This Week New Music Videos (louder) – N°392

Here are the brand new worldwide louder music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

51 . Rolling Quartz, 롤링쿼츠 – Stand Up, 스탠드업

Date Added : Apr 11,2024

Rolling Quartz, a Korean all-female rock band, debuted in 2020 with “Blaze.” Their EP “Fighting” hit the top 5 US rock albums on iTunes in 2022. Known for singles like “Hybrid” and “Fearless,” and performing at the Toronto Korean Festival 2023.
Music video directed by : Simon

Blaze, 블레이즈 (2021)

50 . Porches – Rag

Date Added : Apr 11,2024

Porches, led by Aaron Maine, started in New York in 2010. Known for albums like “Pool” (2016) and “All Day Gentle Hold !” (2021), Porches blends synth-pop melodies with melancholic lyrics. Maine also releases music as Ronald Paris.
Music video directed by : Nick Harwood

Back3School (2022)

49 . Aaron Frazer – Payback

Date Added : Apr 11,2024

Aaron Frazer, recognized for his work with Durand Jones & The Indications and for his solo album “Introducing…” produced by Dan Auerbach in 2021, combines soul, gospel, and doo-wop influences, addressing themes of love and societal challenges.
Music video directed by : Eliot Lee – Song featured on the album : Into The Blue

Bad News (2021)

48 . Wallows – Calling After Me

Date Added : Apr 11,2024

Formed in Los Angeles in 2017, Wallows released their debut single “Pleaser” and signed with Atlantic Records. Their discography includes “Nothing Happens” (2019), “Remote” EP (2020), and “Tell Me That It’s Over” (2022).
Music video directed by : Bradley Calder – Song featured on the album : Model

Are You Bored Yet? (W/ Clairo) (2019)

47 . Jerub – Gonna Be Okay

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Nigerian-born, Nottingham-based Jerub emerged in 2021 as a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Introducing finalist. His EP “Finding My Feet” and track “There Till The End” have been celebrated, with BBC R1 Track of The Week honors in 2023. His music combines pop, indie, and soul.
Music video directed by : Georgette Gregorio Mason

There Till The End (2023)

46 . The Cassette – SoạN

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Vietnamese Indie Pop band The Cassette, formed in Đà Nẵng on November 23, 2018, includes members Trần Hoài Thân, Nguyễn Hữu Thiện, Nguyễn Thoại Quỳnh My, and Lê Đình Sinh. Their debut album “Rừng Đom Đóm” (2021) has made them prominent in Vietnam’s indie scene, nominated for the Mai Vàng award for Most Loved Band.
Music video directed by : Thoc [ Hillus ]

45 . Blu DeTiger – Latency

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

New York City’s Blu DeTiger, known for her bass skills, released “How Did We Get Here?” EP in 2021. A Fender collaborator and Capitol Records signee, her album “All I Ever Want Is Everything” came out in 2024. Her music, mixing funk, new wave, and disco, includes hits like “Figure It Out.”

Vintage (2021)

44 . A Short Walk To Pluto – Hopeless

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Toronto-based A Short Walk To Pluto, known for indie rock and engaging performances, includes members Emma Armstrong, Max Kaiser, Danny Moriana, and Jake Biggs. Their track “Give Me Grace” has gained acclaim, alongside a successful US and Canadian tour in 2024.
Music video directed by : Alex Mcfarland

You Are Not The Only One (2023)

43 . The Sixsters – Same Kid

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

The Sixsters, a Ukrainian all-girl rock band formed in 2018, gained recognition for their punky, high-energy music. Their anti-war track “Правда” (“Truth”) during the Russian invasion showcased their resilience. They independently released albums like “Svit” and “I’m Gonna Be” while actively raising awareness for Ukrainian children affected by the war.
Music video directed by : Oleksandr Kuziakin

Fever (2021)

42 . Derek Pope – Running Backwards

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Derek Pope from Oakland, California, blends genres in his music, notable for “Sunken City Redux” and “Epochs.” His work, addressing personal demons and themes of isolation, showcases a genre-defying approach, culminating in the album “For I Have Sinned.”

