‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ New Music Videos – N°661

Here are the brand new videos that amused, puzzled and sometimes shocked us, these past days. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Till Lindemann – Entre Dos Tierras

Date Added : janv 14, 2024

Till Lindemann, born January 4, 1963, in East Germany, is the lead vocalist of Rammstein. He started in the 1980s with First Arsch, transitioning to Rammstein in the 1990s. Known for pyrotechnic performances, Lindemann also released solo albums “Skills in Pills” (2015) and “F&M” (2019) with Peter Tägtgren.
Music video directed by : Juan Bonilla

Ich Hasse Kinder (2021)

49 . Balming Tiger – Buriburi / Pigeon And Plastic

Date Added : janv 14, 2024

Balming Tiger, a South Korean collective founded in 2018, describes themselves as “multi-national alternative K-pop”. Their debut single “I”m Sick” (2018) showcased their unique style. The group blends hip-hop, R&B, alt-rock, and pop, gaining attention with collaborations like “Sexy Nukim” featuring RM of BTS.
Music video directed by : Jan’ Qui – Song featured on the album : January Never Dies

I’M Sick (2018)

48 . Etta Marcus – Girls That Play

Date Added : janv 14, 2024

Etta Marcus, a rising artist from London, left jazz studies at Trinity Conservatoire in 2020. Her first EP “View From The Bridge” explores relationships and emotional experiences. Marcus’s music, inspired by Sade, David Bowie, and The Zutons, defies genre categorization, focusing on personal creativity.

Crown (2022)

47 . Vacations – Over You

Date Added : janv 14, 2024

Vacations, an Australian indie rock band formed in 2015, blends indie rock and pop. Their albums include “Changes” (2018) and “Forever in Bloom” (2020). The song “Young” from their “Vibes” EP went viral on TikTok. Their latest album, “No Place Like Home” (2024), delves into themes of mental health and personal growth.
Music video directed by : Jax Anderson

Young (2020)

46 . Residente – La Última Tanda

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

René Pérez Joglar, stage name Residente, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter. He co-founded Calle 13 and later embarked on a solo career. His socially conscious lyrics have earned him numerous awards, including four Grammy Awards and 27 Latin Grammy Awards, making him the Latin artist with the most Latin Grammys.
Music video directed by : Rene Perez & Alejandro Pedrosa

René (2020)

45 . $Not – 0% (w/ Zillakami)

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

$NOT, born Edy Junior Edouard, is an American rapper known for his genre-blending music, including hip hop, trap, and emo rap. He has released albums such as “- Tragedy +,” “Beautiful Havoc,” and “Ethereal.
Music video directed by : Jmp

Simple (2022)

44 . Zoo – Epíleg

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

Zoo, also known as Zoo Posse, is a Spanish musical group known for their eclectic mix of rap, hip-hop, rock, ska, and electronic rhythms. Their socially conscious lyrics have made them a significant presence in Spain’s music scene.
Music video directed by : The Black Cactus

Llepolies (2021)

43 . Middle Kids – Terrible News

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

Middle Kids is an Australian indie rock band known for their expressive vocals and melodic guitars. They released “Lost Friends” and “Today We”re the Greatest,” both achieving success in Australia.
Music video directed by : Nick Mckk & Claire Giuffre

Don’T Be Hiding (2018)

42 . PLK – Chambre 140

Date Added : janv 11, 2024

Active since 2011, French rapper PLK (Mathieu Pruski), known for blending hip-hop and French rap, began composing music at 13. His albums “Polak” and “Mental” achieved acclaim, with “Polak” going platinum.
Music video directed by : Argo

Polak  (2018)

41 . Supermodel – Push

Date Added : janv 11, 2024

Supermodel, comprising Emile Rafael and Joe Connor, are London-based artists.
Music video directed by : Emile Rafael, Joe Connor

40 . Sea Girls – I Want You To Know Me

Date Added : janv 11, 2024

Sea Girls, a British indie rock band formed in 2015, includes Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson, and Oli Khan. Known for singles like “Call Me Out” and albums “Open Up Your Head” and “Homesick,” both peaking at number 3 on the UK Albums Chart.
Music video directed by : Oska Zaky & Harry Steele

Hometown (2021)

