This Week New Music Videos (louder) – N°371

Here are the brand new worldwide louder music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

49 . Sprints – Heavy

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

Sprints is a Garage Punk from Dublin, Ireland, known for their cathartic battle-cries and a dark sound​.Song featured on the album : Letter To Self

48 . Vipassi – Morningstar

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

Formed in 2011, Australian band Vipassi is known for its complex progressive metal music. The band, featuring members Ben Boyle, Dan Presland, Benjamin Baret, and Arran McSporran, released albums ‘Śūnyatā’ (2017) and ‘Lightless’ (2024). Their music explores technical proficiency and themes like emptiness and light and dark interplay.
Music video directed by : Riivata Visuals

47 . Mirai 88 – Musitopia

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

Mirai 88 is a Tunisian band
Music video directed by : Mahdi Rebaii

46 . Melodicka Bros – Last Christmas

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

The Melodicka Bros, Italian brothers Dave and Joe, gained popularity since 2016 with their unique music covers, often transforming metal songs into contrasting styles. Their inventive genre-play approach has earned them a diverse fan base, following their “weird music for weird people” motto.

Amerika (2022)

46 . Tina Guo – The Water Phoenix (w/ Voodoo Kungfu)

Date Added : janv 2, 2024

Cellist and erhuist Tina Guo, with a diverse range from classical to heavy metal, is known for her theatrical music style. Collaborating with artists like Hans Zimmer, she has made significant contributions to film, TV, and video game scores.
Music video directed by : Viktorija Pashuta

Wonder Woman Main Theme (2017)

45 . Tommy Johansson – Ave Maria [Epic Version]

Date Added : janv 2, 2024

Swedish musician Tommy Johansson, known for his work with metal bands Sabaton and Majestica, has released albums like “The Great War.” His versatile style spans power and symphonic metal. Johansson, also a member of Golden Resurrection, has been recognized for his talents beyond his bands.

White Christmas (2022)

44 . Alan Walker – You Need To Know

Date Added : janv 2, 2024

Alan Walker, from Northampton to Bergen, Norway, hit the global charts at 18 with “Faded.” A self-taught DJ and producer, he’s Norway’s most subscribed YouTuber and a platinum artist, known for his iconic mask and unique blend of gaming and music.
Music video directed by : Elliott. G. Montello

Faded (2015)

43 . HAEVN & Neco Novellas – Trade It For The Night [Live]

Date Added : janv 2, 2024

HAEVN, an indie pop-ambient band from Amsterdam, was formed in 2015. Their music, known for cinematic elements, gained attention with “Where the Heart Is” and “Finding Out More.” The band’s sound features piano, strings, and synthpop influences, contributing to their distinct musical identity.
Music video directed by : Hessel Stuut

Where The Heart Is (2023)

42 . Saint Tragedy – Wicked Game

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Saint Tragedy, a hard rock band from Wisconsin, has albums like “Prolonging the Inevitable” and has opened for national acts, showcasing their blend of rock styles through engaging performances and emotionally charged lyrics.
Music video directed by : Akash Hans Films

41 . Archetypes Collide – Destiny [After Hours]

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Arizona band, Archetypes Collide have signed with Fearless Records and released singles like “Your Misery.” Their growing reputation is bolstered by collaborations with producer Oshie Bichar and tours.
Music video directed by : Ky Sanders

40 . DPR Ian – Limbo

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

DPR Ian, also known as Christian Yu, transitioned from K-pop group C-Clown to a solo career with Dream Perfect Regime. He released the album “Moodswings in to Order” and directed music videos for DPR LIVE.

