This Week New Music Videos (Latin) – N°412

Here are the brand new Latin music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

29 . Xavi – Volando Video Oficial

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Xavi fuses reggaeton, trap, and pop with tracks like “Bésame,” and other songs that blend romantic themes with upbeat, danceable beats.

28 . India Martinez, La Adictiva – Equipo Favorito

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

Spanish singer India Martínez, born Jenifer Yésica Martínez Fernández, is known for her flamenco-pop fusion. She debuted with “Azulejos de Lunares” (2004) and gained fame with “Te cuento un secreto” (2016), hitting number one on Spanish charts. Her music blends flamenco with Hindu and Arab elements. Nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2009, she won the Premio Cadena Dial award in 2012. Her album “Dual” (2014) achieved platinum status, and she was awarded a Goya in 2015.

Nuestro Mundo (2022)

27 . Thalia – Para Qué Celarme

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

Thalía, born Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda in 1971 in Mexico City, is dubbed the “Queen of Telenovelas.” Her albums like the self-titled “Thalía” in 2002 featured hits “No Me Enseñaste” and “Tú y Yo.” She received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2013.

Regresa A Mi (2009)

26 . Luis Miguel – Ayer

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

El Sol de México Luis Miguel, born April 19, 1970, boasts a career spanning genres from pop to mariachi, earning five Grammys and six Latin Grammys. His 1991 album “Romance” reinvigorated the bolero genre, contributing to over 100 million global record sales.

Hasta Que Me Olvides [En Vivo] (2021)

25 . Blessd & Maluma – Oe Bebé

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Colombian artist Stiven Mesa Londoño, aka Blessd, debuted with “Hecho en Medellín” (2021), featuring hits like “Medallo.” Known for collaborations with Maluma and Justin Quiles, his genre-mixing style earned him a Lo Nuestro Award nomination and a Billboard mention as a 2022 artist to watch.

Medallo (2021)

24 . Ráfaga, Robleis – Agüita

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Ráfaga, an iconic Argentine cumbia band, has been a staple in Latin dance music since the 1990s with hits like “Una Cerveza” and “Mentirosa.” Maria Becerra, an Argentine singer from Quilmes, truly broke through in 2020 with her hit “High,” showcasing a style that blends reggaeton, trap, and pop.

Ojala (2022)

23 . Kany García – García

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany García emerged from “Objetivo Fama” in 2004. With her debut “Cualquier Día” (2007) and six Latin Grammy wins, she’s a prominent Latin pop artist. Known for her vocal style and songwriting, García plays multiple instruments, including guitar and cello.

Dpm [De Pxta Madre] (2021)

22 . Yandel – Con Co

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Hailing from Cayey, Puerto Rico, Yandel first gained fame as part of the duo Wisin & Yandel. His solo career skyrocketed with the 2013 album “De Líder a Leyenda,” showcasing his ability to blend reggaeton with other genres like pop and R&B.

Encantadora (2015)

21 . Averly Morillo – Estoy Convencido

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Averly Morillo, born September 24, 2003, in the Dominican Republic, is known for her spiritual music. Discovered by producer Robert Green, her notable singles include “Ante Tú Altar,” “El Manto del Rey,” and “Santo Espíritu.”
Music video directed by : Agner Marte

Santo Espíritu (2023)

20 . Jay Wheeler, Noreh – Maquillaje

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Latin trap and reggaeton artist Jay Wheeler gained fame with albums like “Platónico” and “Platónicos,” featuring hits like “La Curiosidad.” His music blends romantic themes with Latin trap influences, earning him the nickname “La Voz Favorita” (The Favorite Voice).Song featured on the album : Música Buena Para Días Malos

Dicelo (W/ Zhamira Zambrano) (2022)

19 . J Balvin, Chencho Corleone – Polvo De Tu Vida

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Born in Medellín, J Balvin, a Colombian reggaeton artist, blends reggaeton, house, trap, R&B, and rock influences. Honored as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people, his journey from a middle-class upbringing to a global music icon is marked by hits like “6 AM” and “Ginza,” and chart-topping collaboration “Mi Gente.”

Ginza (2015)

18 . Beéle, Maria Becerra, Joeboy – Low Key (w/ Humby)

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Colombian pop singer Beéle, born Brandon De Jesús López Orozco on September 30, 2002, burst onto the scene with hits like “Loco” and “Sola.” Signed by Hear This Music, his blend of urban and dancehall music has quickly made him a rising star. His “Loco” remix features Farruko, Natti Natasha, and Manuel Turizo.

Si Te Interesa (2022)

17 . Gloria Trevi & Carlos Rivera – Zona De Riesgo

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Gloria Trevi, born in 1968 in Monterrey, Mexico, is a pivotal figure in Latin music, with albums like “¿Qué Hago Aquí?” (1990) and “Tu Ángel de la Guarda” (1991). Despite legal controversies, she made a comeback with “Cómo Nace el Universo” (2004) and continues to release successful music.
Music video directed by : Pablo Croce

Yo Soy Su Vida (2019)

16 . Blessd & Maluma – Goyard

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Colombian artist Stiven Mesa Londoño, aka Blessd, debuted with “Hecho en Medellín” (2021), featuring hits like “Medallo.” Known for collaborations with Maluma and Justin Quiles, his genre-mixing style earned him a Lo Nuestro Award nomination and a Billboard mention as a 2022 artist to watch.

