This Week New Music Videos (Veterans Only) – N°383

Here are the brand new music videos by “established” artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

49 . Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Kacey Musgraves, born August 21, 1988, in Texas, redefines country music with albums like “Same Trailer Different Park” and “Golden Hour,” which won Album of the Year at the Grammys. Hits like “Merry Go ‘Round” and “Space Cowboy” showcase her progressive take on the genre.
Music video directed by : Hannah Lux Davis – Song featured on the album : Deeper Well

High Horse (2018)

48 . Conan Gray – Lonely Dancers

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Conan Gray, born December 5, 1998, in California, rose to fame with “Idle Town.” His albums “Kid Krow” and “Superache” explore themes of youth and emotion, blending indie pop and alternative rock.

Heather (2020)

47 . Bryan Adams – Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Canadian musician Bryan Adams is celebrated for albums “Cuts Like a Knife” (1983) and “Reckless” (1984), with hits like “Summer of ’69.” He’s won a Grammy and multiple Juno Awards, selling over 75 million records worldwide.
Music video directed by : Lorna Tucker

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (1991)

46 . ††† [Crosses] – Big Youth (w/ El-P)

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

††† (Crosses), formed by Chino Moreno and Shaun Lopez in 2011, merges electronic, alternative rock, and dream pop. Their self-titled debut album showcases their unique sound, distinct from their primary bands, Deftones and Far.Song featured on the album : Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete

Bitches Brew (2013)

45 . Beth Gibbons – Floating On A Moment

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Beth Gibbons, Portishead’s singer, transcends genres from pop to alternative folk. Her collaborations and solo work, including “Out of Season,” showcase her emotive voice.
Music video directed by : Tony Oursler – Song featured on the album : Lives Outgrown

Mysteries (W/ Rustin Man) (2014)

44 . Rod Stewart & Jools Holland – Almost Like Being In Love [The Tonight Show]

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Sir Rod Stewart, a legendary music artist, has sold over 200 million records globally. Known for hits like “Maggie May” and “Sailing”, he boasts nine #1 UK albums and numerous Top 10 singles in the UK and US.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (2009)

43 . The Lemon Twigs – They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

The Lemon Twigs, an indie rock band from New York, formed by brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, are known for their ’70s baroque rock sound. They gained attention at major festivals and released albums like “Go To School” (2018) and “Everything Harmony” (2023), showcasing their theatrical style.
Music video directed by : Ambar Navarro – Song featured on the album : A Dream Is All We Know

As Long As We’Re Together (2016)

42 . Elbow – Lovers’ Leap

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

English rock band Elbow, formed in 1997, debuted with “Asleep in the Back” (2001). Known for albums like “The Seldom Seen Kid” (2007) and winning the Mercury Music Prize. Their music is characterized by atmospheric rock and introspective lyrics, with hits like “One Day Like This.”
Music video directed by : Henry Oliver & Justin Du Pre – Song featured on the album : Audio Vertigo

One Day Like This (2008)

41 . Blue Öyster Cult – So Supernatural

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Blue Öyster Cult, a rock band formed in Long Island, New York in 1967, is renowned for their distinctive fusion of hard rock, psychedelia, and heavy metal, for their live performances and pioneering use of laser lighting. They gained mainstream success with their hit “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” from the 1976 album “Agents of Fortune”Song featured on the album : Ghost Stories

The Reaper (1976)

40 . Madness – Round We Go

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Madness, the iconic British ska band, known for their quirky videos, are back with thirteenth studio album.
Music video directed by : Will Clark & Jamie Chalmers – Song featured on the album : Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C’Est La Vie

One Step Beyond (1979)

39 . Tom Walker – Head Underwater

Date Added : févr 8, 2024

Tom Walker, a Scottish singer-songwriter born in Kilsyth and raised in Cheshire, catapulted to fame with his stirring single “Leave a Light On”, which became an international hit and earned him the 2019 Brit Awards title of Best Breakthrough Act.Song featured on the album : I Am