So Beautiful (2010)

39 . Christine And The Queens – Stayin’ Alive

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

French artist Héloïse Letissier, aka Christine and the Queens, blends electronic pop with thought-provoking themes, achieving success with albums like “Chaleur humaine” and “Chris.”
Music video directed by : Chris

Saint Claude (2014)

38 . Blackout Problems – Funeral

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Formed in Munich in 2012, Blackout Problems merges punk and alternative rock, known for albums like “Holy” and dynamic live performances.
Music video directed by : Bernhard Schinn & Moritz Schinn

Kaos (2018)

37 . Smallpools – Night Shift

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

American indie pop band Smallpools burst onto the scene with “Dreaming,” featuring a vibrant mix of indie pop and alternative dance, and released the album “LOVETAP!” in 2015.

Dreaming (2013)

36 . Myles Erlick – Whiskey On The Ceiling

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Canadian artist Myles Erlick, known for roles in “The Next Step” and “Billy Elliot the Musical,” combines acting, dancing, and singing, with a debut album and a role in Spielberg’s “West Side Story.”
Music video directed by : Caz Derkowski

35 . Harper Zilmer – Queen B (w/ Cash & Maverick)

Date Added : déc 28, 2023

Harper Zilmer, a TikTok sensation from Texas, shines with her dance and lip-sync content, amassing over 4 million fans. Her journey skyrocketed in 2023, marked by her debut song “Queen B.” Known for her get-ready segments and school cheerleading, Harper’s engaging content and strong family bond make her a distinguished young influencer.
Music video directed by : Chase Martin

34 . White Swan – King Of Jungle

Date Added : déc 28, 2023

Indonesian rock band White Swan, formed in 2016, blends diverse genres in their music. Their albums “CYGNUS” and “Behind The Door,” along with singles like “Overheat,” showcase their unique style. The band’s name, inspired by a soy sauce bottle, symbolizes purity and wisdom in Balinese culture.
Music video directed by : Bagus Windhi

Through The Wind (2022)

33 . Johnny Trouble – Southbound Train

Date Added : déc 28, 2023

Johnny Trouble is a German singer.

Summer Wine (2020)

32 . Liliac – Carol Of The Bells

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Formed by the Cristea siblings under the guidance of their father, Florin Cristea, a music producer from Transylvania, Romania, Liliac, a hard rock band from Los Angeles, embodies driving guitar riffs, catchy melodies, classical instrumentation and a fusion of familial harmony and vamp metal flair. The band debuted with the 2019 album “Chain of Thorns,” followed by 2020 “Queen of Hearts”
Music video directed by : Samuel Cristea

Chain Of Thorns (2018)

31 . Ummet Ozcan – The Forest Song

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Dutch DJ Ummet Ozcan, of Turkish descent, spins a unique blend of electro and progressive house. Known for hits like “The Hum,” he’s made his mark with innovative software designs for music production. His adaptability shines through a discography that spans from tech-trance to big room house.

Xanadu (Mongolian Techno) (2022)

30 . La Lom – Figueroa

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Formed in Los Angeles in 2021, La LOM, featuring guitarist Zac Sokolow, blends Cumbia Sonidera, ’60s soul, boleros, and more. Their debut EP in August 2022 captured the spirit of 1940s-70s California, resonating from radio to dance clubs with their contemporary interpretation of classic sounds.
Music video directed by : Jacob Butler

Maravilla (2023)

29 . Lovebites – Swan Song [Live]

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

Lovebites, an all-female power metal band from Tokyo, rose to fame with their 2017 debut and won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award in 2018. Their music, blending power metal with thrash, is showcased in albums like “Judgement Day.”Song featured on the album : Knockin’ At Heaven’S Gate – Part Ii

Rising (2018)

28 . Theo Rose – De La 1 Pan’la 3

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

Theo Rose, a Romanian Instagram star and musician, gained popularity with her music and lifestyle content. Starting in 2013, she’s grown to more than million followers and has released songs like “Mama draga, fii voioasa!”
Music video directed by : Millo Simulov

Gipsy Run (2022)

27 . The Carbonfools – Lost My Cool

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

The Carbonfools, a Hungarian pop band, emerged in 2001 with their unique blend of rock, blues, and reggae. Known for their hit album “Poisoned Goulash,” they’ve been a significant figure in Hungary’s pop scene.
Music video directed by : Bicskei Titusz

Hideaway (2012)

26 . Lesbian Bed Death – Roadkill

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

Lesbian Bed Death, a UK Gothic Punk/Hard Rock band, is known for their Horror-themed music. Since 2004, they’ve released albums like “I Use My Powers For Evil,” combining Gothic Punk and Glam with Horror movie inspirations.
Music video directed by : Dan Peach & Evelyn Wolf – Song featured on the album : Midnight Lust!

