This Week New Music Videos (Latin) – N°408

Here are the brand new Latin music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

51 . Kenia OS, El Malilla – Un Bezito

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Kenia OS, born July 15, 1999, is a Mexican singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. She rose to fame in 2018 with her YouTube channel and singles “Por Siempre” and “Bonita.” Her 2020 single “Cócteles” exceeded 75 million streams. Os released her debut EP “Canciones Pa´mi Ex. VL1” in 2020, and founded “K Records” in 2021. She’s received multiple award nominations and wins.

Por Siempre (2018)

50 . Dei V – Clima

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Dei V, real name David G. Juarbe from Carolina, Puerto Rico, entered the scene with “Hustlin” in 2020. His track “VVS” gained traction, and “On Fleek” solidified his presence. He collaborates under his label, Under Water Music.

Vvs (2023)

49 . Tokischa – Sol

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Tokischa, born Tokischa Altagracia Peralta Juárez in the Dominican Republic, is a rapper who started her music career in 2018 with her debut single “Pícala.” She is known for lyrics that are often bold and revolve around themes of sexuality, and her distinct musical style, blending dembow, urbano, reggaeton, and Latin trap.

Pícala (2018)

48 . Wisin, Don Omar, Jowell & Randy – Puro Guayeteo

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Young Miko, born María Victoria Ramírez de Arellano Cardona in Puerto Rico, is a rising star in the Latin music scene, making her musical debut in 2021. Known for her brash and swaggering lyrics, she often explores themes of sex, drugs, and city life, set to a compelling mix of trap and reggaeton beats.

Riri (2022)

47 . Miky Woodz, Ryan Castro – Parchar

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Miky Woodz, born Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Rivera on September 23, 1991, in Carolina, Puerto Rico, is a Latin trap rapper. His debut album “Before Famous” (2017) marked his entry into the mainstream. “El OG” (2018) peaked at number 6 on the US Latin Albums chart. He has collaborated with Bad Bunny on “Estamos Clear.”

Antes De Morirme (2018)

46 . Paulo Londra – Posdata:

Date Added : May 31,2024

Paulo Londra, born April 12, 1998, in Córdoba, Argentina, is a rapper known for the hit “Adán y Eva” and his debut album “Homerun.” Collaborations include Becky G and Ed Sheeran. Londra has received numerous awards, including a Latin Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.
Music video directed by : Porte Films / Buena Productora

Tal Vez (2019)

45 . Reboll333 – Totes

Date Added : May 31,2024

Reboll333 is a Colombian artist known for blending reggaeton and Latin urban music. Popular tracks include “La Plaza,” “Los Chacales,” and “G-Wa.”

3:33 (W/ Soley) (2023)

44 . Briella, La Joaqui, Yami Safdie – Coquette Remix

Date Added : May 31,2024

Briella, born María Gabriela Otaiza on November 23, 1998, in Valencia, Venezuela, is known for her urban pop and reggaeton music. She began her career with the single “Again” in 2021. Her song “Sólo Tú” gained attention for its similarity to Shakira’s BZRP Music Sessions #53.

Un Beta (2023)

43 . Carin León – Despídase Bien

Date Added : May 31,2024

Óscar Armando Díaz de León Huez, popularly known as Carín León, is a Mexican artist known for hits like “A Través del Vaso.” On his albums “El Malo,” “Inédito,” and “Colmillo de Leche,” his music spans banda, mariachi, and norteño, among others. He won the Latin Grammy for Best Regional Mexican Song in 2022 and was the third most-streamed Mexican artist on Spotify that year.Song featured on the album : Boca Chueca Vol.1

No Es Por Acá (2022)

42 . Javiielo – Quiso Escaparse

Date Added : May 31,2024

Javiielo, born January 9, 2001, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, entered the music scene with the 2018 single “Level Up.” His work combines Latin trap and reggaeton, influenced by Puerto Rican street culture. Javiielo has collaborated with artists like Yandel and Myke Towers.

