This Week New Music Videos (louder) – N°386

Here are the brand new worldwide louder music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Connor Price – Too Bad

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Canadian actor and rapper Connor Price has a discography that includes the album “CPx3” and singles like “Courage.” His acting roles, such as Jay Braddock in “Cinderella Man,” complement his artistic endeavors in music, showcasing his storytelling skills.
Music video directed by : Evan Blum

Violet (2022)

49 . Violet Orlandi – Dtp

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Violet Orlandi is known for her YouTube covers and original songs. Her diverse musical influences, showcased in her debut album “High Priest Daughter” (2021), have earned her recognition. Notable for her cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries, she continues to expand her musical presence.
Music video directed by : Ricardo Gifford & Violet Orlandi

Zombie [Acoustic] (2023)

48 . Chokun – Just Talk

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Chokun Puttipong Jitbut, a Thai actor and model born on October 20, 2005, debuted in “Hidden Agenda” and will appear in “My Love Mix-Up!” (2024).
Music video directed by : Panich Pongpanich

47 . Shinedown – Pyro

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Shinedown, formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 2001, blends hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative rock. Achievements include the platinum-certified debut “Leave a Whisper” and double platinum “The Sound of Madness”, featuring hits like “Second Chance”.
Music video directed by : Bill Yukich – Song featured on the album : Attention Attention

Sound Of Madness (2009)

46 . Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Lol

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

American band Rainbow Kitten Surprise blends indie pop and folk-rock. Their album “How To: Friend, Love, Freefall” featured the hit “Fever Pitch,” landing on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.
Music video directed by : Matthew Delisi – Song featured on the album : Love Hate Music Box

It’S Called: Freefall (2018)

45 . Robert Jon & The Wreck – Dragging Me Down

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

American blues and Southern rock band Robert Jon & the Wreck, formed in 2011 in Orange County, California, consists of Robert Jon Burrison, Andrew Espantman, Henry James Schneekluth, Warren Murrel, and Jake Abernathie. Albums include “Fire Started” (2011), “Glory Bound” (2015), “Good Life Pie” (2016), and “Last Light on the Highway” (2020). Known for dynamic live shows, they’ve performed alongside Joe Bonamassa and Blackberry Smoke.
Music video directed by : Rob Bondurant – Song featured on the album : Red Moon Rising

Everyday (2021)

44 . Floya – Yume

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Floya, a German duo formed in 2022 by Marv Wilder and Phil Bayer, blends EDM and modern rock. Their debut single “Wonders,” released in March 2024, showcases their unique sound influenced by artists like Peter Gabriel and U2.
Music video directed by : Aurélien Mariat – Song featured on the album : Yume

Wonders (2022)

43 . Violet Orlandi – Only Holy Water

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Violet Orlandi is known for her YouTube covers and original songs. Her diverse musical influences, showcased in her debut album “High Priest Daughter” (2021), have earned her recognition. Notable for her cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries, she continues to expand her musical presence.
Music video directed by : Ricardo Gifford & Violet Orlandi

Zombie [Acoustic] (2023)

42 . The Warning – Hell You Call A Dream [Live]

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Formed in 2014, The Warning is a Mexican hard rock band of sisters Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra Villarreal Vélez. Known for viral covers and originals like “XXI Century Blood,” they’ve gained fame for energetic performances and independent releases. The band signed a five-album deal with Lava Records in 2020.

Choke (2021)

41 . The Verkkars – God Mode (w/ Aleksib)

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

The Verkkars, a Finnish electronic/pop band, uniquely ties their music to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). They gained fame with “EZ4ENCE,” which Valve added as an official CS:GO music kit in 2019. Other singles include “Flashbang Dance,” also added to CS:GO, “Winlandia,” and “Huutista.” Their work celebrates gaming culture, reflecting their significant impact on music and gaming communities.
Music video directed by : Vertti Virkajärvi

Flashbang Dance (W/ N0Thing) (2021)

40 . Fujii Kaze – Michi Teyu Ku [Overflowing]

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Fujii Kaze, a Japanese singer-songwriter, debuted with “Help Ever Hurt Never” in 2020, hitting number one on Billboard Japan Hot Albums. His second album, “Love All Serve All,” continued his success. Known for blending Western and Japanese musical influences, Kaze gained international attention with “Shinunoga E-Wa,” going viral on TikTok. He’s recognized for his live performances and received the Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists.
Music video directed by : Tomokazu Yamada

Matsuri (2022)

39 . Dianne – A Symphonic Tragedy (w/ Arjen Lucassen)

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Dianne van Giersbergen, Dutch spinto soprano, fronts Ex Libris and was Xandria’s vocalist (2013-2017). With albums like “Sacrificium,” and “Amygdala,” she’s a force in symphonic metal. Her solo career began in 2022, launching “After the Storm.”
Music video directed by : Cinebuds – Song featured on the album : Soulward Bound

