This Week New Music Videos (louder) – N°406

Here are the brand new worldwide louder music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

31 . Gashi – Cold

Date Added : May 26,2024

Gashi, born Labinot Gashi on October 4, 1989, in Tripoli, Libya, is an Albanian-American rapper and singer. Known for his album “1984” (2020) and singles like “Creep On Me” with DJ Snake, Gashi blends rap, pop, and R&B. His album “Elevators” was released in 2022.
Music video directed by : Zack Mctee

Creep On Me (W/ French Montana, Dj Snake) (2019)

30 . Wesghost – Dark

Date Added : May 26,2024

WesGhost, emerging in pop/rock and rap, is known for blending genres in tracks like “DOOMED.” His unique approach, including performing masked, focuses on music’s emotional depth and connecting with listeners feeling unseen.

Cursed (2023)

29 . Bradley Simpson – Picasso

Date Added : May 26,2024

Bradley Simpson, leader of The Vamps, achieved fame with albums like “Meet the Vamps”. The band’s first UK #1 album was “Night & Day”. Known for hits “Somebody to You” and “Oh Cecilia”, they also launched Steady Records.
Music video directed by : Joshua Tanner

28 . The Red Clay Strays – Wanna Be Loved

Date Added : May 26,2024

The Red Clay Strays, from Mobile, Alabama, blend rock, country, and soul. Formed in 2016, their viral single “Wondering Why” charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Their debut album “Moment of Truth” (2022) established their presence in the music scene.
Music video directed by : Kimberly Stuckwisch – Song featured on the album : Made By These Moments

Sunshine (2023)

27 . Amyl And The Sniffers – U Should Not Be Doing That

Date Added : May 22,2024

Amyl and the Sniffers, an Australian punk band formed in 2016, released their self-titled debut album in 2019, which won an ARIA Award for Best Rock Album. Their 2021 album “Comfort to Me” includes the track “Guided by Angels.”
Music video directed by : John Angus Stewart

Guided By Angels (2022)

26 . Sleaford Mods – Tied Up In Nottz

Date Added : May 22,2024

Formed in 2007 by vocalist Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods is an English post-punk duo from Nottingham, encapsulating the raw spirit of working-class / austerity-era Britain with their abrasive, minimalist sound.
Music video directed by : Simon Parfrement – Song featured on the album : Divide And Exit (10Th Anniversary Edition)

Nudge It (2021)

25 . Kami Kehoe – Where Did It All Go Wrong

Date Added : May 22,2024

Kami Kehoe is a Las Vegas-based artist born in 2003. Her album “DRAMA QUEEN” (2023) features tracks like “loaded gun” and “hate ur f**king self,” exploring themes of heartbreak and healing.
Music video directed by : Julian Baner

Sleep When Im Dead (2023)

24 . Pallbearer – Mind Burns Alive

Date Added : May 21,2024

Pallbearer, formed in 2008 in Arkansas, debuted with “Sorrow and Extinction” in 2012, gaining critical acclaim. Notable albums include “Foundations of Burden” and “Heartless”, blending doom metal with rock and prog. “Forgotten Days” in 2020 continued their thematic exploration of doom and mysticism.
Music video directed by : Pallbearer + Dan Almasy – Song featured on the album : Mind Burns Alive

Forgotten Days (2021)

23 . A.L.A – Souvenir

Date Added : May 21,2024

Tunisian rapper A.L.A, born October 15, 1991, rose to fame with hits like “U.Z.I” and “S.A.F.E” on YouTube, showcasing his distinctive clean beats and introspective lyrics.
Music video directed by : Youssef Ben Aissa

U.Z.I (2024)

22 . Lølø – Kill The Girl

Date Added : May 21,2024

Lølø also known as Lauren Mandel, is a singer from Toronto who first captured public attention through her creative reimaginings of music hits on TikTok before signing with Hopeless Records and releasing, until now, almost 20 singles or eps. Song featured on the album : Falling For Robots & Wishing I Was One

Lonely & Pathetic (2021)