Mi Casi Algo (2023)

41 . Dayanara & Pipe Bueno – Piedra Papel O Tijera

Date Added : May 30,2024

Dayanara Torres, born October 28, 1974, in Puerto Rico, won Miss Universe 1993. She became a UNICEF ambassador and starred in Filipino films. Her 1998 album “Antifaz” topped charts in the Philippines. Torres authored books and judged “Mira quién baila.”

Tonta (2023)

40 . Justin Quiles – Su Gato

Date Added : May 30,2024

Justin Quiles, born Justin Rafael Quiles Rivera, is a Puerto Rican-American singer and songwriter known for his contributions to Urban Latin music. His notable works include albums like “La Promesa” and “Realidad.” He gained recognition with singles like “Egoista” and signed a distribution agreement with Warner Music’s Latin division in 2017.

Colorín Colorado (2021)

39 . Ana Mena – Cinema Spento (w/ Dargen D’Amico)

Date Added : May 30,2024

Ana Mena, a Spanish singer/actress born in 1997, gained early fame on “My Camp Rock 2.” She debuted with “No Soy Como Tú Crees” in 2016 and released her first album, “Index,” in 2018. Her viral hit “El Chisme” soared on TikTok, while collaborations with Becky G and CNCO have solidified her presence across various genres like pop, reggaeton, and ballads.
Music video directed by : Quique Santamaría

Las 12 (W/ Belinda) (2023)

38 . Sofía Reyes, Dannylux – El 100

Date Added : May 30,2024

Sofía Reyes, born September 25, 1995, in Monterrey, Mexico, is known for hits like “1,2,3” and “R.I.P.” She debuted with “Louder!” (2017) and released “Mal de Amores” (2022). Reyes has collaborated with artists like Jason Derulo and Rita Ora.

R.I.P. (W/ Rita Ora & Anitta) (2019)

37 . El Malilla, Ezya – Malisacatela

Date Added : May 28,2024

El Malilla, born Fernando Hernández Florez in 1999, Mexico, is a rapper and songwriter known for blending reggaeton and hip-hop. Notable works include “Tu Favo” (2021), ‘sisas” (2022), and the album “The Malilla Project” (2004). He has collaborated with artists like Jowell & Randy, and J Balvin.

Tu Favo (W/ El Bogueto) (2021)

36 . Sacer Cervantes – Invocados

Date Added : May 28,2024

Sacer Cervantes, born Cesar Maonrri Cervantes Solis on July 10, 2001, in Mexico City, is a YouTube content creator specializing in paranormal and horror-themed videos. His channel has over 5 million subscribers, with notable videos like “ENTRE AL TUNEL DE LA CASA DE FEDE VIGEVANI.”

35 . Grupo Laberinto – El Del Morral

Date Added : May 28,2024

Grupo Laberinto, formed in 1987 in Ciudad Obregón, Mexico, is known for traditional Mexican music styles. Their hits include “El Indio Enamorado” and albums like “Corridos Recien Horneados.” Led by Serapio “Sera” Ramírez, they blend genres like corridos, rancheras, and cumbias.

El Indio Enamorado (2021)

34 . Grupo Marca Registrada & JPL – Mi Morenita

Date Added : May 28,2024

Grupo Marca Registrada, formed in 2014 in Culiacán, Mexico, is a regional Mexican band known for hits like “Si Fuera Fácil” and “Solo Me Dejaste.” Their debut album “Don’t Stop the Magic” (2023) features collaborations with Junior H and Luis R. Conriquez.

Si Fuera Fácil (2022)

33 . Gabito Ballesteros & Peso Pluma – Sin Yolanda

Date Added : May 27,2024

Gabito Ballesteros is a young and up-and-coming artist from Mexico.

