Pelo

Audicija (2023)

47 . Young Miko – Princess Peach

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Young Miko, born María Victoria Ramírez de Arellano Cardona in 1998, is a Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter. She debuted with “105 Freestyle” in 2021, followed by hits like “Riri” and “Katana”. Her EP “Trap Kitty” showcases her blend of Latin genres. Young Miko is known for her social media presence.
Music video directed by : Claudia Calderón

Riri (2022)

46 . Franky Style – En Mi Cama

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Argentine hip-hop and trap artist Franky Style, born Francisco Sebastian Argiz, began his career in 2014. Known for tracks like “Cream” and collaborations with artists such as C.R.O, his music blends R&B, hip hop, soul, and jazz influences.

Qué Mierda Pasa? (2021)

45 . Sofia Gabanna – Cada Loco Con Su Tema

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Sofia Gabanna, born in Buenos Aires in 2000 and sister of Nathy Peluso, began her music career with “Fui Silencio” in 2018. Her work in Spanish rap and hip hop is influenced by artists like Canserbero, focusing on life, poverty, and poetry.
Music video directed by : Victor Payo

Marciana (2023)

44 . Daddy Yankee – Donante De Sangre

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Daddy Yankee, born Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, is a reggaeton pioneer from Puerto Rico. Known for “Despacito” with Luis Fonsi, he topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017. His retirement was announced in 2022 alongside his album “Legendaddy.” Yankee has won five Latin Grammy Awards among other accolades.

Limbo (2013)

43 . Leiva, El David Aguilar – La Mordida Del Gran Pitbull Cruz

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Spanish artist Leiva, formerly of Pereza, embarked on a solo career with albums like “Diciembre” (2012) and “Nuclear” (2019). His work, receiving critical acclaim in Spain, includes winning the Goya Award for Best Original Song twice. Known for blending rock with pop, Leiva‘s albums have achieved gold and platinum certifications.

Como Si Fueras A Morir Mañana (2020)

42 . Luis Miguel – El Día Que Me Quieras

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

El Sol de México Luis Miguel, born April 19, 1970, boasts a career spanning genres from pop to mariachi, earning five Grammys and six Latin Grammys. His 1991 album “Romance” reinvigorated the bolero genre, contributing to over 100 million global record sales.

Hasta Que Me Olvides [En Vivo] (2021)

41 . Yailin La Mas Viral – DM

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Born July 4, 2002, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Yailin La Más Viral is a prominent dembow, Latin trap, and reggaeton artist. She started in 2019, quickly gaining fame with hits like “Chivirika” and “Si Tu Me Busca” alongside Anuel AA. Song featured on the album : Resiliencia

Nota (2024)

40 . Khea – Vibez

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Ivo Alfredo Thomas Serue, known as Khea, is an Argentine trap music artist born on April 13, 2000. His music style combines pop, hip-hop, and reggaeton, characterized by smooth singing. Khea gained fame with the music video “Loca” featuring Cazzu and Duki, becoming the first Argentine rapper to surpass 125 million YouTube views.

Loca (W/ Duki & Cazzu) (2017)

39 . Rvssian, Rauw Alejandro, Ayra Starr – Santa

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Jamaican record producer, singer, and entrepreneur Tarik Luke Johnston, aka Rvssian, born April 12, 1988, in Kingston, Jamaica, founded Head Concussion Records. He rose to fame in 2010 with Vybz Kartel’s “Life Sweet”. Rvssian is known for collaborations across genres with Konshens, J Capri, Sean Paul, and Farruko.

Switch (W/ Skeng) (2023)

38 . Carin León, Leon Bridges – It Was Always You [Siempre Fuiste Tú]

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Óscar Armando Díaz de León Huez, popularly known as Carín León, is a Mexican artist known for hits like “A Través del Vaso.” On his albums “El Malo,” “Inédito,” and “Colmillo de Leche,” his music spans banda, mariachi, and norteño, among others. He won the Latin Grammy for Best Regional Mexican Song in 2022 and was the third most-streamed Mexican artist on Spotify that year.

No Es Por Acá (2022)

37 . Nicole Zignago & Camilo – Mimos

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Nicole Zignago, born in Peru and a Berklee College of Music alumna, entered the music scene with “Preguntas (?)” and quickly charted on Spotify’s Viral 50 in Peru. She has collaborated with Sofía Reyes, Jason Derulo, and DeLaGhetto on “1,2,3.” Nominated for Best New Artist at the 2022 Latin Grammys, her work includes “No Quiero Olvidarte” and “26,” anticipating her debut album.

