Tomorrow is Another Day

From ‘Never On Sunday’ to ‘Nunca en Domingo’, we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz with Some Latin Music and a Bit of Pop‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Week Days‘. It has Gerry Mulligan & Ben Webster , Elis Regina, Sonny Criss, Keny Burrell and many more.

IMAGE : Pay day tomorrow Photo by Reinis Traidas

Amazon: Thelonious Monk created some of his most innovative music during the period in the early ’50s when he recorded for Prestige, and Sonny Rollins was in the forefront of the few musicians who could respond to Monk’s challenging compositions and sharp-angled, dissonant comping.

Elis Regina : In 1965, Elis Regina sang at the first big popular music festival, and won first prize for her rendition of Arrastao, a controversial song that had come close to being censored by the ruling military government. She finished the song with strong voice, her arms outstretched like the Cristo Redentor, tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. : After more than a decade away, in 1976 Jaramillo finally returned to Ecuador for an anniversary program. He died just two years later, however, bringing thousands of Ecuadorans into the streets for a massive mourning

Verve Music Group : Plays and Sings Bossa Nova, Bonfa’s first and only solo album for Verve, is vintage. Made in 1962, when bossa nova was new to Americans, the album contains two distinct sets.

The Hard BopHomepage : Sonny Criss must be considered one of the great underground musicians of all time. Living in Los Angeles was not conducive to gaining great national erecognition since whatever publicity can be gathered from club dates or concerts somehow gets smogbound on its route over the Rockies.

NPR : It’s kind of a misnomer, though, because the two saxophonists (Mulligan and Webster) had met many times before. Indeed, they used to organize informal, private jam sessions in Los Angeles. And when this album was finally recorded there, in 1959, they’d really established a terrific musical relationship.

Mike Silver : Mike Silver’s songs are of longing, love and loss, perceptive and thoughtful, with haunting melodies and heart stopping lyrics. This most accomplished acoustic artist sings and records a series of thoughts and feelings that are special and magical.

allmusic : Composer and arranger Burt Bacharach is perhaps best known for his work with lyricist Hal David. Although listeners would never know it by the practically ersatz interpretations, future Led Zeppelin members and mid ’60s London recording session musicians Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were contributors to the likes of “Walk on By,” “Don’t Make Me Over,”…

PLAYLIST : Nana Mouskouri – Never On Sunday (3.08) . Keny Burrell – Saturday night blues (6.17) . Les Baxter & His Orchestra – Saturday Night On Saturn (1.43) . Charles Mingus – Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting (5.47) . Gerry Mulligan & Ben Webster – Sunday (7.25) . The Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon (4.13) . Julio Jaramillo – Nunca en Domingo (2.41) . Luis Bonfa – Sunday Night (2.02) . Count Basie – Thursday (3.06) . Sonny Criss – Blue Friday (2.45) . Bill Le Sage – Come Sunday (3.19) . Thelonious MonkSonny Rollins – Friday The 13th (10.36) . Eddie Miller AHO – Our Monday Date (2.55) . Elis Regina – Domingo em Copacabana (2.08) . Keiko Lee – Rainy Days & Mondays (4.29) . Burt Bacharach – Saturday Sunshine (2.00) . The Carpenters – Rainy Days And Mondays (3.35) . Eartha Kitt – Thursday’s child (4.01) . Artie Shaw – Gloomy Sunday (3.41) .


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