Asylum publish Tom Waits’ second album : ‘The Heart of Saturday Night’ (1974)

Tom Waits‘s ‘The Heart of Saturday Night’ is his second studio album released in October 1974 by Asylum Records.

Track Listing : 1.New Coat Of Paint (Tom Waits ) – 03:23 . 2.San Diego Serenade (Tom Waits ) – 03:30 . 3.Semi Suite (Tom Waits ) – 03:29 . 4.Shiver Me Timbers (Tom Waits ) – 04:26 . 5.Diamonds On My Windshield (Tom Waits ) – 03:12 . 6.(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night (Tom Waits ) – 03:53 . 7.Fumblin’ With The Blues (Tom Waits ) – 03:02 . 8.Please Call Me, Baby (Tom Waits ) – 04:25 . 9.Depot, Depot (Tom Waits ) – 03:46 . 10.Drunk On The Moon (Tom Waits ) – 05:06 . 11.The Ghosts Of Saturday Night (After Hours At Napoleone’S Pizza House) (Tom Waits ) – 03:16

Cal Schenkel

Musicians : Tom Waits – Vocals, Piano, Guitar . Jim Hughart – Double Bass . Pete Christlieb – Tenor Saxophone . Jim Gordon – Drums . Bob Alcivar – Arranger

Production : Produced By Bones Howe . Bones Howe – Ngineer . Geoff Howe – Engineer . Terry Dunavan – Mastering

Package : Lyn Lascaro Aka Napolean – Cover Art . Cal Schenkel asterisques RVM – Art Direction . Scott Smith – Photography

Recorded In 1974.

Released In October 1974 By Asylum Records.

(Source Tom Waits‘s ‘The Heart of Saturday Night’ | Official Site)

Heart of Saturday Night’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />

For the most part, The Heart of Saturday Night uses a more classical form of instrumentation than other Tom Waits releases. A few tracks are backed by a heavy bass rhythm, giving them a bluesy quality. […]

Rolling Stone
Beneath the sophisticated brilliance of his lyrics, Waits reveals a haunting innocence — the sense of a loner circling and recircling the same turf, musing out loud. […]
Overall, while waits would only get better in time, this is an early career gemand it’s often described as the perfect album for being up late and depressedand is an ultimate tribute to bars and life on the streets. This is for the people that just can’t quite get into Wait’s more strange experimental stuff. […]


Tom Waits‘s ‘The Heart of Saturday Night’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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