Asylum publish Tom Waits’ ‘Heartattack and Vine,’ his last album for the label (1980)

Tom Waits‘ ‘Heartattack and Vine’ is his sixth studio album recorded from June 16 till July 15, 1980 and released in September 1980 by Asylum.

Track Listing : 1.Heartattack And Vine (Tom Waits) – 04:50 . 2.In Shades (Tom Waits) – 04:25 . 3.Saving All My Love For You (Tom Waits) – 03:41 . 4.Downtown (Tom Waits) – 04:45 . 5.Jersey Girl (Tom Waits) – 05:11 . 6.’Til The Money Runs Out (Tom Waits) – 04:25 . 7.On The Nickel (Tom Waits) – 06:19 . 8.Mr. Siegal (Tom Waits) – 05:14

Greg Gorman

Musicians : Tom Waits – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Piano . Ronnie Barron – Hammond Organ, Piano . Roland Bautista – Electric Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar . Greg Cohen – Bass . Victor Feldman – Percussion, Chimes, Glockenspiel . Jim Hughart – Bass . Plas Johnson – Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone . Michael Lang – Piano . Larry Taylor – Bass . Big John Thomassie – Drums . Jerry Yester – Conductor . Bob Alcivar – Conductor

Production : Produced By Bones Howe . Bob Alcivar, Jerry Yester . Bones Howe – Engineer . Geoff Howe – Assistant Engineer . Terry Dunavan – Mastering

Arrangements : Bob Alcivar, Jerry Yester

Package : Norm Ung – Art Direction . Ron Coro – Art Direction . Greg Gorman asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded June 16-July 15, 1980 At Filmways/Heider Studio B, Hollywood, California.

Released In September 1980 By Asylum.

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Rolling Stone
While he can be faulted on many counts — the godawful condition of his voice, his perverse love for dime-store kitsch imagery — the purity of his intentions is never in question: Tom Waits finds more beauty in the gutter than most people would find in the Garden of Eden. […]
His arrangement, voice, lyrics and orchestration are all simply beautiful and should be on everyone’s inspiration list. It would be a crime not to give this album a 5 out of 5. It’s genius. […]

While there are a couple of standout songs, for the most part, the album doesn’t feel like Waits to me, and not because of a change in style. It just comes across as empty. […]


Tom Waits‘ ‘Heartattack and Vine’



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