Tim Buckley begins the recording of his album ‘Starsailor’ (1970)

Tim Buckley’s ‘Starsailor’ is an album recorded between September 10 and 21, 1970 and released in November 1970 by Straight Records.

Track listing : 1.Come Here Woman (Tim Buckley) – 04:09 . 2.I Woke Up (Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley) – 04:02 . 3.Monterey (Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley) – 04:30 . 4.Moulin Rouge (Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley) – 01:57 . 5.Song to the Siren (Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley) – 03:20 . 6.Jungle Fire (Tim Buckley) – 04:42 . 7.Starsailor (John Balkin, Tim Buckley) – 04:36 . 8.The Healing Festival (Tim Buckley) – 03:16 . 9.Down by the Borderline (Tim Buckley) – 05:22 .

Musicians : Tim Buckley – Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Vocals . John Balkin – Double Bass, Electric Bass . Lee Underwood – Guitar, Piano, Pipe Organ . Buzz Gardner – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Solo On (9) . Maury Baker – Percussion . Bunk Gardner – Alto Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Solo On (8) .

Production Produced by Tim Buckley . Stan Agol – Audio Engineer, Engineer .

Package : Ed Thrasher – Art Direction and Photography .

Recorded 10–21 September 1970 at Whitney Studios, Glendale, CA.

Released in November 1970 by Straight Records.

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Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Buckley has dumped the Joan Baez vocal routine and ends up with a wailing, yelping, crooning, keening, screeching, quavering, yodelling delivery that makes great use of his range but couldn’t be creepier or more melodically bizarre. It’s a lot like Captain Beefheart, but less wild …. […]

Starsailor‘ is a work of a man with a unique artistic vision. Nothing else has ever sounded quite like this album, even bearing in mind the other albums Tim Buckley himself released. ‘Starsailor‘ has jazz based backings and rhythms, but they are so very loose […]

Warthur @ RateYourMusic
Starsailor is an accomplishment which is respectable but also deeply inaccessible. Drifting away from his folk-rock moorings more or less completely, Buckley unleashes the most wildly experimental album of his career to date. Song to the Siren may be the most famous cut on the album, but anyone expecting the stately majesty of the This Mortal Coil version is in for a shock. […]


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