Happy Birthday Toni Braxton. ‘The Queen Of Heart’

This day (October 7, 1967), in Severn, Maryland, is born Toni Braxton, an American R&B singer.

Digest Tracklist :

Dance (2020) . Long As I Live (2018) . Unbreak My Heart . w/ Michael Mcdonald – Stop Look Listen . Hands Tied (2010) . w/ Tom Jones – Knock On Wood (1996) . Overjoyed . Another Sad Love Song . Let It Flow . The Braxtons – So Many Ways (1996) .

Tracklist :

Un-Break My Heart . He Wasn’t Man Enough . You’re Makin’ Me High . Breathe Again . Another Sad Love Song . Spanish Guitar . Let It Flow . You Mean The World To Me . I Love Me Some Him . Please .


Toni Braxton’s Secrets is her second studio album released on June 14, 1996. >>

The Heat by Toni Braxton is her third studio album released on April 25, 2000. >>

Released on November 19, 2002, More Than a Woman is the fourth studio album by Toni Braxton. >>

Released on September 27, 2005, Libra (her astrological sign) is the fifth studio album by Toni Braxton. >>

Toni Braxton is her self-titled debut album released on July 13, 1993. >>


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Wikipedia : This day (October 7, 1967), in Severn, Maryland, is born Toni Braxton, an American R&B singer.

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@facebook : Her distinctive sultry vocal blend of R&B, POP, Jazz and Gospel became an instantaneous international sensation when she came forth with her first solo recording in 1992.

@last.fm : Toni released her sophomore effort, “Secrets” in 1996 which also did very well on both R&B and Pop charts. From that album Toni got two #1 hits; “You’re Making Me High “and “Unbreak My Heart”, which spent 14 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard top 100, and was a worldwide hit.

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