Leave A Light On (2017)

37 . Portugal. The Man – Grim Generation

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

American indie band Portugal. The Man, formed in Alaska in 2004, broke through with “Feel It Still” from their “Woodstock” album in 2017, winning a Grammy. Known for blending indie rock with psychedelic influences, they’ve consistently advocated for social and environmental causes through their music and performances.
Music video directed by : Aaron Brown, Josué Rivas, Maclay Heriot & Noel Paul – Song featured on the album : Chris Black Changed My Life

Feel It Still (2017)

36 . Jason Derulo & Michael Bublé – Spicy Margarita

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

Jason Derulo, a Florida-born singer-songwriter with Haitian roots, transformed early musical passions into worldwide hits like “Whatcha Say.” His journey from writing for Birdman to chart-topping singles and albums blends contemporary R&B with pop, capturing audiences with his vibrant performances.

Whatcha Say (2009)

35 . Sean Paul – Greatest [Dutty Money Riddim]

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

Sean Paul, born January 9, 1973, in Jamaica, revolutionized dancehall with albums like “Dutty Rock,” featuring hits “Gimme the Light” and “Get Busy.” Winning a Grammy and several awards, his music spans reggae to global pop.
Music video directed by : Ruption “Aka Ruppi”

Temperature (2005)

34 . Billie Eilish – What Was I Made For? (The Barbie Montage)

Date Added : févr 7, 2024

Billie Eilish, born December 18, 2001, in Los Angeles, soared to fame with “Ocean Eyes.” Her 2019 album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” won multiple Grammys, including Album of the Year. Known for her electropop sound, Eilish has become a defining voice of her generation.

Bad Guy (2019)

33 . Gary Clark Jr. – Maktub

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Gary Clark Jr., from Austin, Texas, blends blues, rock, and soul. His breakthrough “Blak and Blu” in 2012 and the hit “Come Together” showcase his diverse talent. Winning a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album, Clark has performed with legends like the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton.
Music video directed by : Martine Syms – Song featured on the album : Jpeg Raw

Bright Lights (2010)

32 . Justin Timberlake – Sanctified [Live At SNL] (w/ Tobe Nwigwe)

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Justin Timberlake, an American artist, gained fame with *NSYNC before a successful solo career. His albums “Justified” (2002) and “FutureSex/LoveSounds” (2006) include hits like “SexyBack.” Timberlake also pursued acting, returning to music with “The 20/20 Experience” (2013).Song featured on the album : Everything I Thought It Was

Can’T Stop The Feeling! (2016)

31 . Toyah & Robert Fripp – Hurricane

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Toyah Willcox, a British singer, actress, and TV presenter, has impacted punk and new wave scenes since the 1980s. With top singles and roles in films like “Jubilee,” Toyah has earned accolades, including an Honorary Doctorate and a Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Companionship.

I Want To Be Free (1981)

30 . Bruce Hornsby – The Way It Is [Radio 2 Piano Room]

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Bruce Hornsby, known for his blend of pop/rock, jazz, and more, made his mark with “The Way It Is.” His Grammy-winning talent spans across collaborations and solo projects, including “Original Sounds” and performances with the Grateful Dead.

The Way It Is (1986)

25 . Orbital, David Holmes & Dj Helen – Tonight In Belfast (w/ Mike Garry)

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Orbital, formed by Phil and Paul Hartnoll in 1989, stands as electronic music pioneers with albums like “Snivilisation” and “In Sides.” Known for their immersive live shows, they’ve become synonymous with the evolution of techno and ambient music, influencing the genre significantly over decades.Song featured on the album : The Green Album

Are We Here (1994)

24 . Dannii Minogue & Autone – Thinking ‘Bout Us

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Dannii Minogue, Australian pop icon, launched her career on “Young Talent Time,” transitioning to music with hits from her debut album “Love and Kisses.” Her dance-pop reinvention with “Neon Nights” included chart-toppers like “I Begin to Wonder,” making her a dance floor favorite and a judge on various talent shows.
Music video directed by : Sean Higgins

I Begin To Wonder (2003)

23 . Crystal Waters – Dance Dance Dance

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Crystal Waters, renowned for “Gypsy Woman” and “100% Pure Love,” blends house with dance, making waves since the early ’90s. Her music, including the collaboration “Destination Calabria,” has topped the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart multiple times, marking her as a dance music legend.

