The Blues of House

From ‘One Room Country Shak’ to ‘Red House’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Blues‘ tunes around the theme of ‘The House and Other Rooms‘. It has Bessie Smith, John Lee Hooker, Pink Anderson, Lonnie Mack and many more.

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum,: On the verge of the Swing Era, Smith died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident outside Clarksdale, Mississippi, in September 1937. She left behind a rich, influential legacy of 160 recordings cut between 1923 and 1933.

David’s Tribute To Jimi Hendrix : In 1986 I introduced Billy Cox to Stevie Ray Vaughan. I sat on the front row of the empty auditorium and watched them rehearse “Come On Pt. 1” and “Voodoo Child” (Slight Return). That night they brought the house down. Stevie was humble and thrilled to be working with one of HIS heroes.

Cascade Blues Association : Blind John Davis learned to play piano when he was fourteen, out of jealousy. His father paid people to play piano in his houses, so John asked his father if he would pay him if he learned to play. His father bought him a piano and John taught himself by listening to others play on the radio and in the houses.

The Bluesmen and Women : It is Earl Hooker who plays the slide guitar that accompanies Muddy Waters on “You Shook Me”, no small deed considering Muddy was one of the great slide guitarists of the blues.

Delmark : I later heard the Muddy Waters band on a trip to Chicago, at the Club Zanzibar c.1957 and was perturbed that Little Walter had left and a new guy had taken his place but when I requested Key To The Highway and Muddy said, “I think Junior Wells does that better than I do,” Junior certainly cut Walter in the vocal department

The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization : Texas-born white singer who knocked everyone out with her hip, black-inflected vocals from the moment Ella Mae Morse hit the scene as a seventeen-year-old with boogie pianist Freddie Slack’s Orchestra in 1942. The House Of Blue Lights, in particular, has been hailed as one of the seminal recordings in rock and roll history.

Blues World : Jimmy’s first instrument was a rude, home-made one. It consisted of several strands of baling wire stretched between nails driven into a wall. By sliding a bottle along the wires with one hand and strumming with the other, he was able to pick out simple melodies

PLAYLIST : Texas Blues – Sadie’s Servant Room Blues (2.49) . Buddy Guy – One Room Country Shak (5.36) . Wynonie Harris – Lightnin’ Struck The Poor House (2.43) . Nina Simone – House Of The Rising Sun (4.29) . Ella Moe Morse – The House Of Blue Lights (2.38) . Bessie Smith – In The House Blues (3.01) . Blind John Davis – The House of Blues Lights (1.37) . Robert Johnson – Come On in My Kitchen (2.52) . Mance Lipscomb – Haunted House Blues (2.53) . Memphis Slim – Empty room blues (2.55) . Pink Anderson – Big house blues (4.05) . John Lee Hooker – House Rent Boogie (3.05) . Jones & Willie B. James – Lonesome Bedroom Blues (2.23) . Billy Cox´s – Powerhouse (3.11) . Lonnie Mack – Old House (3.07) . Earl Hooker and Junior Wells – Come On In This House (2.53) . Sonny Terry And Brownie Mc Ghee – Lonesome Room (2.54) . The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Red House (3.07) .


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