Corazón Frío (W/ Sofia Reyes) (2023)

36 . Natanael Cano – BZRP Music Sessions #59

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Natanael Cano merges Mexican corridos and trap, creating corridos tumbados. With albums like “Corridos Tumbados” and hits like “Amor Tumbado,” his work, including collaborations with Bad Bunny, signifies a shift in Latin music.
Music video directed by : Pedro Colmeiro

Amor Tumbado (2020)

35 . Leonardo Aguilar & Pepe Aguilar – Bandido De Amores

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Leonardo Aguilar, part of “La Dinastía Aguilar,” carries on his family’s musical legacy with albums like “Gallo Fino” and “Nueva Tradición.” He has been nominated for Best Norteño Album and Best Regional Mexican Song at the Latin Grammy Awards.

El Adiós De La Vida (2022)

34 . Los Alegres Del Barranco – El De Villa Union

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Los Alegres Del Barranco – comprising Armando Moreno Álvarez, (primera voz y bajo sexto), José Pavel Moreno Serrano, (acordeón segunda voz) José Carlos Moreno Álvarez (bajo) Cristóbal Reyes López, en la batería(batería) – from Sinaloa, contribute to norteño and narcocorrido genres.

El Costal Lleno De Piedras (2018)

33 . Chencho Corleone, Peso Pluma – Humo

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Chencho Corleone, part of Plan B and known for hits like “Me Porto Bonito” with Bad Bunny, hails from Puerto Rico. His work, notably in reggaeton, includes collaborations with Daddy Yankee and J Balvin, earning nominations and awards for his contributions.

Good Times (2023)

32 . David Bisbal, Carlos Rivera – Ahora

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Spanish singer David Bisbal, who rose from “Operación Triunfo” in 2002, has sold over 6 million records with hits like “Ave María.” His albums, including “Corazón Latino” and “Bulería,” have achieved multiple gold and platinum certifications. Bisbal won a Latin Grammy for “Best New Artist” in 2003 and for “Best Traditional Pop Album” in 2012, also featuring in the 2010 FIFA World Cup song “Waving Flag.”

Vuelve, Vuelve (W/ Danna Paola= (2022)

31 . Donaty – Una Clen Clen

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Dominican rapper Donaty rose to fame with hits like “Eso E” and “Empaquetate.” Collaborating with artists like Jey One, Donaty‘s rapid ascent since 2022 highlights his impactful style and performance in the hip-hop scene.

Loquita (2023)

30 . Matisse – Luis Miguel

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Matisse, a Mexican pop band formed in 2014, quickly gained attention with their debut single “La misma luna.” Known for albums like Sube and collaborations with Reik and Camilo, they’ve been nominated for a Latin Grammy as “Breakthrough Artist.” Their music blends pop, folk, and singer-songwriter styles, reflecting diverse Mexican musical influences.

Call Me, Call Me (2010)

29 . Morat – Faltas Tú

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

Morat, a Colombian band from Bogotá formed in 2015, mixes Latin pop with folk and rock en Español. They gained attention with “Mi nuevo vicio,” leading to a collaboration with Paulina Rubio. Albums include “Sobre el amor y sus efectos secundarios” and “Balas perdidas.”

No Hay Más Que Hablar (2021)

28 . Tini – Posta

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

Martina Stoessel, “Tini,” born March 21, 1997, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is known for her role in “Violetta” and music blending pop, rock, and Latin. Albums include “Tini” (2016) and “Quiero volver” (2018), with hits like “22.” She’s received Gardel and MTV Europe Music Awards.Song featured on the album : Un Mechón De Pelo

Audicija (2023)

27 . Young D, Hydro – Birkin

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

Elian Aurelio Perez Santos, known as Young D, born October 3, 2000, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, is a singer, producer, and composer.
Music video directed by : Quepasojefe

Sacrificios (2023)

26 . Mar Lucas, India MartíNez Y LéRica – Sin Filtro

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

Mar Lucas Vilar, born September 9, 2002, in Barcelona, Spain, is a TikTok star, model, and influencer known for her comedy clips, dance videos, and collaborations with brands. She participated in “Naim Darrechi x Marlucas: Panas” (2021) and “Ha-Ash & Mar Lucas: Yo nunca nunca (Remix)” (2023).

