Tommy LiPuma & The Ladies

Now in his eighties, Tommy LiPuma is a living legend.

From Miles Davis to Paul McCartney, LiPuma has produced a large batch of grammy certified albums and artists. George Benson, Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, Dr. John to name a few.

And some fine ladies too

Barbra Streisand, Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, Diana Krall, Randy Crawford and a few more. Find them all with “Tommy LiPuma and the Ladies”

Track Listing Video: 1.Claudine Longet / Both Sides Now – 03:39 . 2.Randy Crawford / Secret Combination – 03:47 . 3.Randy Crawford / Windsong – 04:08 . 4.Randy Crawford / One Hello – 03:44 . 5.Everything But The Girl / Driving – 03:52 . 6.Nathalie Cole / Non Dimenticar – 02:59 . 7.Natalie Cole / Take A Look – 03:05 . 8.Diana Krall / I Don’T Know Enough About You – 09:11 . 9.Natalie Cole / Tell Me All About It – 05:13 . 10.Lizz Wright / Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly – 03:45 . 11.Diana Krall / Almost Blue – 04:00 . 12.Gladys Knight / Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me – 04:00 . 13.Diana Krall / Quiet Nights – 04:44

Track Listing Audio : 1.Barbra Streisand – All In Love Is Fair . 2.Anita Baker – The Look Of Love . 3.Diana Krall – The Girl In The Other Room . 4.Diana Krall – How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky) . 5.Randy Crawford – Rainy Night In Georgia . 6.Natalie Cole – Tell Me All About It . 7.Diana Krall – Love Letters . 8.Patti Austin – Honey For The Bees . 9.Gladys Knight – Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me . 10.Diana Krall – The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams . 11.Randy Crawford;Joe Sample – Respect Yourself . 12.Queen Latifah – I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl . 13.Lizz Wright – Afro-Blue . 14.Diana Krall – You’Re My Thrill

Tommy LiPuma & The Ladies

Macklam Feldman Management – Artists
“I can’t always put my finger on why I know something will work. It’s more the chills factor I look for — honing in on that artist whose music reaches inside you and takes you somewhere. There’s no scientific formula for hitting the mark, but that’s part of the excitement and challenge for me.” Tommy LiPuma

1967.Claudine – Claudine Longet
1967.Look of Love – Claudine Longet
1968.Colours – Claudine Longet
1968.Love Is Blue – Claudine Longet
1974.The Way We Were – Barbra Streisand
1981.Secret Combination – Randy Crawford
1982.Windsong – Randy Crawford
1983.Nightline – Randy Crawford
1983.Two Eyes – Brenda Russell
1985.Gettin’ Away with Murder – Patti Austin
1987.Get Close to My Love – Jennifer Holliday
1987.Love Songs – Randy Crawford
1990.Language of Life – Everything But the Girl
1991.Unforgettable…With Love – Natalie Cole
1993.Here It Is – Jevetta Steele
1993.Take a Look – Natalie Cole
1994.Rhythm of Love – Anita Baker
1994.Holly & Ivy – Natalie Cole
1995.Only Trust Your Heart – Diana Krall
1996.All for You – Diana Krall
1997.Love Scenes – Diana Krall
1998.When I Look in Your Eyes – Diana Krall
1999.Why Should I Care – Diana Krall
2001.You’re My Thrill – Shirley Horn
2001.Love Songs – Natalie Cole
2001.Look of Love – Diana Krall
2002.Ask a Woman Who Knows – Natalie Cole
2002.Live in Paris – Diana Krall
2003.Salt – Lizz Wright
2004.Girl in the Other Room – Diana Krall
2005.Christmas Songs – Diana Krall
2006.Feeling Good – Joe Sample/Randy Crawford
2006.From This Moment On – Diana Krall
2006.Before Me – Gladys Knight
2007.Trav’lin’ Light – Queen Latifah
2008.No Regrets – Joe Sample/Randy Crawford
2009.Quiet Nights – Diana Krall
2009.Love Is the Answer – Barbra Streisand


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