Awake (2023)

41 . Last Dinosaurs – Paranoia Paradise

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Known for singles like “Evie” and albums “Wellness” and “Yumeno Garden,” Last Dinosaurs, an indie rock band from Brisbane, debuted with “In a Million Years” in 2012.

Zoom (2012)

40 . Gustaf – Close

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Formed in 2018 in Brooklyn, Gustaf‘s debut album “Audio Drag for Ego Slobs” in 2021 highlights their art punk style. Known for energetic live shows and a unique post-punk sound, the band has captured a dedicated following with their sardonic wit and engaging performances.
Music video directed by : Beck – Song featured on the album : Package Pt. 2

Book (2021)

39 . Five Finger Death Punch – This Is The Way (w/ DMX)

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Five Finger Death Punch, from Las Vegas, emerged in 2005, with albums like “The Way of the Fist” and “War Is the Answer.” Known for their metal sound and themes of struggle and resilience, they’ve received RadioContraband Rock Radio Awards and have seen “War Is the Answer” go platinum. With changes in their lineup, they continue to be influential in heavy metal.
Music video directed by : Hype Williams – Song featured on the album : Afterlife

Wash It All Away (2016)

38 . Echos – Carousel

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Alexandra Norton, the talent behind Echos, uses music as a “sanctuary” for her experiences, offering solace and connection. With three albums, her work is a testament to personal growth and artistic evolution.
Music video directed by : Alexandra Norton

Saints (2019)

37 . Mdou Moctar – Imouhar

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Nigerien guitarist Mdou Moctar blends traditional Tuareg melodies with rock in albums like “Ilana: The Creator” (2019) and “Afrique Victime” (2021). His music, addressing themes from colonialism to women’s rights, also featured in the film “Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai” (2015).
Music video directed by : Lauren Greenhall – Song featured on the album : ‘Funeral For Justice

Tarhatazed [Live On Kexp] (2018)

36 . Jazmin Bean – Shit Show

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

British artist Jazmin Bean, a singer, songwriter, and makeup artist, gained attention with “Worldwide Torture” in 2019. Their debut album “Traumatic Livelihood” was released in 2024. Bean’s music combines pop and metal, reflecting her unique style. They also founded Cult Candy Cosmetics.
Music video directed by : Zak Watson & Jazmin Bean – Song featured on the album : Traumatic Livelihood

Hello Kitty (2019)

35 . Thylacine – Sheremetiev (w/ 74 Musicians)

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

William Rezé, aka Thylacine, born August 13, 1992, in Angers, France, is a French electronic music producer. His work, including albums “Transsiberian” and “9 Pieces,” combines acoustic instruments with electronic beats, inspired by travels. His project “Timeless” showcases his saxophonist background integrated into electronic music.
Music video directed by : Cécile Chabert & Thylacine

Polar (2022)

34 . Eric Sardinas – Planks Of Pine

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

Eric Sardinas, born November 10, 1970, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a blues-rock guitarist known for his slide guitar work and performances. He’s released albums under Steve Vai’s Favored Nations, including “Eric Sardinas and Big Motor.”

I’M Worried (W/ Big Motor) (2023)

33 . Arcy Drive – Time Shrinks

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

Arcy Drive, an indie rock band from Northport, New York, known for “Attic-Rock,” started with performances in a 1989 Toyota van. Their “Beach Plum” EP includes singles like “Wicked Styley.
Music video directed by : Jaxin Dolap

Orange [Live] (2022)

32 . Babymonster – Sheesh [Performance]

Date Added : Apr 5,2024

Hailing from Seoul, Babymonster, also known as Baemon, is a seven-member South Korean girl group bursting onto the scene under YG Entertainment’s banner.