After The Storm (2022)

38 . Royal Republic – Lazerlove

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Royal Republic, a Swedish rock band, blends energetic garage rock with indie influences. Their albums, including “We Are the Royal” and “Club Majesty,” showcase catchy singles like “Tommy-Gun” and “Boomerang,” earning them a devoted fanbase across Europe.
Music video directed by : Leo Åkesson – Song featured on the album : Lovecop

Baby (2015)

37 . Sidarta – Vroxi

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Sidarta, a Greek artist, blends rap, trap, and drill, achieving over 150 million streams with his debut album “IPIZME” and singles like “Mediterranean.” At 23, he’s known for his melodic rap and use of Greek elements, representing the modern Greek music scene. His work includes “MAYA” and “BELLA,” and he’s performed at major Greek festivals.
Music video directed by : Angel Saft

Akomi (2022)

36 . Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Superstar

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

American band Rainbow Kitten Surprise blends indie pop and folk-rock. Their album “How To: Friend, Love, Freefall” featured the hit “Fever Pitch,” landing on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.
Music video directed by : Matthew Delisi – Song featured on the album : Love Hate Music Box

It’S Called: Freefall (2018)

35 . The Marías – Run Your Mouth

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

The Marías, an indie pop band from Los Angeles, captivate audiences with their bilingual songwriting and blend of genres. Their debut album “Cinema” topped the Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay chart with the single “Hush.” Collaborations with artists like Bad Bunny and Triathalon showcase their versatility.
Music video directed by : Bethany Vargas – Song featured on the album : Submarine

All I Really Want Is You (2021)

34 . Durry – Teenagers Forever

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

Durry, an indie rock band from Minnesota, gained attention with their viral song “Who’s Laughing Now.” Formed by siblings Austin and Taryn Durry in 2020, their debut album “Suburban Legend” was released in 2023.

Who’S Laughing Now (2023)

33 . Delilah Bon – Maverick

Date Added : Mar 12,2024

British musician Delilah Bon, born Lauren Tate, showcases her multifaceted talent as a singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer. Lead vocalist of Hands Off Gretel, her debut solo album “Delilah Bon” released in 2021 reflects her blend of hip hop, grunge, and punk rock styles.
Music video directed by : Ruena

My Family (2021)

32 . The Driver Era – Get Off My Phone

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

The Driver Era, formed by Ross and Rocky Lynch in 2018, evolved from R5. Their debut single “Preacher Man” led to albums like “X” (2019). Their genre-defying music incorporates a range of influences.
Music video directed by : Gordy De St. Jeor & Ross Lynch – Song featured on the album : The Driver Era

Fantasy (2022)

31 . Night Club – Barbwire Kiss

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Night Club, an American electronic band formed in 2012 by Mark Brooks and Emily Kavanaugh, debuted with “Lovestruck.” Known for their synth-pop and darkwave style, they gained recognition with the TV show “Moonbeam City.” Their albums, including “Requiem for Romance” and “Scary World,” have topped electronic charts.
Music video directed by : Mark Brooks – Song featured on the album : Night Club

Lovestruck (2012)

30 . Skynd – Heavens Gate

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Skynd, an Australian industrial rock band active since 2017, focuses on true crime stories in their music. Their EPs “Chapter I” and “Chapter II” feature dark themes. Collaborations with artists like Jonathan Davis highlight their place in the industrial and horrorcore genres.
Music video directed by : P.R. Brown – Song featured on the album : Skynd

Gary Heidnik (W/ Jonathan Davis) (2018)

29 . Halocene – Glory Days

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Arizona’s Halocene, formed in 2008, blends alternative metal with digital influence. Known for tours, opening for bands like Blink 182, and their strong online presence on YouTube and Twitch. Albums like “Can You Hear Us Now?” (2011) showcase their self-made success.
Music video directed by : Bradley Amick – Song featured on the album : Halocene

Warrior State Of Mind (2021)

28 . The Native Howl – Mercy (w/ Lzzy Hale)

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

The Native Howl from Leonard, Michigan, pioneers the “Thrash Grass” genre, merging bluegrass and thrash metal since 2013. With albums like “Thrash Grass” (2016) and “Out of the Garden and Into the Darkness” (2018), they’ve garnered acclaim, including a Blue Water Music Award win in 2017 and a Detroit Music Awards nomination.

Sons Of Destruction (2022)

27 . Sweet Lizzy Project – Lusion

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

The Cuban-born, Nashville-based Sweet Lizzy Project combines rock with pop influences. Starting in Havana’s challenging music scene, they’ve achieved acclaim with albums “Heaven” (2015) and “Technicolor” (2020), and notable performances alongside Heart and Joan Jett.