Goth Girls Are Easy (2010)

25 . Apocalyptica – What We’re Up Against (w/ Elize Ryd)

Date Added : déc 19, 2023

Hailing from Helsinki, Apocalyptica fuses metal’s fire with classical cello elegance. Debuting with Metallica covers in 1996, they evolved to original works in “Reflections” and collaborations with Dave Lombardo and Ville Valo. “Worlds Collide” and “7th Symphony” further blend genres, forging a unique niche in both classical and metal realms.

Nothing Else Matters (2014)

24 . GHLOW – Big City

Date Added : déc 19, 2023

GHLOW, a Swedish-Russian duo, erupted from Stockholm in 2017. Their sound, a volatile mix of post-punk, electroclash, and industrial tones, pulsates in “Slash and Burn.” Known for their kinetic live shows, the duo melds fuzzy electronics with aggressive guitars, creating an audacious soundscape that’s both violent and redemptive.
Music video directed by : Robin De Blanche – Song featured on the album : Levitate

23 . Novelists – Mourning The Dawn

Date Added : déc 19, 2023

Paris-based Novelists, crafted by the Durand brothers in 2013, redefine metalcore with progressive and djent flavors. Known for clean vocals, their albums from “Souvenirs” to “Déjà Vu: Première Partie” demonstrate a musical evolution. With lineup changes culminating in Camille Contreras’ arrival, they continue to innovate within the metalcore genre.
Music video directed by : Mathieu Rouland

Souvenirs (2016)

22 . Judah & The Lion – Leave It Better Than You Found It (w/ Ruston Kelly)

Date Added : déc 19, 2023

Judah & The Lion, a Nashville-originated band, weaves a tapestry of Americana, bluegrass, and electropop. Since 2011, their journey from “Sweet Tennessee” to “Pep Talks” has been a vibrant fusion of styles, earning them acclaim in both bluegrass and folk realms with their dynamic performances.

Happy Life (2022)

21 . Otyken – Belief

Date Added : déc 17, 2023

Siberian group Otyken, founded by Andrey Medonos, fuses pop with traditional folk, using instruments like the komuz and igil. They promote Chulym folklore and languages, with albums like “Kykakacha,” representing diverse Siberian ethnicities and preserving ancient musical traditions.

Legend (2022)

20 . Oceans Of Slumber – Poem Of Fire

Date Added : déc 17, 2023

Houston’s Oceans of Slumber, formed in 2011, blends gothic, progressive, and doom metal, with Cammie Gilbert’s soulful voice echoing bands like Opeth. Their albums, from “Winter” to “Starlight and Ash,” offer emotional depth and complex compositions.
Music video directed by : Dwayne Cathey

The Banished Heart (2018)

19 . Lift The Curse – Torn

Date Added : déc 17, 2023

Austin’s Lift The Curse, comprising Jon Yadon Jr. and Ryan Hegefeld, exploded onto the alt-rock scene with “Rise With The Flames.” Their sound, a mix of metalcore and pop punk, thrives in their sophomore album “Suffer & Survive,” weaving themes of resilience and growth.