39 . Rajvir Jawanda – Jogiya

Date Added : janv 11, 2024

Indian singer Rajvir Jawanda, prominent in Punjabi music, debuted with “Shaandaar” and “Kali Jawande Di.” Famous for “Muqabla,” his other hits include “Patiala Shahi Pagg” and “Kangani.”
Music video directed by : Harry Singh Preet Singh

Kali Jawande Di (2016)

38 . Fat Dog – All The Same

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

Fat Dog, a South London band signed to Domino Records, is known for their electro rock sound. Their single “All The Same” was co-produced with James Ford. They”ve performed at SXSW and venues in London.
Music video directed by : Dylan Coates

37 . AntsLive – Cutlery

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

AntsLive, a 23-year-old rapper from North London, known for “feel-good rap,” gained fame with “Number One Candidate”. He’s noted for his visually striking videos and has a growing presence in the fashion world.
Music video directed by : Billy King

Number One Candidate (2023)

36 . Rooftop Screamers – Dead In The Water (w/ Rob Daiker)

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

Rooftop Screamers, led by Mike Collins in Portland, Oregon, is a studio project featuring various artists. Known for albums “Vol. 1” (2018) and “Next Level”, they appeal to fans of classic power pop music.

35 . STRFKR – Together Forever

Date Added : janv 10, 2024

STRFKR, originally known as Starfucker and stylized in all caps, is an indie electro band from Portland, Oregon who began in 2007 as a solo project by Joshua Hodges, known for his work with Sexton Blake.
Music video directed by : Connor Martin

Deep Dream (2020)

34 . Suldusk – Anthesis

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

Melbourne-based band Suldusk, led by Emily Highfield, combines dark folk with black metal and post-rock. Their debut album “Lunar Falls” (2019) and upcoming “Anthesis” showcase their unique neo folk blackgaze sound.
Music video directed by : David Xuereb – Song featured on the album : Anthesis

Aphasia (2019)

33 . Rain Paris – American Horror Show

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

Canadian singer Rain Paris, born in 1993, gained fame on YouTube with almost 500,000 subscribers. Known for her soulful music blending soul, R&B, pop, and rock, she’s known for covers like “Pretty Girls” by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea.

Slumber Party (2021)

32 . Sidewalks And Skeletons – Erased

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

UK-based electronic project Sidewalks And Skeletons emerged in 2012 with “White Light.” Known for blending witch house and chillwave, their hit single “Goth” showcases their ethereal, otherworldly sound.
Music video directed by : Andranik Antonyan

Entity (2017)

31 . Havoc Brothers – Mayileh

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

Malaysian Tamil duo Havoc Brothers, from Kuala Lumpur, debuted in 2013 with their album “Cintaku Buta 2.0.” Known for their Tamil-hip-hop fusion and hit single “Kadhali,” they’ve redefined the Tamil music landscape.
Music video directed by : Havoc Mathan

Love Me Again (2020)

30 . Chase Atlantic – Mamacita

Date Added : janv 7, 2024

Chase Atlantic, an Australian R&B band formed in 2014, comprises Christian Anthony, Clinton Cave, and Mitchel Cave. Their music, a blend of R&B, rock, pop, and alternative, saw early success with “Nostalgia” EP. Their debut album, released under Warner Bros. Records, and subsequent tours solidified their fame. The band released “Phases” in 2019 and “Beauty in Death” in 2021.

Swim (2017)

29 . Night Club – Crime Scene

Date Added : janv 7, 2024

Night Club, an American electronic band formed in 2012 by Mark Brooks and Emily Kavanaugh, debuted with “Lovestruck.” Known for their synth-pop and darkwave style, they gained recognition with the TV show “Moonbeam City.” Their albums, including “Requiem for Romance” and “Scary World,” have topped electronic charts. Song featured on the album : Masochist

Lovestruck (2012)

28 . Gothminister – We Come Alive

Date Added : janv 7, 2024

Celebrated for their electronic programming and dark themes, Gothminister, formed in 1999 in Norway and led by Bjørn Alexander Brem, is a gothic and industrial metal band. Known for their unique blend of gothic and industrial sounds, the band, has released seven studio albums.
Music video directed by : Tor Eigil Scheide & Bjørn Alexander Brem – Song featured on the album : Pandemonium Ii: The Battle Of The Underworlds

Ich Will Alles (2017)