Pirate Radio (2022)

26 . Creeper – Lovers Led Astray

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

English band Creeper, formed in Southampton in 2014, melds horror punk, punk rock, and gothic elements. Their debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms (2017), and Sex, Death & the Infinite Void (2020) reflect their narrative-driven music, earning them a place in the UK Albums Chart and a nomination at the Alternative Press Music Awards.Song featured on the album : Sanguivore

Be My End (2020)

25 . Pissed Jeans – Cling To A Poisoned Dream

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

Hardcore punk band Pissed Jeans from Pennsylvania formed in 2004. Known for albums “Shallow” (2005) and “Half Divorced” (2024), they deliver a loud, heavy style under Sub Pop label. Their music captures the tension between optimism and adulthood realities.Song featured on the album : Half Divorced

The Bar Is Low (2017)

24 . Smash Into Pieces – Heroes Are Calling

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Swedish rock band Smash Into Pieces, formed in 2008, surged to prominence with albums “Unbreakable” (2013), “The Apocalypse DJ” (2015), and “Arcadia” (2020). Known for integrating electronic elements, they also competed in Melodifestivalen 2023 with “Six Feet Under.”
Music video directed by : Måns Nyström

Reckoning (2022)

23 . Gesaffelstein – Hard Dreams

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

French producer Gesaffelstein, born Mike Lévy, is celebrated for his dark techno and electro music, blending influences from Kraftwerk to Joy Division. Albums like “Aleph” (2013) and collaborations with Kanye West and The Weeknd highlight his distinctive sound and contribution to electronic music.
Music video directed by : Jordan Hemingway

Lost In The Fire (W/ The Weeknd) (2018)

22 . Mdou Moctar – Funeral For Justice

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Nigerien guitarist Mdou Moctar blends traditional Tuareg melodies with rock in albums like “Ilana: The Creator” (2019) and “Afrique Victime” (2021). His music, addressing themes from colonialism to women’s rights, also featured in the film “Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai” (2015).Song featured on the album : Funeral For Justice

Tarhatazed [Live On Kexp] (2018)

21 . The Snuts – Circles

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

The Snuts are an indie rock band from West Lothian, Scotland. Their 2021 debut album “W.L.” entered at number 1 on the UK Albums Chart.
Music video directed by : Michael Sherrington

20 . Protoje – Legend Legend

Date Added : mars 2, 2024

Born Oje Ken Ollivierre in 1981, Protoje is a Jamaican reggae artist whose albums include “The Seven Year Itch” (2011) and “A Matter of Time” (2018), the latter receiving a Grammy nomination. Known for hits like “Who Knows” with Chronixx, Protoje blends reggae with hip-hop and soul, contributing significantly to the reggae revival movement. He founded In.Digg.Nation label and signed with RCA Records in 2020.
Music video directed by : Samo

Who Knows (W/ Chronixx) (2014)

19 . Pvris, Tommy Genesis, Alice Longyu Gao – Burn The Witch

Date Added : mars 2, 2024

Pvris, an American band from Massachusetts, transitioned from metalcore to pop-rock with electronic elements since their formation in 2012. Their discography includes “White Noise” (2014) and “Use Me” (2020). Known for singles like “My House,” they have toured with Mayday Parade and Fall Out Boy.
Music video directed by : Cole Santiago

Hallucinations (2019)

18 . Godsmack – Truth

Date Added : mars 2, 2024

Formed in Massachusetts in 1995, Godsmack is an American rock band with three #1 Billboard 200 albums: “Faceless,” “IV,” and “The Oracle.” With influences from Alice in Chains, they’ve received four Grammy nominations and have sold over 19 million records worldwide. Known for hits like “Keep Away,” Godsmack‘s discography includes notable albums such as “Awake” (2000). Their music has been featured in U.S. Navy commercials.
Music video directed by : Sully Erna & Francesca Ludikar – Song featured on the album : Lighting Up The Sky

I Stand Alone (2009)

17 . The Siids – Grace Of Nights

Date Added : mars 2, 2024

Author duo from Croatian port city Rijeka, The Siids consist of Stanislav Grdaković and Darko Terlević.
Music video directed by : Kristina Barišić

Tide (2022)

16 . Ateez, 에이티즈 – Not Okay

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

South Korean boy band Ateez debuted in 2018 with “Treasure EP.1: All to Zero,” showcasing their blend of K-pop, pop, and hip-hop. Composed of eight members, Ateez gained international recognition through their energetic performances and participation in reality shows like “Mix Nine.”

Halazia (2022)

15 . Chromeo – Lost And Found

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo, formed in 2002, gained fame with albums like “Fancy Footwork” (2007) and “White Women” (2014). They earned a Grammy nomination for Best Engineered Album in 2018 and launched their record label, Juliet Records, in 2020.
Music video directed by : Spencer Ford

Jealous [I Ain’T With It] (2014)

14 . Megara – 11:11

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Spanish melodic heavy metal band Megara, active since 2009, has made significant contributions to the metal scene with their album “Oubeos” (2010).

