Tim Buckley releases his seventh album : ‘Greetings from L.A.’ (1972)

Tim Buckley‘s ‘Greetings from L.A.’ is his seventh album released in October 1972 by Straight Records Lp.

Track Listing : 1.Move With Me (Tim Buckley, Jerry Goldstein) – 04:52 . 2.Get On Top (Tim Buckley) – 06:33 . 3.Sweet Surrender (Tim Buckley) – 06:47 . 4.Nighthawkin’ (Tim Buckley) – 03:21 . 5.Devil Eyes (Tim Buckley) – 06:50 . 6.Hong Kong Bar (Tim Buckley, Joe Falsia) – 07:08 . 7.Make It Right (Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley, Joe Falsia, Jerry Goldstein) – 04:07

Musicians : Tim Buckley – Guitar, Vocals . Chuck Rainey – Guitar, Bass Guitar . Venetta Fields – Vocals . Clydie King – Vocals . Lorna Willard – Vocals . Joe Falsia – Guitar . Reinhold Press – Bass Guitar . Harry Hyams – Viola . Ralph Schaeffer – Viola . Louis Kievman – Violin . Robert Konrad – Violin, Guitar . William Kurash – Violin . Jesse Ehrlich – Cello . Kevin Kelly – Organ, Piano . Paul Norros – Saxophone . Eugene Siegel – Saxophone . Jerry Goldstein – Percussion . Carter Collins – Congas . Ed Greene – Drums

Production : Produced By Jerry Goldstein . Stan Agol – Engineer . Chris Huston – Engineer, Remixing

Package : Bob Gordon – Photography . Cal Schenkel – Design

Recorded In June 1972 At Far Out Studios, Hollywood.

Released In October 1972 By Straight Records Lp.

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Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Buckley himself is in fine form, writing with uncharacteristic clarity and singing as powerfully and idiosyncratically as ever – just check out his wacky scat singing on “Devil Eyes” (which also recalls War). With just seven tracks and a lot of jamming and repetition, it’s not his best effort overall but does stand in fascinating contrast to his earlier efforts. […]

There it is, right there. Not too slow and not too fast. And it almost hurts because it’s so good. That’s Greetings From LAand that’s the best album the brilliant Tim Buckley ever produced. […]

The argument that this was all somehow a compromise or sellout doesn’t seem to entirely wash. While no doubt there were commercial pressures at play, given Buckley’s constant change from album to album it seems like he simply found something else to try, which he did with gusto. […]


Tim Buckley releases his seventh album : ‘Greetings from L.A.’ (1972)

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