27 . The Last Dinner Party – Caesar On A TV Screen

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

The Last Dinner Party, a British indie rock band formed in 2021, signed with Island Records, released “Nothing Matters,” and is known for a baroque-pop sound. Their debut album “Prelude to Ecstasy” is set for a 2024 release.
Music video directed by : Harv Frost

Nothing Matters (2023)

26 . The Flitz – Rewind

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

The Flitz, a West London indie rock band, draws inspiration from The Beatles to Oasis. Frontman Dan Fishlock leads the group known for their anthemic sound and relentless gigging.
Music video directed by : Graham Michael Roberts

25 . Eyedress, 1999 Write The Future – Run The Fade

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

From Manila, Eyedress, also known as Idris Vicuña, crafts a unique blend of bedroom pop and hip hop with viral TikTok hits “Jealous” and “Romantic Lover” from his album “Let’s Skip to the Wedding.”
Music video directed by : Bee Eyes

Jealous (2020)

24 . Pommelien Thijs – Medeplichtig

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Pommelien Thijs, a Belgian actress and singer born in 2001, gained fame in “#LikeMe” and “Knokke Off.” She has had three number-one singles on the Flemish Ultratop charts.
Music video directed by : Charlie Speeckaert

Ongewoon (2022)

23 . Franky Gogo – Mess It Up

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Parisian musician Franky Gogo debuted with “Fast and Too Much” in 2020. Known for transitioning from new wave synth to emotive crooning.
Music video directed by : Franky Gogo – Song featured on the album : Fist (Fight Back)

22 . Youth Lagoon – Football

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Youth Lagoon, created by Trevor Powers from Boise, Idaho, released “The Year of Hibernation” (2011) on Fat Possum Records. Known for introspective neo-psychedelia, the follow-up “Wondrous Bughouse” (2013) explored the intersection of physical and spiritual worlds.
Music video directed by : Caleb Halter (Regrets Only)

21 . Jessie Berkshires – Testify

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Detroit-based artist Jessie Berkshires merges darksynth with electronic music. Her work includes the compelling track “Testify,” noted for its haunting soundscape and evocative themes of loss and hope
Music video directed by : Jessie Berkshires

20 . Madmans Esprit – idon’tknowwhoiambutthesexgoeson

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Known for their eclectic mix of black metal, indie-rock, and classical music influences, Madmans Esprit is a South Korean band formed in 2010 by Kyuho. Their gnre-spanning sound is to be found in the albums “NACHT” (2014) and “Conscientization of Unconsciousness” (2018).
Music video directed by : 叫號

무로부터 (From The Nothingness) (2018)

19 . Ryōto Ohara & The Franchise Owner – Sake [小原綾斗とフランチャイズオーナー “鮭”]

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

Ryōto Ohara, lead of Japanese band Tempalay, is known for lo-fi psychedelic pop. Since 2014, they’ve released albums like “With Love from the 21 Century,” achieving success in Japan and international tours, including the South by Southwest festival in the U.S.
Music video directed by : Shu Sasaki

Doooshiyoooo!! (W/ Tempalay) (2018)

18 . Santa – Popcorn Salé [Version Lá-Haut]

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

Santa is the lead vocalist of French band Hyphen Hyphen whose albums include “Times,” “HH,” and “C’est La Vie.” Santa‘s solo EP “999,” featuring “Popcorn Salé,” showcases her unique voice.
Music video directed by : Martin Ellis

Popcorn Salé (Clip Officiel) (2022)

17 . Jimothy Lacoste – Robot

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

British rapper Jimothy, formerly Jimothy Lacoste, gained attention with his 2017 hit “Getting Busy.” Known for his lo-fi and bedroom pop style, he has viral hits and notable festival appearances. His album “The Safeway” features tracks like “Getting Greygoose.”
Music video directed by : Joeblue

Getting Busy ! (2017)

16 . B Boys – New Year

Date Added : janv 3, 2024

B Boys are a group of Hindi video creators

15 . Shedfromthebody – Hush

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Independent Finnish artist Shedfromthebody creates a unique doomgaze and alternative metal sound, characterized by distorted, ethereal landscapes and haunting vocals.