Medallo (2021)

15 . Feid – Sorry 4 That Much

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Feid, a Colombian singer from Medellín, has become a prominent figure in the urban Latin music scene, his music being a blend of reggaeton, trap, and Latin pop, marked by his smooth vocals and introspective lyrics.

Que Raro (2016)

14 . Christian Nodal – Kbron Y Medio

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Christian Nodal, born in Caborca, Mexico, rose to fame with “Adiós Amor” (2017). Known for his “mariacheño” style, blending mariachi and norteño, his debut album “Me Dejé Llevar” (2017) includes the hit “Probablemente.” His second album “Ahora” (2019) features “Dime Cómo Quieres.” Nodal has won three Latin Grammy Awards.

Adiós Amor (2016)

13 . Luis Alfonso – Chismofilia

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Luis Alfonso is a Mexican singer in the ranchera genre.

La Ex (2023)

12 . Maluma, Blessd – Call Me

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Maluma, the Colombian virtuoso from Medellín, transformed from a soccer-enthusiast kid to a reggaeton and Latin trap sensation. His journey in music began at 16, leading to his 2012 debut album ‘Magia’. Yet, it was his 2015 album ‘Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’ that marked his international breakthrough, featuring hits like “Felices los 4”, “Borró Cassette”, and “Corazón”.

Felices Los 4 (2018)

11 . El Alfa ‘El Jefe’, Luar La L & Jezzy – Soy Un Bad Boy

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

El Alfa, born Emanuel Herrera Batista, is a leading Dominican rapper in the dembow genre. Known for hits like “Muevete Jevi” and “La Mama de la Mama,” his album “Disciplina” features collaborations with Cardi B and Bad Bunny.

Gogo Dance (2022)

10 . El Chaval De La Bachata – La Locura De Tu Amor

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

El Chaval de la Bachata, born Linar Espinal, is a renowned Dominican bachata singer. Known for albums like “Sentimiento Único” and “Mil Historias,” he has collaborated with artists such as Romeo Santos.

Dile A El (2020)

9 . Onguito Wa & Danny B Joyeria – Mañana

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Onguito Wa, born Elvis Manuel Santos Alcántara, is a Dominican urban artist known for his work in the dembow genre. His 2020 hit “Yamilet” propelled him to fame, followed by popular tracks like “Los perros de los pies” and “Diablona.” He was the first artist signed by Rochy RD’s label.

Me La Subio (2023)

8 . Boza, Elena Rose – Orion

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Boza, born Humberto Ceballos on July 25, 1997, in Panama City, Panama, is a renowned singer-songwriter. His 2020 hit “Hecha Pa’ Mi” achieved international success, and his debut album “Más Negro Que Rojo” showcased his versatility. Other notable tracks include “Me Mató” and “Bandida.”

Hecha Pa’ Mi (2021)

7 . El Negro Tecla, El Polaco, Nahuel The Coach – Vieja Escuela

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

El Negro Tecla, born Giuliano Alesio Rover in 1996, is an emerging artist from Las Heras, Mendoza, Argentina. Known for blending cumbia and RKT, he gained fame on TikTok with hits like “Ahí Ahí,” amassing over 100 million plays on Spotify and YouTube.

Ahi Ahi (2022)

6 . Grupo Zúmbale Primo & Santaferia – Qué Sigue Después

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Grupo Zúmbale Primo, from Chile, is known for vibrant cumbia tropical and ranchera music. Formed over 12 years ago, they gained popularity with albums like “Aquí comienza nuestra historia” (2016) and hits like “Me Emborracharé” and “Cinco Días.”
Music video directed by : Raul Prado, Pepa Troncoso, Ricardo Olguín

Mejor Que Tú (2023)

5 . Andy Rivera – Primera Cita

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Colombian urbano singer Andy Rivera, born in 1994, gained fame with “Te Pintaron Pajaritos.” He collaborated with Nicky Jam and Dalmata, with “Espina de Rosa” reaching over 100 million views.

Te Perdí (2022)

4 . Omar Montes, Lola Indigo, Las Chuches – El Pantalon

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Omar Montes, a Spanish musician, won “Survivor” in 2014 before focusing on music. His debut album “La Vida Mártir” (2018) earned him a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Song in 2019 with “Con Altura”.

Mi Amor (W/ L.A.X, Big Papa313) (2023)

3 . Alejo Isakk – Maldita Caderona

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Alejo Isakk, born on December 27, 2005, in Argentina, is an emerging hip-hop artist known for tracks like “Diablona,” “Azote (Remix),” and “Menores Mashup.”

3 En 1 (W/ Gustydj) (2023)

2 . Rei, Doly Flackko – W.W.W

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Rei, born Rei Alejandro on February 5, 1993, is an Argentinian trap artist. His hit singles “Pechito Partido” and “Mente Gitana” gained significant attention. In 2021, he released his debut album “Reicing” and achieved major success with “Tu Turrito” featuring Callejero Fino, becoming a top video on YouTube in Argentina in 2022.

Dimelo Rei (2021)

1 . Grupo Los De La O – Sacando Cuentas

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Grupo Los De La O, a Mexican band composed of brothers Gustavo, Gabriel, and Fernando Velázquez, gained attention with their blend of traditional and modern influences. Their album “La Clase” (2021) includes popular singles like “Fuga Pa Cali 2,” cementing their place in the corrido genre.

El Fat Tony (2022)

This Week New Music Videos  (Latin) – N°412



This Week New Music Videos  (Latin) – N°412

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