32 . Los Menor3s – Ghini

Date Added : May 27,2024

Los Menor3s is a Venezuelan music group known for blending reggaeton, trap, and hip-hop. They gained prominence around 2020 with tracks like “DATO” and “NIÑO INOCENTE.” Popular singles include “cuando” and “En la Disco” featuring Jambene.

Niño Inocente (2023)

31 . Luis Fernando Borjas – Tan Solo Para Ti

Date Added : May 27,2024

Luis Fernando Borjas, born December 15, 1975, in Maracaibo, Venezuela, is a singer known for his 26-year tenure with Guaco. He launched his solo career in 2020 with “Gota.” His solo album “Una misma historia” features hits like “La Miraíta.”Song featured on the album : Tengo Algo Que Decirte

El Sillón (2023)

30 . Prince Royce – Sufro (w/ Ala Jaza)

Date Added : May 27,2024

Prince Royce, an American artist, blends bachata, R&B, and pop. His 2010 self-titled debut featured “Corazón Sin Cara” and led to three Billboard Latin Music Awards. Albums like “Phase II” (2012) and “Soy el Mismo” (2013) solidified his status. He’s collaborated with Shakira and Daddy Yankee.

Corazon Sin Cara (2014)

29 . Bad Gyal, Ivy Queen – Perdió

Date Added : May 25,2024

Bad Gyal, born Alba Farelo Solé in 1997, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, DJ, and model. She gained recognition with tracks like “Santa María” and “Alocao” featuring Omar Montes, becoming a mainstream sensation. Bad Gyal‘s music blends dancehall, EDM, reggaeton, and pop, and she is known for her advocacy for social justice.

Jacaranda (2017)

28 . Alejandro Fernández, Anitta – La Tóxica

Date Added : May 25,2024

Alejandro Fernández, born April 24, 1971, in Guadalajara, Mexico, is known for both traditional Mexican music and Latin pop. His 1992 album earned a Lo Nuestro nomination, and his 1997 album “Me Estoy Enamorando” marked a Latin pop crossover. Notable singles include “Me Dedique a Perderte” from his 2004 album “A Corazón Abierto.”

Caballero (2020)

27 . Neto Peña, C-Kan – Portarnos Mal

Date Added : May 25,2024

Neto Peña, born Ernesto Peña Maisterra on February 8, 1987, is a Mexican rapper known for his blend of rap and regional Mexican music. His 2019 album “Cora” features “Levantame el Castigo.” He collaborates with artists like Santa Fe Klan and Gera MX, exploring themes of love and personal growth.
Music video directed by : Sofía Ptacnik

Sería Un Placer (2020)

26 . Camilo, Alexander Abreu, Havana D’Primera – Sálvame

Date Added : May 25,2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

25 . Jay Wheeler – Duele

Date Added : May 25,2024

Latin trap and reggaeton artist Jay Wheeler gained fame with albums like “Platónico” and “Platónicos,” featuring hits like “La Curiosidad.” His music blends romantic themes with Latin trap influences, earning him the nickname “La Voz Favorita” (The Favorite Voice).

Dicelo (W/ Zhamira Zambrano) (2022)

24 . Angelina Mango – Melodrama

Date Added : May 25,2024

Angelina Mango, Italian singer-songwriter, emerged in 2020. Daughter of musicians Laura Valente and Mango, she gained fame in “Amici di Maria De Filippi” 2023, winning the Lunezia Award. Her singles include “Formica” and “Ci pensiamo domani,” the latter certified 3× Platinum by FIMI.
Music video directed by : Simone Peluso

Che T’O Dico A Fa’ (2023)

23 . Rauw Alejandro – Touching The Sky

Date Added : May 24,2024

Rauw Alejandro, born in 1993 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a leading figure in Latin music. Known for “El Efecto” and “Fantasías,” his debut album “Afrodisíaco” (2020) includes hits like “Tattoo.” “Vice Versa” (2021) featured “Todo de Ti,” and his third album “Saturno” was released in 2022.
Music video directed by : Martin Seipel

Tranky Funky (2023)

22 . Trueno – Pull Up!