21 . The Script – Both Ways

Date Added : May 18,2024

Irish rock band The Script formed in 2001, gaining fame with their debut album featuring “We Cry.” Known for hits like “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and “Breakeven,” their music often explores themes of love and struggle. They have sold over 20 million albums globally.
Music video directed by : Jordan Rossi – Song featured on the album : Satellites

Breakeven (2010)

20 . Nothing More – Angel Song (w/ David Draiman)

Date Added : May 18,2024

Texas-based rock band Nothing More, formed in 2003, blends progressive rock, heavy metal, and alt-rock. Their 2014 self-titled album under Eleven Seven Label Group featured “This Is the Time (Ballast).” Their 2017 album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” earned three Grammy nominations.
Music video directed by : Orie Mcginness

This Is The Time (2014)

19 . Hardy – Psycho

Date Added : May 18,2024

American country artist Hardy, known for his blend of country and rock, gained recognition with singles like “Rednecker” and “One Beer.” His songwriting skills led to hits for artists like Florida Georgia Line and Blake Shelton, earning him a CMA nomination for Song of the Year.
Music video directed by : Justin Clough – Song featured on the album : Quit!!

Sold Out (2022)

18 . Aethyrien – Varðlokkur, Caller Of Spirits

Date Added : May 18,2024

Christopher from Portland, Oregon, blends Norse mythology with music and beard care products under Valkyrie Beard Care and Aethyrien. His music project, Aethyrien, incorporates cinematic scores, deathcore, etc.
Music video directed by : Colm Moloney, Karolina Winters

Open The Gates (2023)

17 . Lana – My Life

Date Added : May 17,2024

Lana is a Japanese hip-hop and R&B singer from Shonan, Kanagawa. Her debut EP “19” was released in July 2023. The track “TURN IT UP,” produced by Zot on The Wave, garnered over 15 million streams.

Turn It Up (W/ Candee & Zot On The Wave) (2023)

16 . Hinds – Boom Boom Back (w/ Beck)

Date Added : May 17,2024

Hinds is a Spanish indie rock band from Madrid, formed in 2011. Their debut album “Leave Me Alone” (2016) gained attention for its raw sound. They followed with “I Don’t Run” (2018) and “The Prettiest Curse” (2020), blending garage rock with broader musical influences.
Music video directed by : Hinds – Song featured on the album : Viva Hinds

Good Bad Times (2020)

15 . Aviva – Fake Friends

Date Added : May 17,2024

Aviva, born Aviva Anastasia Payne on May 6, 1994, is an Australian singer known for her electro-pop hit “GRRRLS” (2017). Her debut album, “Volume 1” (2021), features tracks like “Blame It On the Kids.” She also authored the “SELF/LESS” novel series.
Music video directed by : Jefferton James

Scream (2022)

14 . Alfie Templeman – Hello Lonely

Date Added : May 17,2024

Born in 2003, Alfie Templeman is a British indie R&B artist. His discography includes “Like an Animal” (2018) and “Mellow Moon” (2022), reflecting a mix of indie pop and alternative rock.
Music video directed by : Richard Pope – Song featured on the album : Radiosoul

Broken (2021)

13 . Royal Republic – Wow! Wow! Wow!

Date Added : May 16,2024

Royal Republic, a Swedish rock band, blends energetic garage rock with indie influences. Their albums, including “We Are the Royal” and “Club Majesty,” showcase catchy singles like “Tommy-Gun” and “Boomerang,” earning them a devoted fanbase across Europe.
Music video directed by : Ted Lindén – Song featured on the album : Lovecop

Baby (2015)

12 . Stand Atlantic – Love U Anyway

Date Added : May 16,2024

Stand Atlantic, a pop punk band from Sydney, debuted with “A Place Apart” in 2015. Signed by Hopeless Records, they released “Skinny Dipping” in 2018, “Pink Elephant” in 2020, reaching ARIA #23, and “F.E.A.R.” in 2022.
Music video directed by : Brandon Lung – Song featured on the album : Was Here

Hair Out (2022)

11 . Danheim – Skugga

Date Added : May 16,2024

Danheim, the stage name of Reidar Schæfer Olsen, is a Danish ambient and Nordic folk musician born in 1985. His music is heavily inspired by Viking-age themes, infusing traditional elements with a modern electronic and ambient sound. Song featured on the album : Danheim