Hocus Pocus (2022)

13 . Microwave – Bored Of Being Sad

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

American rock band Microwave, formed in 2012, gained attention with albums like “Stovall” (2014) and “Death Is a Warm Blanket” (2019). Their versatile sound blends post-hardcore, indie rock, and emo, earning them a dedicated fan base.
Music video directed by : Hannah Gray Hall – Song featured on the album : Let’S Start Degeneracy

Dull (2017)

12 . The Mysterines – Stray

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

The Mysterines, led by Lia Metcalfe, have captivated audiences with their debut album “Reeling,” achieving a UK Top 10 spot. Their music, characterized by themes of darkness and introspection, positions them as a unique force in rock, with influences ranging from philosophical to the surreal​​.
Music video directed by : Matilda Harding-Kemp

Life’S A Bitch [But I Like It So Much] (2022)

11 . Vegyn – A Dream Goes On Forever (w/ John Glacier)

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

Vegyn, born Joseph Winger Thornalley in London, is a British music producer, DJ, and graphic designer, prominent for his work on Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed albums “Blonde” and “Endless”.
Music video directed by : Joshua Gordon

0 (0)

10 . Nick Ward – Gimme

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

Welsh singer-songwriter Nick Ward has released five albums, including “Outside Looking In” and “Pink Bay,” through AudioFile Records. His discography showcases a range of musical styles.
Music video directed by : Charles Buxton-Leslie

Brand New You (W/ Zion Garcia) (2022)

9 . Metz – 99

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

Ontario-based METZ, known for their mix of punk, noise rock, and post-hardcore, evolved their sound with “Up On Gravity Hill.” Their work is marked by nuanced atmospherics and collaborations like Owen Pallett.
Music video directed by : John Smith – Song featured on the album : Up On Gravity Hill

Hail Taxi (2020)

8 . Ashba – Party Tonight (w/ Dia Capron)

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

American musician DJ Ashba, born November 10, 1972, gained fame as Sixx:A.M.’s lead guitarist and has played with Guns N’ Roses and BulletBoys. A skilled guitarist and songwriter, Ashba has contributed to various projects across genres, showcasing his versatility and creativity in music production.

Let’S Dance (W/ James Michael) (2020)

7 . Philip Sayce – Black Moon

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

Welsh-born guitarist Philip Sayce, celebrated for merging blues with hard rock, began his international career with Jeff Healey’s band before solo success with albums like “Peace Machine.”

Blues Ain’T Nothing But A Good Woman On Your Mind [Live] (2016)

6 . Alan Walker, Putri Ariani, Peder Elias – Who I Am

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

Alan Walker, from Northampton to Bergen, Norway, hit the global charts at 18 with “Faded.” A self-taught DJ and producer, he’s Norway’s most subscribed YouTuber and a platinum artist, known for his iconic mask and unique blend of gaming and music.
Music video directed by : Kristian Berg

Faded (2015)

5 . Yeat – U Should Know

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

Yeat, born Noah Olivier Smith, emerged in 2021 with mixtape “4L” and album “2 Alivë” in 2022, peaking at #6 on Billboard 200. Known for Auto-Tune vocals and hits like “Sorry Bout That,” his music includes albums “Up 2 Më” and “Alivë,” showcasing a unique lingo and sound inspired by Young Thug and Future.
Music video directed by : Bogdan “@Chilldays” Plakov

Out Thë Way (2022)

4 . Logan – Wow

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Logan is an upcoming Australian artist.
Music video directed by : Luis Campbell

3 . Smolasty & Roxie Węgiel – Nie Mów Że Kochasz

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Norbert Smoliński, aka Smolasty, a Polish rapper born in 1995, excels in blending R&B, pop, and rap. He debuted in 2014 and has albums like “Fake Love” (2018) and “Pełnia” (2020). Nominated for Best New Artist in 2019, his single “Laleczka” achieved Gold certification.
Music video directed by : Piotr Zajączkowski

Duże Oczy (2021)

2 . Royel Otis – Foam

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Formed in 2019 by Royel Maddell and Otis Pavlovic, Royel Otis is an Australian guitar-pop group from Sydney.
Music video directed by : Ady Neshoda – Song featured on the album : Pratts & Pain

Sofa King (2023)

1 . Mustii – Before The Party’s Over

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Thomas Mustin, known as Mustii, is a Belgian actor and singer born in 1990. His albums, “21st Century Boy” and “It’s Happening Now,” charted in the top ten in Belgium. Selected for Eurovision Song Contest 2024, Mustii showcases his dual talent in music and acting.
Music video directed by : Uber & Kosher

21St Century Boy (2018)

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