Gypsy Woman (She’S Homeless) (1991)

22 . Paramore – Burning Down The House

Date Added : févr 5, 2024

Known for anthemic punk-pop and emo tunes, their Grammy-winning “Ain’t It Fun,” Paramore, the Tennessee-based rock band, led by Hayley Williams, soared with “Riot!” and continued success with albums like “Paramore” and “After Laughter.”
Music video directed by : Zachary Gray – Song featured on the album : Everyone’S Getting Involved

Misery Business (2007)

21 . Liam Gallagher & John Squire – Mars To Liverpool

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Liam Gallagher, former Oasis co-frontman, achieved success with albums like “Definitely Maybe” and solo albums “As You Were” and “Why Me? Why Not.” Known for his distinctive singing and charisma, he’s been recognized as a “Rock Icon” by MTV Europe Music Awards and voted the greatest frontman by Q magazine.Song featured on the album : Mars To Liverpool

Once (2020)

20 . The Libertines – Shiver [Radio 2 Piano Room]

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

The Libertines,an English rock band formed in London in 1997, is known for its core members Carl Barât (vocals/guitar) and Pete Doherty (vocals/guitar), along with John Hassall (bass) and Gary Powell (drums). After several upheavals, splits and reunions, they recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album “Up The Bracket” before announcing a new album due in 2024.

Can’T Stand Me Now (2004)

19 . Ibibio Sound Machine – Got To Be Who U Are

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Ibibio Sound Machine is a London-based band blending Afrobeat, disco, and electronic music. Led by Eno Williams, their music fuses African and electronic elements, inspired by West-African funk & disco. Their discography includes albums like “Uyai,” “Doko Mien,” and “Pull the Rope,” blending traditional themes with a modern twist. The band’s name draws from Ibibio folk stories, creating a personal and universally relatable musical narrative.Song featured on the album : Pull The Rope

Give Me A Reason (2017)

18 . John Scofield – I Don’t Need No Doctor [The Late Show]

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

John Scofield is an influential American guitarist and composer known for his diverse contributions to jazz, fusion, funk, blues, and rock. His career spans decades, marked by improvisation and genre-blending. Scofield’s journey includes collaborations with Miles Davis, leading his groups, and over 30 albums as a leader. His music seamlessly combines traditional jazz with funk, showcasing versatility and earning him Grammy nominations and awards.

@ Montreal (W/ Miles Davis) (1985)

17 . Usher, Pheelz – Ruin

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Usher Raymond IV, born October 14, 1978, in Texas, rose to fame with albums like “My Way” and “Confessions,” selling over 80 million records worldwide. Known as the “King of R&B,” he has won 9 Grammy Awards and ventured into acting and entrepreneurship, co-owning the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Music video directed by : Dave Meyers – Song featured on the album : Coming Home

Yeah! (W/ Lil Jon, Ludacris) (2004)

16 . Johnny Marr – The Answer

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Johnny Marr, born October 31, 1963, in Manchester, England, is famed as The Smiths” guitarist. His solo career includes albums like “The Messenger” and he’s known for his jangly guitar style. Marr won NME’s “Godlike Genius” award in 2013 and is celebrated for his influence on indie rock.Song featured on the album : Spirit Power: The Best Of Johnny Marr

Easy Money (2014)

15 . CeCe Winans – That’s My King

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

CeCe Winans, born October 8, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan, is a Grammy-winning gospel artist. Her debut “Alone in His Presence” sold over a million units. With hits like “Count On Me,” Winans has won 15 Grammy Awards, and was honored with the Aretha Franklin Icon Award at the BET Stellar Awards in 2023.