31 . Melodicka Bros – Dancing Queen

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

The Melodicka Bros, Italian brothers Dave and Joe, gained popularity since 2016 with their unique music covers, often transforming metal songs into contrasting styles. Their inventive genre-play approach has earned them a diverse fan base, following their “weird music for weird people” motto.
Music video directed by : Melodicka Bros & Filippo Borsini

Amerika (2022)

30 . Stand Atlantic, Pvris & Bruses – Girl$

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

Stand Atlantic, a pop punk band from Sydney, debuted with “A Place Apart” in 2015. Signed by Hopeless Records, they released “Skinny Dipping” in 2018, “Pink Elephant” in 2020, reaching ARIA #23, and “F.E.A.R.” in 2022.
Music video directed by : Brandon Lung – Song featured on the album : ‘Was Here

Hair Out (2022)

29 . Nico Vega – $5 Five Dollars

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

Formed in Los Angeles in 2005, Nico Vega released albums “Nico Vega” (2009) and “Lead to Light” (2014), featuring singles like “I Believe (Get Over Yourself).” After a brief return in 2018 with the “Wars” EP, the band disbanded in 2020, transitioning to “TWWO” before returning in 2024.
Music video directed by : Dan Epand

I Believe [Get Over Yourself] (2015)

28 . Feeder – Hey You

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

British rock band Feeder, formed in Newport in 1994, gained attention with “Polythene” (1997) and “Yesterday Went Too Soon” (1999). Following the suicide of drummer Jon Lee in 2002, they released “Echo Park,” featuring “Buck Rogers,” and their 11th album “Torpedo” in 2022.Song featured on the album : Black / Red

Buck Rogers (2011)

27 . Babymonster – Sheesh

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

Hailing from Seoul, Babymonster, also known as Baemon, is a seven-member South Korean girl group bursting onto the scene under YG Entertainment’s banner.

26 . Bradley Simpson – Cry At The Moon

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

Bradley Simpson, leader of The Vamps, achieved fame with albums like “Meet the Vamps”. The band’s first UK #1 album was “Night & Day”. Known for hits “Somebody to You” and “Oh Cecilia”, they also launched Steady Records.

25 . Sam Hunt – Locked Up

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

Winner of the American Music Award for New Artist in 2015, Sam Hunt, a unique blend of country and R&B, debuted with “Montevallo” featuring “Leave the Night On”. His single “Take Your Time” topped the Hot Country Songs chart. “Southside” continued his success with “Body Like a Back Road”.

Take Your Time (2015)

24 . Yours – Our Love [80’s]

Date Added : Apr 1,2024

YOURS, featuring Maverick Sabre and New Machine, debuted with “DÓNDE ESTÁ,” then remixed by Masters At Workon Defected Records.
Music video directed by : Krissy

Dónde Está (2023)

22 . Shinedown – Evolve

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Shinedown, formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 2001, blends hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative rock. Achievements include the platinum-certified debut “Leave a Whisper” and double platinum “The Sound of Madness”, featuring hits like “Second Chance”.
Music video directed by : Bill Yukich – Song featured on the album : Attention Attention

Sound Of Madness (2009)

21 . Tina Guo – Dune

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Cellist and erhuist Tina Guo, with a diverse range from classical to heavy metal, is known for her theatrical music style. Collaborating with artists like Hans Zimmer, she has made significant contributions to film, TV, and video game scores.
Music video directed by : Tina Guo

Wonder Woman Main Theme (2017)

20 . Breathe. – Where You At These Days? (w/ Joe Unknown)

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

breathe., a project by Sean Walker and Andrew Grant, creates downtempo music with a cinematic sound. Known for a blend of soul and electronica, they draw comparisons to Massive Attack and Jamie xx. Their work, released through Silk Recordings, includes self-directed music clips.
Music video directed by : Breathe.Team

Are You All Good? (2019)

20 . Henry Moodie – Beat Up Car

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Henry Moodie, a UK singer-songwriter, gained fame on TikTok. Known for singles like “You Were There For Me,” “drunk text,” and “eighteen,” his music reflects influences from artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, showcasing emotive vulnerability and bedroom-pop.

