Try A Bit More Tenderness

From ‘Tender As A Rose’ to ‘(Tough and tender) Sea of fools’ , we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Tenderness‘. It has Kenny Burrell , Mississippi John Hurt, Paul Anka, Eddie Harris and many more.

IMAGE : tenderness pause Photo by François Bouchet

Wikipedia: Harry M. Woods was reportedly a dangerous and volatile alcoholic. According to legend, Woods once exchanged heated words with a man in a nightclub. The argument escalated into a physical fight with Woods pinning the man to the floor. When police arrived at the club and arrested Woods, a woman entered the club and asked, “Who is that horrible man?”. Still seated at the bar, a friend of the composer proudly announced, “That’s Harry Woods. He wrote ‘Try a Little Tenderness’.

NPR : While performing at the Village Vanguard, Abbey Lincoln met drummer, composer, and bebop innovator Max Roach (left), who she would later marry. It was Roach who introduced her to New York City’s jazz elite.

Alan Saul : Eric Dolphy : “Well that’s the idea you CAN play every note that you like. Of course, you only can play what you can hear, and quite naturally… more or less I guess what I hear is not to your hearing, to what you’re hearing. So quite naturally, I hear, uh, more notes on uh, on the same thing that’s been said before.”

Jeff Helgesen : On February 19, 1972 Lee Morgan‘s common law wife shot and killed him during an argument at Slugs’, ending his life at the age of 33. Lee Morgan‘s recorded legacy is immense; he recorded many records throughout his career as a sideman, and led 25 albums for Blue Note plus sessions for Vee-Jay, Roulette, Jazzland and Trip.

Tito Nieves : Nicknamed “Tito” at an early age, the future “Pavarotti” of salsa music was born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico and raised in New York, where he nourished his musical predilection on tropical, blues and pop music.

acid logic : Jack Webb hated hippies. He believed they were bad people and wanted to do all he could to insure that they remained a late sixties/early seventies phenomenon. And he knew exactly what he had to do – He had to bring back “Dragnet”.

allmusic : One of the greatest pianists in the history of Cuban music, Pedro “Peruchin” Justiz made his name in Havana’s descarga (jam session) craze of the ’50s; along with Ruben Gonzalez, Lili Martinez, and Bebo Valdes, he was instrumental in shifting the piano into a much more rhythmic role in Afro-Cuban music.

Mississippi John Hurt Blues Foundation : According to personal biography of his life John Hurt learn to love and appreciate music and guitar playing from William H Carson, a man infatuated with his teacher at the St. James School, located in Avalon, Mississippi

PLAYLIST : Abbey Lincoln – Tender As A Rose (3.17) . Eddie Harris – The Tender Storm (5.32) . Peruchin with Cachao – Tenderly (4.02) . Nicolas Cage – Love Me Tender (2.59) . Tony Bennett – Tender Is The Night (2.40) . Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette – So Tender (7.15) . Lee Morgan & Wayne Shorter – Tenderfoot (3.28) . Eric Dolphy – Something Sweet, Something Tender (6.03) . Kenny Burrell – The Tender Gender (4.57) . Paul Anka – Love Me Warm And Tender (2.20) . Percy Sledge – Warm And Tender Love (3.20) . Robert Palmer – Love Is (The Tender Trap) (2.35) . Paul Simon – Tenderness (2.55) . Mississippi John Hurt – Wise And Foolish Virgins (Tender Virgins) (2.52) . Steppenwolf – Tenderness (3.16) . Duke Ellington – Blues In Orbit (Tender) (2.40) . Tito Nieves – Tender Love (3.45) . Rod Piazza – (Tough and tender) Sea of fools (5.11) . Jack Wobb – Try a little tenderness (2.39) .


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