Count On Me (W/ Whitney Houston) (1996)

14 . Everything Everything – The End Of The Contender

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Everything Everything, an English art rock band formed in 2007 in Manchester, blends art pop, indie, and experimental pop. Known for albums like “Man Alive” and “Raw Data Feel,” they”ve been Mercury Prize shortlisted twice and nominated for five Ivor Novello Awards.
Music video directed by : Kit Monteith

Violent Sun (2020)

13 . Goo Goo Dolls – Beautiful Lie

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

The Goo Goo Dolls, formed in 1985 in Buffalo, New York, transitioned from punk rock to alternative pop, achieving mainstream success with albums like “A Boy Named Goo.” Their hit “Iris,” from “Dizzy Up the Girl,” dominated the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay charts.Song featured on the album : Miracle Pill

Iris (1998)

12 . Peter Garrett – Permaglow

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Peter Garrett, Australian musician and activist, led Midnight Oil to fame with their environmental and social advocacy, highlighted in performances like the 2000 Sydney Olympics ‘Sorry suits’ act. Transitioning into politics, Garrett served as the Member for Kingsford Smith and Minister for the Environment, returning to music with his solo album and tours.
Music video directed by : Robert Hambling

Beds Are Burning (W/ Midnight Oil) (1987)

11 . Shaznay Lewis – Kiss Of Life

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Shaznay Lewis, key member of British girl group All Saints, contributed to hits like “Never Ever” and ventured solo with the album “Open.” Her return in 2023 with the album “Pages” and single “Miracle” highlights her enduring influence in music.
Music video directed by : Oscar J Ryan

Pure Shores (W/ All Saints) (2000)

10 . Boris Blank – Resonance

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Boris Blank, co-founder of Yello, revolutionized electronic music with hits like “Oh Yeah” and “The Race.” Born in Switzerland, Blank’s self-taught expertise in synthesizers and sound design has led to a distinctive discography that crosses genres. Beyond Yello, his solo project Avant Garden focuses on music for film and TV.
Music video directed by : Boris Blank – Song featured on the album : Resonance

Oh Yeah (W/ Yello) (1987)

13 . Philip Glass – Opening

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Philip Glass, a pioneering American composer, born January 31, 1937, is celebrated for his minimalist music with repetitive structures. Notable works include operas “Einstein on the Beach,” “Satyagraha,” and film scores like “Koyaanisqatsi.” His style has influenced late 20th-century music, earning him Academy Award nominations and a broad following.
Music video directed by : Four/Ten Media

12 . Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Finding Myself Leads Me To You

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Rodrigo y Gabriela, a Mexican guitar duo known for fusing classical, Latin, world music, and heavy metal. Their self-titled album topped the Irish Albums Chart, featuring covers and original compositions. They won a Grammy for “Mettavolution” and contributed to movie soundtracks, showcasing their distinctive instrumental style.
Music video directed by : Erick Sandoval

Tamacun (2007)

11 . Beverley Knight – Just

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Beverley Knight, a British soul singer, songwriter, and actress, born March 22, 1973, has released hits like “Shoulda Woulda Coulda.” Her albums include “The B-Funk” and “Voice: The Best Of.” Knight has starred in West End productions and was appointed MBE in 2006 for her contributions to music.

One More Try [Live] (2011)

10 . Train & REO Speedwagon – Drops Of Jupiter & Keep On Loving You

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

REO Speedwagon, formed in 1967, rose from Illinois heartland rock to ’80s power balladeers. Known for the album “Hi Infidelity” and hits “Keep On Loving You,” they achieved multi-platinum success. Their adaptability and enduring fan base underscore their legacy in rock music.