You Were There For Me (2023)

19 . Alligatoah – Partner In Crime (w/ Tarek K.I.Z)

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Born in 1989, Alligatoah, whose real name is Lukas Strobel, is a German rapper and producer whose music is a blend of pop-rap and German rap. His debut album “Triebwerke,” which includes the certified platinum single “Willst Du.” Since then, his discography includes to date five albums, as well as several mixtapes and EPs.
Music video directed by : Lukas Strobel – Song featured on the album : Off

Vor Gericht (2015)

18 . Sevi – World That Doesn’t Fit

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

SEVI, formed in Sofia by Svetlana Bliznakova and Rally Velinov, is known for their debut single “Can’t Stand the Pain” and albums like “What Lies Beyond.”
Music video directed by : Nikola Koparov

Dark Knight (2022)

17 . Thousand Below – Shake

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Thousand Below, a post-hardcore band from San Diego, debuted with “The Love You Let Too Close” in 2017. Their music combines emotionally charged lyrics with melodic riffage inalbums like “Gone In Your Wake” and “Hell Finds You Everywhere.”
Music video directed by : Alex Bemis

Sabotage (2023)

15 . Eivør – Jarðartrá

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Eivør Pálsdóttir, a Faroese singer-songwriter, is known for her diverse genres and collaborations. Her albums “Larva” (2010) and “Bridges” (2015) showcase her range. She won the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2021 and has contributed to soundtracks, including “The Last Kingdom.”
Music video directed by : Einar Egils – Song featured on the album : Enn

On My Way To Somewhere (2016)

14 . Still Corners – Today Is The Day

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Still Corners, an Anglo-American dream pop duo, weave nostalgic and futuristic soundscapes since their London inception in 2007. From their debut “Creatures of an Hour” to the cult favorite “Strange Pleasures,” their journey spans Sub Pop releases to self-made Wrecking Light Records. “Dream Talk,” their latest, continues their ethereal, heart-capturing neo-psychedelia journey.
Music video directed by : Darcie Thompson – Song featured on the album : Dream Talk

The Trip (2013)

13 . 1nonly – Falling

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Korean-American rapper 1nonly, based in Las Vegas, gained attention with “Stay With Me.” Signed to Warner Records in 2021, he released “Homesick” EP in 2022, including hits “Mine” and “Step Back!” His music, blending hip hop, trap, and emo rap, is influenced by “Bedroom Pop” and “Lo-Fi.”
Music video directed by : Karlwithak & Nick Welch

Step Back! (W/ Sxmpra) (2023)

12 . HAEVN & Néomí – We Are [Live In Tivoli]

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

HAEVN, an indie pop-ambient band from Amsterdam, was formed in 2015. Their music, known for cinematic elements, gained attention with “Where the Heart Is” and “Finding Out More.” The band’s sound features piano, strings, and synthpop influences, contributing to their distinct musical identity.

Where The Heart Is (2023)

12 . Johnnie Guilbert – If Looks Could Kill

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Johnnie Guilbert, a California-based artist, gained fame as a YouTube personality and musician. His channel has over 1.5 million subscribers, and his music spans alternative/indie rock and emo-pop. Guilbert’s journey in music and digital content creation has made him relatable to his fans.
Music video directed by : Chasespace

Song Without A Name (2015)

11 . Michele Bravi, Carla Bruni – malumore francese

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Michele Bravi, born December 19, 1994, in Italy, won the Italian X Factor’s seventh season. His debut “A passi piccoli” (2014) hit number 8 on Italian Charts. “Anime di carta” (2017) peaked at number 1, going platinum with the lead single “Il diario degli errori” receiving double platinum. His third album “La geografia del buio” (2021) was certified gold.
Music video directed by : Johnny Carrano

Inverno Dei Fiori (2022)

10 . Otyken – Chukotka

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Siberian group Otyken, founded by Andrey Medonos, fuses pop with traditional folk, using instruments like the komuz and igil. They promote Chulym folklore and languages, with albums like “Kykakacha,” representing diverse Siberian ethnicities and preserving ancient musical traditions.