La Inocente (2023)

25 . Camilo, Carin Leon – Una Vida Pasada

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

24 . Camilo – Autodiagnóstico

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

23 . Camilo – En Tus Sueños O En Los Míos

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

22 . Beéle, Kany García – Me Arriesgo Contigo

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Colombian pop singer Beéle, born Brandon De Jesús López Orozco on September 30, 2002, burst onto the scene with hits like “Loco” and “Sola.” Signed by Hear This Music, his blend of urban and dancehall music has quickly made him a rising star. His “Loco” remix features Farruko, Natti Natasha, and Manuel Turizo.

Si Te Interesa (2022)

21 . C-Kan – Guapa/Esta Noche (w/ Sixto Rein, Gustavo Elis, Melodico)

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

José Luis Maldonado Ramos, aka C-Kan, born on July 26, 1987, in Guadalajara, Mexico, gained fame with his album “Voy Por El Sueño De Muchos” (2012). Known for his socially conscious lyrics, C-Kan has collaborated with artists like Snoop Dogg, blending gangsta rap and trap genres.

Round 7 (W/ Mc Davo) (2023)

20 . Ráfaga, Soledad – La Luna Y Tú

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Ráfaga, an iconic Argentine cumbia band, has been a staple in Latin dance music since the 1990s with hits like “Una Cerveza” and “Mentirosa.” Maria Becerra, an Argentine singer from Quilmes, truly broke through in 2020 with her hit “High,” showcasing a style that blends reggaeton, trap, and pop.

Ojala (2022)

19 . Betzabeth – Att: La Ex

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Betzabeth Lopez, a 24-year-old Latin-Pop artist from Mexico, now in the US, has collaborated with Juanes and Esteman. Starting her songwriting at 16, she is known for her vibrant Latin-Pop tracks.

No Es Igual (2023)

18 . Karen Báez – No Te Vayas Nunca

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Karen Báez, a prominent figure in Mexican music, released “Por Amor a México” in 2021. Her songs like “A Mi Me Sigue Doliendo” are popular on Shazam.

A Mi Me Sigue Doliendo (2022)

17 . Lomiiel – Ay Lily

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Marcos Antonio Santana Báez, or Lomiiel, stands out in urban music with his debut dembow track “Tatara,” reaching #1 on digital platforms. Starting his career a year ago, he has worked with Tivi Gunz and Yomel el Meloso.

Tatara (W/ Alex Roxario, Papera) (2023)

16 . Willito & Victor Rivera – Espejito Espejito

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

Born in 1984, Puerto Rican Willito Otero is known for his work as a trovador and salsa singer. Debuting with “Timbal pa’l bailador” (2005), he has collaborated with artists like Jimmy Bosch.

15 . Hozwal – Agradecido

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

Hozwal, born in 2000 in Puerto Rico, emerged in the reggaeton and trap scenes with hits like “Big Booty.” Known for blending genres, his collaborations include Myke Towers & Miky Woodz. His work addresses themes of love and street life.

Opciones (2022)

14 . Lenin Ramirez – Polvo Rosita

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

Lenin Ramírez from Sinaloa, Mexico, released “En Vivo con Banda la Conquista” in 2014. Known for “Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo,” he’s a significant figure in Regional Mexican music. His album “Bendecido” won the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Award for Regional Mexican Album of the Year.

Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo (W/ Grupo Firme) (2020)

13 . Jerry Rivera – En Otra Cama

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

Jerry Rivera, a Puerto Rican salsa artist born in 1973, is known for albums like “Cara de Niño” (1993). With sales surpassing other salsa artists, he’s been influential in Latin music. Rivera earned a Latin Grammy nomination for “Cantando A Mi Idolo… Frankie Ruiz” (2003).

Que Hay De Malo (2010)

12 . Alvaro Diaz, Rauw Alejandro – Byak

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Álvaro Díaz, a rapper from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is known for blending vintage hip-hop with EDM and avant-garde club music. Active from the 2010s, his work showcases the rich musical traditions of Puerto Rico, diverging from traditional reggaeton to create a unique sound within the Latin and rap music scenes.

