Van Morrison records his second solo album : ‘Astral Weeks’ featuring ‘Cyprus Avenue’ and ‘Madame George’ (1968)

Van Morrison’s ‘Astral Weeks’ is his second solo album recorded on September 25 and October 15, 1968 and released in November 1968 by Warner Bros. Records.

Track Listing : 1.Astral Weeks (Van Morrison) – 07:06 . 2.Beside You (Van Morrison) – 05:16 . 3.Sweet Thing (Van Morrison) – 04:25 . 4.Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison) – 07:00 . 5.The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison) – 03:18 . 6.Madame George (Van Morrison) – 09:45 . 7.Ballerina (Van Morrison) – 07:03 . 8.Slim Slow Slider (Van Morrison) – 03:17

Musicians : Van Morrison – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar . Jay Berliner – Classical And Steel-String Acoustic Guitars . Richard Davis – Double Bass . Larry Fallon – Harpsichord On (4) . Connie Kay – Drums . Barry Kornfeld – Acoustic Guitar On (5) . John Payne – Flute, Soprano Saxophone On (8) . Warren Smith, Jr. – Percussion, Vibraphone

Production : Produced By Lewis Merenstein . Brooks Arthur – Engineer . Larry Fallon – Arranger And Conductor

Recorded September 25 And October 15, 1968 At Century Sound Studios, New York City.

Released In November 1968 By Warner Bros. Records.


Rolling Stone
The album wasn’t a hit, the way Moondance would be in 1970, but it was instantly recognized as one of the rare albums for which the word timeless is not only appropriate but inescapable. […]

Lester Bangs
On the other hand, it might also be pointed out that desolation, hurtand anguish are hardly the only things in life, or in Astral Weeks. They’re just the things, perhaps, that we can most easily grasp and explicate, which I suppose shows about what level our souls have evolved to. I said I wouldn’t reduce the other songs on this album by trying to explain themand I won’t. But that doesn’t mean that, all thing considered, a juxtaposition of poets might not be in order. […]

The Guardian
Much of this is down to this record’s remarkable ability to prompt an overwhelming emotional response – the album’s producer, Lewis Merenstein, has described how, upon hearing the title track, he began crying. “It just vibrated in my soul,” he said. […]


Van Morrison’s ‘Astral Weeks’


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