Date Added : May 24,2024

Trueno, born Mateo Palacios Corazzina in 2002, is an Argentine rapper recognized for his freestyle rap battles and tracks like “Mamichula” from his debut album “Atrevido” (2020). His second album, “Bien o Mal,” features collaborations with Duki and J Balvin, further establishing his presence in Latin music.

Karly B (2023)

21 . Lismar – BZRP Music Sessions #60

Date Added : May 24,2024

Lismar, a Dominican Republic artist, has been active for over a year with songs like “Modo Avión,” “Dinero,” and “No Me Diga Mah Parte 2.” Charting as high as #73, Lismar‘s music is released under Slowlismar label.

Se Llenan (2022)

20 . Karly B – Besos Con Veneno

Date Added : May 24,2024

Karly B, also known as Karly Bustillos, is a Latin American artist known for her dynamic music videos and catchy singles like “Ardo de amor” and “Buenota.” She gained popularity on YouTube, showcasing her ability to merge contemporary Latin rhythms with vibrant visual storytelling.

Ardo De Amor (2023)

19 . Camilo – La Boda

Date Added : May 24,2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

18 . Bárbara Bandeira – Fumaça (w/ Veigh)

Date Added : May 23,2024

Bárbara Bandeira, born June 23, 2001, in Portugal, is known for her pop hits “És Tu” (2015) and “A Última Carta” (2017). Her single “Nós os Dois” has millions of views.
Music video directed by : Ruben Do Valle

Onde Vais (W/ Carminho) (2022)

17 . Chocoleyrol – Zaa

Date Added : May 23,2024

Chocoleyrol is a Dominican urban artist known for his hit “Tiki Tiki,” which has topped radio and digital platforms. His music reflects the street culture of the Dominican Republic, addressing daily struggles and dreams.
Music video directed by : Af La Camara

Tiki Tiki (2023)

16 . El Mimoso & Josi Cuen – Tres Noches

Date Added : May 23,2024

El Mimoso, born Luis Antonio López Flores on November 21, 1979, in Sinaloa, Mexico, is a former Banda El Recodo vocalist. His solo breakthrough came with the album “La Historia de los Exitos” (2008). Notable single: “Típico Clasificado.”
Music video directed by : Asiel Pineda

¿CóMo Quieres Que Esté? – (2020)

15 . Jenny López – Solita Estoy Mejor

Date Added : May 22,2024

Jenny López is a Colombian artist with singles such as “Enséñame a Quedarme” and “Te Necesito.” Her music integrates traditional Latin rhythms with contemporary pop influences.

Amor A Escondidas (2021)

14 . Darumas – Mago

Date Added : May 22,2024

Darumas, a Latin pop funk band, formed by Aldana Aguirre, Ceci Leon, and Vedala Vilmond, debuted with “Daruma.” Signed with Sony Music Latin, they blend diverse musical influences and thematic elements of hope and love.

13 . Amanda Miguel – Como La Cigarra

Date Added : May 22,2024

Amanda Miguel, an Argentine-born Mexican singer, debuted with “El Sonido Vol. 1” in 1981, featuring the hit “Así No Te Amará Jamás.” She is known for powerful vocals and songs like “Él Me Mintió.” Her album “Rompecorazones” was released in 1992.
Music video directed by : Raúl Ramón

Él Me Mintió (1981)

12 . Abril – Vitamina V

Date Added : May 22,2024

Abril, a Colombian singer from Santander, debuted with the single “Señales.” She is signed to Royalty Records. Her tracks include “Manipulable” and “Salí sola.”

Los Ángeles De Charlie (W/ Kapla Y Miky) (2023)

11 . Dale Pututi, Wampi – Caminá

Date Added : May 19,2024

Cuban artist Dale Pututi, known for “Muchacha” and “Patria y Vida,” has been influential in Latin music as a producer and composer. His 2021 album “Epicentro” features major Cuban artists, and his work includes platinum-certified tracks. Dale launched his singing career in November 2022.

