Tamla publish Stevie Wonder’s fifth album : ‘Up Tight’ (1966)

Stevie Wonder‘s ‘Up Tight’ is his fifth studio album released on May 4, 1966 by Tamla.


Tamla publish Stevie Wonder’s fifth album : ‘Up Tight’ (1966)

Track Listing : 1.Love A Go Go (Beth Beatty, Ernie Shelby) – 02:46 . 2.Hold Me (Morris Broadnax, Clarence Paul, Stevie Wonder) – 02:36 . 3.Blowin’ In The Wind (Bob Dylan, Clarence Paul) – 03:46 . 4.Nothing’S Too Good For My Baby (Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy, William Stevenson) – 02:39 . 5.Teach Me Tonight (Sammy Cahn, Gene De Paul) – 02:39 . 6.Uptight (Everything’S Alright) (Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy, Henry Cosby) – 02:54 . 7.Ain’T That Asking For Trouble (Sylvia Moy, Clarence Paul, Stevie Wonder) – 02:49 . 8.I Want My Baby Back (Harvey Fuqua, Cornelius Grant, Eddie Kendricks, Norman Whitfield) – 02:49 . 9.Pretty Little Angel (Clarence Paul, Mike Valvano, Stevie Wonder) – 02:12 . 10.Music Talk (Ted Hull, Clarence Paul, Stevie Wonder) – 02:52 . 11.Contract On Love (Janie Bradford, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland) – 02:06 . 12.With A Child’S Heart (Vicky Basemore, Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy) – 03:08

Musicians : Stevie Wonder – Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals . Benny Benjamin – Drums . James Jamerson – Bass . Clarence Paul -Duet, Vocals . Kevin Reeves – Digital Remastering . Levi Stubbs – Duet, Vocals

Production : Produced By Henry Cosby, William Mickey Stevenson, Clarence Paul, Brian Holland & Lamont Dozier

Package : Ed Aaronoff – Liner Notes

Recorded 1965 – 1966.

Released On May 4, 1966 By Tamla.

(Source Stevie Wonder‘s ‘Up Tight’ | Official Site)


Motown Junkies
Still, Motown, like a sports team carrying a struggling, once-promising draft pick in the fourth year of his contract who suddenly shows up for training rejuvenated and full of fire, had plenty good cause to be grateful they’d not acted impetuously and cut him loose. […]

Stevie Wonder would spend the next four to five years of his life honing his skills, which would ultimately enable him to produce a series of some of the best and most creative albums in music history. Up-Tight catches him at the beginning of that maturation process. and remains a fine listen in its own right. […]

Alltime Records
In several ways, Up-Tight is the perfect example of a 1960’s Motown album, containing the classic sonic palette and vibe of the most successful music factory of its era, but also containing its main deficiencies, the main one being that it’s too formulaic. […]


Stevie Wonder‘s ‘Up Tight’


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