Llori Pari (W/ Tainy & Feid) (2022)

11 . Kidd Keo – Sober

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Kidd Keo, born September 27, 1995, in Alicante, Spain, is a rapper known for his unique style combining French and U.S. trap with Latin influences. His debut mixtape “Old Times in Gotham” (2016) and “Back to Rockport” (2018) highlight his diverse music.
Music video directed by : Kidd Keo & Kevin Yern

7 (2023)

10 . Código FN – Que Dolor

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Código FN, a Regional Mexican music group from Sinaloa, signed with Fonovisa Records in 2012. Known for hits like “Me Gustas Mucho” and albums like “Te Amaré Más,” their music, including collaborations with Roberto Tapia, has reached Billboard’s Regional Mexican chart. They’re recognized for their energetic and reflective nature.

El Imán (2023)

9 . Pancho Barraza – Morbo

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Pancho Barraza, a Mexican singer-songwriter, began his solo career in 1995 with “Mis Canciones De Amor.” Known for his contributions to the banda genre, his romantic style has influenced the sound of Banda Los Recoditos and regional Mexican music. He has achieved success with albums like “Cuenta Conmigo” and “Invéntame Un Amor.”

Un Poco De Amor (2023)

8 . iZaak, Jhayco, Anuel AA – BBY BOO [Remix]

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

iZaak, a Puerto Rican pop, trap, and urbano artist, began his career with Los Menores before transitioning to a solo career. His work encompasses Latin pop, urbano, and trap.

Bonnie & Clyde [Remix] (W/ Luar La L, Omar Courtz) (2023)

7 . Lit Killah, Milo J, Ronny J – Carta De Despedida

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Argentine rapper Lit Killah gained fame in the freestyle scene and with hits like “Apaga el Celular.” His 2021 debut album “MAWZ” features collaborations with Argentine talents. Known for his dynamic style, Lit Killah‘s popularity has soared on YouTube.

Wake Me (2020)

6 . Luis Fonsi, Omar Montes – Marbella

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, born in 1978, gained global fame with “Despacito” in 2017. His career started in 1997 with the album “Comenzaré.” Fonsi’s music, including albums like “Eterno” and “Amor Secreto,” combines soulful and dance elements, earning multiple Latin Grammy and Billboard awards​​​​​​​​.

Despacito (W/ Daddy Yankee) (2016)

5 . Andrés Cepeda – Prométeme

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Andrés Cepeda, a Colombian singer-songwriter, launched his solo career after Poligamia’s disbandment, with albums like “El Carpintero” (2001) and “Día Tras Día” (2009). His album “Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida” won a Latin Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Cepeda is also known for his role as a coach on “La Voz Colombia.”

Déjame Ir (W/ Morat) (2020)

4 . Luis Alberto Posada – Dueño De Nada

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Colombian singer Luis Alberto Posada, born in 1962, has impacted popular music with hits like “Me tomas y me dejas.” Celebrating over 40 years in the industry, he received an award from the Congress of Colombia in 2019, honoring his musical contributions.

Basta Con Licor (2014)

3 . Paola Jara – Cómo Le Hacen Los Dolidos

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Paola Jara, born in 1983 in Colombia, bridges popular music and rancheras. She debuted in 2009 with “Voy a Olvidarte” and released “Inigualable” in 2014. Jara has collaborated with Andrés Cepeda and Poncho Zuleta, earning Latin Grammy nominations.

No Me Preguntes (2021)

2 . Luis R Conriquez, Los Dareyes De La Sierra – Booty Booty

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Luis Roberto Conriquez, born March 3, 1996, is a Mexican singer-songwriter specializing in Banda, Norteno, and Narco-Corridos. His debut album “Mis Inicios” includes hits like “El Buho”. Known for his innovative songwriting, Luis broke into the top ten on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart.

Dembow Bélico (W/ Tito Double P & Joel De La P) (2023)

1 . Ovy On The Drums, Myke Towers – Amor Narcótico

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Daniel Echavarría Oviedo, known as Ovy On The Drums, born on January 9, 1991, in Medellín, Colombia, is a singer, composer, and producer. He produced hits like “Tusa” by Karol G and Nicki Minaj. Ovy made his singing debut in 2018 with “Virgil Abloh.”

Inolvidable (W/ Beéle) (2020)

This Week New Music Videos  (Latin) – N°394


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