Cherubian Hand (2020)

14 . Sauvane – Cats Can Talk

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Multi-talented French artist Sauvane blends melancholy and poetry in her music, with EPs like “Night Thinker” and “Hurricane,” and collaborates on projects like Pepsi ads.
Music video directed by : Sauvane

Night Thinker (2020)

13 . Emp1Re – Sne Nmes Sme

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Tunisian singer and rapper Emp1Re is known for his impactful presence in the music scene.
Music video directed by : Mohamed Mathlouthi

Hitchcock (2020)

12 . Mono – Em Xinh

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Vietnamese singer Mono, brother of Son Tung MTP, debuted with a unique style blending hip-hop and R&B, making a distinct mark in the national music scene.
Music video directed by : Khamkwan

Waiting For You (2022)

11 . Kat Cunning – Bedroom Angel

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

American artist Kat Cunning, of Greek descent, blends acting, modeling, dancing, and music. Known for roles in “The Deuce” and “Trinkets,” and singles like “Baby,” they’re praised for showcasing queer sexuality in their music. Signed with Lava Records in 2020, Cunning is known for their emotive and versatile artistry.
Music video directed by : Anna Tse & Layne Willis

Wild Poppies (2018)

10 . Baby Storme – Why? [PSA]

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Manhattan’s Baby Storme, born February 11, 2000, gained attention with “Jackson” in 2021. Known for blending genres in tracks like “Alt Disco,” she discusses deep topics and has made an impact on TikTok for her creative content and candid discussions.
Music video directed by : Paul K

Jackson (2021)

9 . Anna Vissi – Lekes

Date Added : déc 26, 2023

Greek music icon Anna Vissi, born in Cyprus, has been versatile and influential since 1977. With over two dozen albums, she’s experimented with styles from pop to traditional Greek, achieving massive success in Greece and Cyprus. Representing Greece and Cyprus in Eurovision, she’s also made international attempts, including the US.
Music video directed by : Bodega

Eleni (1995)

8 . Johnnie Guilbert – Angel Of Death

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Johnnie Guilbert, a California-based artist, gained fame as a YouTube personality and musician. His channel has over 1.5 million subscribers, and his music spans alternative/indie rock and emo-pop. Guilbert’s journey in music and digital content creation has made him relatable to his fans.
Music video directed by : Nas Nixx

Song Without A Name (2015)

7 . Hael Husaini – Diam

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Hael Husaini, a Malaysian singer and composer, rose to prominence with his hit “Jampi” in 2017. Known for his emotive music, he’s overcome challenges to become a respected figure in the Malaysian music industry and a devoted single father.

Sama Seperti Dulu (2022)

6 . Kenny Muney – Sad Christmas

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Kenny Muney, a rapper from South Memphis, started his career at 15, inspired by artists like Lil Wayne. His “YTN Freestyle” garnered 2 million views, leading to a deal with Atlantic. Despite challenges, including shootings, he’s stayed focused, collaborating with Young Dolph and releasing albums like “Baby G.O.A.T.”

Ytn Freestyle (2016)

5 . Lianna – Montaña Rusa

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Lianna, a Colombian artist, is known for her unique blend of hip-hop, soul, and Latin sounds. Her album “Como el Agua” reflects her influences from artists like Lauryn Hill and Mos Def. Lianna‘s music focuses on positivity and cultural bridges.
Music video directed by : Liberman Arango Quintero

Sal (2018)

4 . Dillon Francis – Rainy (w/ Rei Ami)

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Dillon Hart Francis, an American DJ and producer, rose to fame with his collaboration on “”Que Que”” with Diplo. Known for popularizing moombahton, he has worked with artists like DJ Snake and Calvin Harris, making a significant impact in electronic music.Song featured on the album : This Mixtape Is Fire Too

Que Que (W/ Diplo)

3 . Peet – Motel 8 (w/ Artÿ)

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Peet, a Belgian rapper formerly with Le 77, launched his solo career with a modern sound. His album “TODO BIEN” released in 2023, was successful in Belgium and France. His music reflects his personal experiences and has gained a following.
Music video directed by : Hotu

Délire (2021)

2 . Babytron – Stutter Flow

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

BabyTron, real name James Edward Johnson IV, is a rapper from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Starting with the group ShittyBoyz, he gained attention with “Jesus Shuttlesworth” and released mixtapes “Bin Reaper” and “Bin Reaper 2”, featuring collaborations with artists like Lil Yachty.

Jesus Shuttlesworth (2020)

1 . Ed Sheeran – Plastic Bag

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

[Fan Created Music Video – Italy]
Music video directed by : Laura Days

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’  New Music Videos – N°661


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