Can’T Fight This Feeling (1984)

9 . Future Islands – The Thief

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Future Islands is a synth-pop band based in Baltimore, Maryland. The band, known for its unique blend of alternative/indie rock, and New Wave/post-punk revival. Over the years, Future Islands have recorded six studio albums
Music video directed by : Ivana Bobic – Song featured on the album : People Who Aren’T There Anymore

Seasons (Waiting On You) (2014)

8 . James Arthur – Free Falling

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

From the industrial town of Middlesbrough, England, James Arthur‘s rise began with his 2012 victory on “The X Factor”. His next and fifth album “Bitter Sweet Love” is due to drop early next year.Song featured on the album : Bitter Sweet Love

Impossible (2010)

7 . Boy George, Nile Rodgers & Ariana Debose – Electric Energy

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Boy George, lead singer of Culture Club, is known for hits like “Karma Chameleon.” Born George Alan O’Dowd, he began his solo career in 1987, contributing to music, fashion, and art. His solo hits include “Everything I Own” and “The Crying Game.”
Music video directed by : Matthew Vaughn, – Song featured on the album : Argylle: Soundtrack

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (1982)

6 . Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo – Love Is A Battlefield

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Pat Benatar, a four-time Grammy winner, debuted with “In the Heat of the Night” (1979). Known for “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” her career spans influential rock albums like “Crimes of Passion” (1980). Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022, she’s an iconic figure in rock music.

Love Is A Battlefield (1983)

5 . Mark Knopfler – Ahead Of The Game

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Mark Knopfler, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1949, is a renowned guitarist and songwriter, best known for his work with Dire Straits. Their debut album featured “Sultans of Swing,” leading to further success with “Making Movies” and “Love Over Gold.” His solo career includes albums like “Golden Heart” and “The Ragpicker’s Dream,” alongside contributions to film soundtracks. Knopfler was awarded the OBE in 1999.Song featured on the album : One Deep River

Brothers In Arms (A Night In London) (2017)

4 . Jennifer Lopez – Can’t Get Enough (w/ Latto)

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Jennifer Lopez, a global entertainment icon, gained early fame with “Selena” and her debut album “On the 6.” Her hits include “If You Had My Love” and “All I Have.” Lopez has ventured into acting, music, fashion, and philanthropy, recognized with numerous awards and honors, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Song featured on the album : This Is Me… Now

On The Floor (W/ Pitbull) (2011)

3 . Depeche Mode – Before We Drown

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Depeche Mode, formed in 1980 in Essex, England, became iconic in the electronic music scene. Their debut album “Speak & Spell” was followed by significant albums like “Black Celebration” and “Music for the Masses.” The band achieved mainstream success with “Violator,” featuring the hit “Enjoy the Silence.” With over 100 million records sold, they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2020.
Music video directed by : Anton Corbijn – Song featured on the album : Memento Mori

Enjoy The Silence (1990)

2 . Jordan Rakei – Freedom

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

New Zealand-born Jordan Rakei, a multi-talented artist, emerged with his debut album “Cloak” in 2016. His blend of soul, jazz, and hip-hop gained further acclaim with “Wallflower.” Rakei has collaborated with artists like Tom Misch and contributed to Disclosure’s “Caracal.” Recognized for his songwriting, he received nominations for the Australian Independent Record Awards and APRA Awards.
Music video directed by : Cal Mcintyre – Song featured on the album : The Loop

Wildfire (A Colors Show) (2018)

1 . The Zutons – Creeping On The Dancefloor

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

The Zutons, a British indie rock band formed in 2001, are known for their blend of rock, jazz, and funk. Their debut album “Who Killed…… The Zutons?” featured the hit “Valerie.” Following albums “Tired of Hanging Around” and “You Can Do Anything” solidified their place in the indie rock scene. After a hiatus, they reunited for tours and now have a new album, “The Big Decider,” produced by Nile Rodgers.Song featured on the album : The Big Decider

Valerie (2007)

This Week New Music Videos (Veterans Only) – N°383


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