El Cubanito Coronó (2023)

10 . Adriana Rios – Entre La Guerra Y El Amor

Date Added : May 19,2024

Mexican singer-songwriter Adriana Ríos from Tijuana is noted for her contributions to the Regional Mexican genre.

Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte (2023)

9 . Aerstame & Ana Tijoux – Té Con Miel

Date Added : May 19,2024

Chilean hip hop artist Aerstame, born April 19, 1988, is a member of Movimiento Original. Known for albums like “THE KINGTAPE,” his music addresses themes of identity and community.
Music video directed by : Álvaro Rojas

Destinos Cruzados (W/ Stailok & Mc Piri) (2023)

8 . Blessd – No Miente

Date Added : May 18,2024

Colombian artist Stiven Mesa Londoño, aka Blessd, debuted with “Hecho en Medellín” (2021), featuring hits like “Medallo.” Known for collaborations with Maluma and Justin Quiles, his genre-mixing style earned him a Lo Nuestro Award nomination and a Billboard mention as a 2022 artist to watch.

Medallo (2021)

7 . Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives – Santa Marta

Date Added : May 18,2024

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, born in 1978, gained global fame with “Despacito” in 2017. His career started in 1997 with the album “Comenzaré.” Fonsi’s music, including albums like “Eterno” and “Amor Secreto,” combines soulful and dance elements, earning multiple Latin Grammy and Billboard awards​​​​​​​​.Song featured on the album : El Viaje

Despacito (W/ Daddy Yankee) (2016)

6 . Camila, Eden Muñoz – Corazón En Coma

Date Added : May 18,2024

Mexican pop-rock band Camila, formed by Mario Domm and Pablo Hurtado, debuted in 2006 with “Todo Cambió.” The band’s 2010 album “Dejarte de Amar” won multiple Latin Grammy Awards, including Record and Album of the Year. Their music has achieved Diamond and Platinum status.

Mientes (2010)

5 . Roze – Buscando Otro Amor

Date Added : May 18,2024

Initially formed as Young Team before rebranding in 2022, Argentine duo Roze, consisting of Rocco Gang and Treze yt.

Caradura (W/ The La Planta) (2023)

4 . Xavi, Tony Aguirre – Ya Te Superé

Date Added : May 17,2024

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Xavi fuses reggaeton, trap, and pop with tracks like “Bésame,” and other songs that blend romantic themes with upbeat, danceable beats.

3 . Miranda!, Kenia Os – Siempre Que Lo Beso

Date Added : May 17,2024

Miranda! is an Argentinian electropop band formed in 2001, known for albums “Es Mentira” (2002) and “Sin Restricciones” (2004). Hit singles include “Bailarina,” “Don,” and “Yo te Diré.” Their style blends electronic, Latin, and pop/rock elements.

Por Amar Al Amor (2021)

2 . Maria Becerra – Iman [Two Of Us]

Date Added : May 17,2024

Argentine singer Maria Becerra rose from social media to chart-topping success, blending pop and Latin genres. Known for “Miénteme” and “Wow Wow,” her work has led to nominations at the Latin Grammy Awards, with notable collaborations including J Balvin and Becky G.

La Nena De Argentina (2022)

1 . Cachorro López, Lali – Mil Horas

Date Added : May 17,2024

Cachorro López, born Gerardo Horacio López von Linden on March 3, 1956, is an Argentine producer and musician. He played with Los Abuelos de la Nada and produced for Julieta Venegas, Paulina Rubio, and Natalia Lafourcade. His work on “Hasta la Raíz” earned Latin Grammy nominations.

Himno De Mi Corazón (W/ Andrés Calamaro & Melingo) (2023)

This Week New Music Videos  (Latin) – N°408


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