Legend (2022)

9 . Liliac – Dream On (w/ Rōzy)

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Formed by the Cristea siblings under the guidance of their father, Florin Cristea, a music producer from Transylvania, Romania, Liliac, a hard rock band from Los Angeles, embodies driving guitar riffs, catchy melodies, classical instrumentation and a fusion of familial harmony and vamp metal flair. The band debuted with the 2019 album “Chain of Thorns,” followed by 2020 “Queen of Hearts”
Music video directed by : Samuel Cristea & Melody Cristea

Chain Of Thorns (2018)

8 . Blackbriar – Moonflower (w/ Marjana Semkina)

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

Blackbriar, an alternative metal band from Assen, Netherlands, formed in 2012, blends gothic and symphonic metal. With albums “The Cause of Shipwreck” (2021) and “A Dark Euphony” (2023), EPs like “Fractured Fairytales” (2017), and collaborations with Epica, the band is signed to Nuclear Blast. Notable for themes of gothic romance and dark fairytales, their music features Zora Cock’s siren-like vocals and orchestral soundscapes.
Music video directed by : Cinebuds – Song featured on the album : A Dark Euphony

Until Eternity (2016)

7 . Dora Gaitanovici – Pas Cu Pas

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

Born June 10, 2000, Romanian artist Dora Gaitanovici has been recognized in “Vocea României” and “Cerbul de Aur” music contests and represented Romania at Eurovision 2022 with “Ana.” Studying composition at the National University of Music Bucharest, her collaborations include Irina Rimes and Bodo.
Music video directed by : Tudor Costache

6 . The Story So Far – Letterman

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

The Story So Far, formed in Walnut Creek, California in 2007, is a pop-punk band with albums like “Under Soil and Dirt” (2011) and “Proper Dose” (2018). Known for melodic yet edgy pop-punk, they’ve incorporated indie rock elements. The band, featuring Parker Cannon and Kevin Geyer, tours globally. Their lineup evolution includes Kelen Capener’s departure and a transition to a live sextet with members from Man Overboard and Set Your Goals.
Music video directed by : Eric Soucy

Nerve (2017)

5 . Aiko – Pedestal

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

Czech singer-songwriter Aiko, born Alena Shirmanova-Kostebelova on December 26, 1999, in Moscow, represents the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2024 with “Pedestal.” Based in Brighton, England, Aiko‘s discography includes albums “Aiko” (2018), “Expiration Date” (2020), and “Fortune’s Child” (2023).

Power (2021)

4 . Luke Hemmings – Shakes

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

The lead vocalist of 5 Seconds of Summer, Luke Hemmings, born in 1996, has released solo albums including “When Facing the Things We Turn Away From.” He ventured into modeling, featuring in Philipp Plein’s NY Fashion Week 2019 and on the cover of Glass Man magazine.
Music video directed by : George Gallardo Kattah

Painful Paradise (2023)

3 . Metz – Light Your Way Home

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Ontario-based Metz, known for their mix of punk, noise rock, and post-hardcore, evolved their sound with “Up On Gravity Hill.” Their work is marked by nuanced atmospherics and collaborations like Owen Pallett.
Music video directed by : Colin Medley – Song featured on the album : Up On Gravity Hill

Hail Taxi (2020)

2 . Mishaal Tamer – Mama Don’t Go

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Mishaal Tamer, born in 1999 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is a pop singer known for multilingual lyrics in songs like “Tell Me About You.” A NYU Tisch graduate, he signed with Columbia Records, blending Arabic, English, and Spanish.

Little Omens (2023)

1 . Alfie Jukes – Not Quite Gone

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Alfie Jukes is a California-based TikTok personality and songwriter born in 2002.
Music video directed by : Relta

Anymore (2023)

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