Rise With The Flames (2022)

18 . Ghost Atlas – Seeker [Stretch The Night]

Date Added : déc 17, 2023

Ghost Atlas, founded in 2013 in Birmingham, AL, by Jesse Cash of the progressive metalcore band Erra, is a dynamic rock side project.
Music video directed by : Orie Mcginness – Song featured on the album : Dust Of The Human Shape

Legs (2017)

17 . The Veronicas – Detox

Date Added : déc 15, 2023

The Veronicas, Brisbane’s pop sensation, soared to fame with their 2005 debut “The Secret Life of…,” a 4× platinum triumph. Following “Hook Me Up” in 2007, they hit a creative hiatus, returning in 2014 with “You Ruin Me.” Their journey includes reality TV stints, ARIA hosting, and the release of “Godzilla” and “Human” in 2021, recently signing with Big Noise and teasing “Gothic Summer” for 2023.
Music video directed by : Pat Freyne – Song featured on the album : Gothic Summer

4Ever (2013)

16 . Mavis – Limerent (w/ Lela Gruber)

Date Added : déc 15, 2023

MAVIS, the German heavy music quartet, announces their first full-length album “Grief Is No Ally,” set to release on December 15th, marking a new chapter for vocalist Phil Donay, guitarist Manu Weller, bassist Mo Amrein, and drummer Jakob Schulz-Klein.
Music video directed by : Danny Jakov – Song featured on the album : Grief Is No Ally

15 . Wings Of Desire – A Million Other Suns

Date Added : déc 15, 2023

Wings Of Desire, birthed from Chloe Little and James Taylor of INHEAVEN, explores the constancy of modern life with a mid-90s spiritual lens. Their music, inspired by Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent,” delves into media manipulation and human consciousness.

14 . Evergrey – Call Out The Dark [Piano Vocal Version]

Date Added : déc 15, 2023

Evergrey, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, has been a progressive/power metal force since 1995. Their 2006 album “Monday Morning Apocalypse” propelled them into the spotlight, followed by global tours and acclaimed albums like “Glorious Collision” and “The Atlantic.” Known for their thematic depth, the band’s recent works “Escape of the Phoenix” and “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)” continue their legacy of introspective metal, solidified by a stable lineup featuring Tom S. Englund and Henrik Danhage.Song featured on the album : From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits,

Distance (2016)

13 . JayBird Byrne – The Wolf

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

At just eight, JayBird Byrne from Brisbane, Australia, strummed into the music world, her guitar echoing the legends like Van Halen and Polyphia. Winning awards for “Convergence” and “Pups at Work,” she’s a prodigy beyond her years. Lauded by Nita Strauss, JayBird’s strings sing tales of resilience, echoing globally, her autism a mere footnote to her extraordinary talent.
Music video directed by : Dan Nebe

12 . Onelegman – Steric Hindrance

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

Emerging from Reggio Emilia’s underground in 2003, Onelegman released their debut 2012 album “The Crack” in multiple countries, followed in 2015, by a rock-oriented concept album inspired by the tragic earthquakes in the Emilia-Romagna region in 2012.
Music video directed by : Alan Zambonini – Song featured on the album : Event Horizon

11 . Ghost Hounds – First Last Time

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

Pittsburgh’s Ghost Hounds, formed by Thomas Tull and cohorts, riff through the bluesy realms of rock. Their journey from the debut “Roses Are Black” to “You Broke Me” melds classic blues with modern twists. Discovered through serendipity and Instagram, their music journeyed from supporting The Rolling Stones to their latest, “First Last Time,” a testament to their evolving artistry.Song featured on the album : First Last Time

Between Me And The Devil (2021)

10 . Takida – Third Strike

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

Born from a misheard anime character, Sweden’s Takida emerged in 1999, their sound a blend of post-grunge and alternative rock. From “Old” to “Bury the Lies”, their journey defied major labels, embracing self-production with “The Darker Instinct”. Roadrunner Records broadened their horizon, leading to tours alongside Theory of a Dead Man, showcasing their compelling, cross-border appeal.Song featured on the album : The Agony Flame

Haven Stay (2011)