Ivar’S Revenge (2017)

10 . A Tergo Lupi – Heal The Tree

Date Added : May 16,2024

A Tergo Lupi, an Italian Dark Folk band formed in 2017, blends dark neofolk with industrial sounds. Their debut album “Out of the Fence” was released in 2019, featuring the single “Red Sun.” Their second album, “Hide,” was released in 2022, continuing their musical evolution.Song featured on the album : Hide

Unhidden (2023)

9 . Lari Basilio – Skyline (w/ Anika Nilles)

Date Added : May 14,2024

Brazilian guitarist Lari Basilio gained recognition with her 2011 self-titled EP. Her album “Far More” (2019) features musicians like Vinnie Colaiuta. She released the Ibanez LB1 guitar in 2021. Her latest album, “Your Love” (2022), includes collaborations with noted session musicians.
Music video directed by : Marius And Mirella Mischke

Your Love (2023)

8 . Mothica – Red

Date Added : May 14,2024

Mothica, real name McKenzie Ellis, is an American artist blending pop, rock, and emo. Starting music at 18, her early hit was “Starchild.” The “Mythic” EP and “Blue Hour” album highlight her journey. Her song “VICES” went viral on TikTok, featuring on Billboard and iTunes charts.
Music video directed by : Samuel Halleen – Song featured on the album : Kissing Death

Sensitive (2022)

7 . dArtagnan – Herzblut (w/ Melissa Bonny)

Date Added : May 14,2024

German band dArtagnan, founded in 2015, combines folk and rock in “musketeer rock.” Their debut album “Seit an Seit” (2016) reached the German top 10. Subsequent releases include “Verehrt und verdammt” (2017) and “Felsenfest” (2022), maintaining their presence in the European music charts.
Music video directed by : Nikolaj Georgiew

We’Re Gonna Be Drinking (W/ Candice Night) (2023)

6 . Hanabie, 花冷え。 – Girl’s Talk

Date Added : May 14,2024

Hanabie is a Japanese all-female metalcore band known for their unique “Harajuku-core” style, blending metalcore, hardcore punk, nu metal, hip hop, and electronica. They signed with Epic Records Japan in 2023 and have gained international recognition, performing at various music festivals worldwide.
Music video directed by : Takuya Oyama

お先に失礼します。- Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now (2022)

5 . Nemo – The Code [Live Eurovision 2024]

Date Added : May 12,2024

Swiss musician Nemo Mettler, who identifies as non-binary, has made waves with their EP “Clownfisch” and single “Du,” achieving notable chart success in Switzerland. Their participation in “The Masked Singer Switzerland” as Panda and their advocacy for non-binary representation highlight their cultural impact.

Du (2017)

4 . Seventeen, 세븐틴 – Lalali

Date Added : May 12,2024

Seventeen, a South Korean boy band formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015, gained recognition with their debut mini album “17 Carat,” notable as the longest-charting K-pop album in the U.S. in 2015.
Music video directed by : 725

Left & Right (2021)

3 . Remi Wolf – Toro

Date Added : May 12,2024

Remi Wolf, born February 2, 1996, is an American singer-songwriter who released her debut album “Juno” in October 2021. Prior to that, she released two EPs, “You’re A Dog!” and “I’m Allergic to Dogs!” Her single “Photo ID” received gold certification in Australia.
Music video directed by : Ragan Henderson

Michael (2023)

2 . Tommee Profitt & Skylar Grey – Numb

Date Added : May 12,2024

Tommee Profitt, an American producer and composer, has notably collaborated with NF on albums like “Mansion,” “Therapy Session,” and “Perception.” His cinematic music compositions have been featured in TV shows including “Batwoman” and “The Good Doctor.”

Enemy (W/ Sam Tinnesz & Beacon Light) (2020)

1 . Tiny Habits – Wishes

Date Added : May 12,2024

Tiny Habits, formed in 2022, is an Indie Folk band known for their debut album “Tiny Things,” followed by “A Grey Area” and “Everything Ends.” Their single “Wishes” has gained notable popularity.
Music video directed by : Caleb Spilios – Song featured on the album : All For Something

Small Enough (2023)

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