Universal Romancers

From ‘Incurably romantic’ to ‘I’ll Take Romance’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Jazz and World Wide Crooners‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Romantism‘. It has Jackie McLean, Charles Trenet, Houston Person, Astor Piazzola and many more.

IMAGE : Throughout life you will meet one person who is like no other,,, Photo by Zitona Qatar

The Hard Bop: Houston Person is thenatural heir to the Boss Tenor crown worn so long and so well by Gene Ammons. In the more than twenty-five years that he has been a working bandleader, Person has taken his show to most points on the globe. A travelling jazzman in an era that has found that particular species a veritable rara avis, Person does it all himself.

Todo Tango : Floreal Ruiz was one of the great voices of the 40s, and paradoxically, he achieved his definitive recognition after the passing of years, not at his time of splendor when he was member of Aníbal Troilo´s orchestra.

RFI : Montand’s much-publicised affair with Marilyn Monroe threatened to tear his marriage apart at one point but he finally chose to remain with Simone, flying back to France to be near his wife .

The Capris on Wikipedia : In July 1960 (almost two years after The Capris originally recorded “There’s a Moon Out Tonight”) Nick returned from the army. He received a call from an old girlfriend, who informed him that the song had been playing all over the radio. He and the other group members got wind of their new release. Mike, now driving a bus, came home just in time to get a call from John exclaiming that the record was on a New York radio station.

Big Band Buddies : Glenn signed Ray Eberle up to join his band as his first boy vocalist. According to Ray’s account singing in Glenn’s band was at times a problem, as Glenn had Ray’s keys pitched so high that he could’nt help sounding a bit strained and thin .

Charles Trenet : His fascination for jazz helped him to créate a fresh and natural style for songs related to present and future rather than past with depression and worries. His duet with Johnny Hess was a leading example.

Jazz.com : McLean and Parker struck up a friendship, and Parker would urge the younger musician to stay away from drugs, even as he asked to borrow his horn so he could pawn it to buy a fix.

Simon Diaz : Celebrated singer and composer of Venezuelan music, whose work is regarded as one of the most important legacies for both Venezuelan and Latin American popular music. Simón Díaz is known foremost for his recovery of the songs of the Venezuelan plains. He was convinced that these were a unique music and he devoted himself to studying, composing and disseminating them.

PLAYLIST : Yves Montand & Marilyn Monroe – Incurably romantic (2.49) . Billy May – Romance (2.11) . Charlie Parker – Romance Without Finance (3.01) . Diomedes Diaz & Colacho Mendoza – El Romancero (5.19) . Anibal Troilo & Floreal Ruiz – Romance de barrio (2.36) . Chick Corea – A Strange Romance (4.46) . Luis Mateo – Romance Das Naipeiras (2.00) . Charles Trenet – La Romance de Paris (2.51) . Taberna mylaensis – Romanza (4.16) . Houston Person – My Romance (5.24) . The Capris – This Is Romance (2.20) . Coleman Hawkins – Isn’t It Romantic (3.05) . Astor Piazzola – Romanza del duende (5.31) . Ray Eberle with Glen Miller – Too Romantic (2.57) . Ornatos Violeta – Capitao Romance (3.51) . Jackie McLean – I’ll Take Romance (5.46) . Simon Diaz – Romance En La Lejania (2.36) . Fred Astaire – A Fine Romance (3.45) . Ricky Nelson – A Teenager’s Romance (2.17) . Djivan Gasparyan – Armenian Romances (12.53) .


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