9 . Fat White Family – Religion For One

Date Added : déc 13, 2023

Emerging from Peckham, London, in 2011, Fat White Family stands out with their unique blend of post-punk and rock & roll, tinged with a socialist flair. Their 2016 album, “Songs for Our Mothers,” features the renowned track “Whitest Boy on the Beach,” spotlighted in “T2 Trainspotting.” Their 2019 album “Serfs Up!” under Domino Records, is lauded for its innovative singles. The band’s journey, encapsulated in the 2022 biography “Ten Thousand Apologies,” reflects their compelling evolution.
Music video directed by : Michael William West

Whitest Boy On The Beach (2015)

8 . Spatial Vox – The Voice Of Selene

Date Added : déc 13, 2023

Italian duo Spatial Vox, formed in 2011 by brothers Mauro and Tony Abbate, revives the 80s Euro-Italo Disco with a modern twist. Inspired by the electronic beats of the era and the iconic Modern Talking, their music, a fusion of falsetto and harmonized choruses, often explores themes of love with a fresh, engaging sound that resonates with simplicity and emotional depth.
Music video directed by : Marco Cantone

Love Will Never Die (2021)

7 . Plastic Tree – 「ざわめき」

Date Added : déc 13, 2023

Japanese rock band Plastic Tree, established in 1993 in Chiba, is renowned for its alternative rock sound blended with art rock, electronic, and heavy metal. Their music features the distinctive, melodic vocals of Ryūtarō Arimura. Plastic Tree gained recognition with their 1995 mini-album “Kimyou na Kajitsu: Strange Fruits” and their signing with Warner Music Japan in 1997.
Music video directed by : Hiroshi Usui

落花 (2015)

6 . Stan Walker – I Am

Date Added : déc 13, 2023

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Stan Walker, a singer, actor, and television personality, soared to fame as the 2009 winner of “Australian Idol.” Signing with Sony Music Australia, his debut album “Introducing Stan Walker,” featuring “Black Box,” achieved platinum status. Known for his pop and R&B style, Walker has won multiple New Zealand Music Awards. His influence extends to television, where he judged “The X Factor NZ” and debuted his acting career in “Mt Zion.”
Music video directed by : Stan Walker & Shae Sterling

Ultralight Beam (2020)

5 . Calva Louise – Over The Threshold

Date Added : déc 11, 2023

With members hailing from Venezuela, France, and New Zealand, Calva Louise is a trio that formed in London in 2016. Their music, notably the album “Euphoric,” combines grunge, punk, and rock with searing guitar hooks and futuristic bass lines, drawing inspiration from graphic novels and sci-fi movies.
Music video directed by : Jess Allanic

Third Class Citizen (2022)

4 . Have Mercy – Numb

Date Added : déc 11, 2023

From Baltimore, Maryland and formed in 2009, Have Mercy is an indie rock band known for their music that spans genres like emo, alternative rock, and pop punk. They debuted with their first EP “My Oldest Friend” in 2012 and have since released albums like “The Earth Pushed Back” (2013), “A Place of Our Own” (2014), “Make The Best of It” (2017), and “The Love Life” (2019).
Music video directed by : Rick Barnwell, – Song featured on the album : Numb

Coexist (2017)

3 . Cassidy Paris – Here I Am

Date Added : déc 11, 2023

Known for her virtuosic guitar playing and her stage presence, Cassidy Paris is a young Australian rocker with Macedonian and Hungarian roots. Her music reflects her strong stand against bullying and her advocacy for the “Metalheads Against Bullying” organization.Song featured on the album : New Sensation

Wannabe (2021)

2 . All Fires – Don’t Say Manhattan

Date Added : déc 11, 2023

All Fires is the moniker of Atlanta musician Michael Roman, who started recording under this name in 2018. His approach blends indie rock with post-punk flair, as evidenced in his popular single “Make an Entrance,” released in 2021.
Music video directed by : Blvckbox Studios

Make An Entrance (2021)

1 . Archetypes Collide – Destiny

Date Added : déc 11, 2023

Known for their dynamic live performances, Archetypes Collide is an Arizona quintet formed in 2014.
Music video directed by : Ky Sanders

My Own Device (2022)

This Week New Music Videos  (louder) – N°371


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